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disney dreamcast → peter pan (1953)

cameron boyce as peter pan • colin farrell as captain hook • sophie nélisse as wendy darling • riley lio as john darling • ian chen as michael darling • jada pinkett smith as mary darling • nick offerman as george darling • willow smith as tinker bell • caleb mclaughlin as slightly •  joseph di stefano as nibs • gaten matarazzo as cubby • miles brown as the twins • rohan chand as tootles • jaiden mitchell as tiger lily • toby jones as mr. smee

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Tiger Lily through the ages…

Disney (1953), Carsen Gray (2003),  Q'orianka Kilcher (2011), Rooney Mara (2015)

Way to white it up, Warner Bros.  And the casting directors specifically said they are not looking for native actors.  

Treasure Planet through the ages: Fragrance on parenting, stereotypes, and not beating a dead horse.

I first saw the movie when I was Jim’s age. Which is dating me, of course.

Predictably, teenage Fragrance was all like, “what, my favorite book… IN SPACE? And what’s with the gorgeous visuals and hunky hero???!!!” I was a big aesthete – still am – and so I watched the movie dozens of times and related to Jim. After all, I’d grown up without a dad, though I didn’t necessarily have Jim’s problems. I coped by being the perfect kid, which was basically Jim’s opposite.

Then college Fragrance came along. “What gives?!!1*&&#! Why ruin a good thing? The bad boy stereotype is tired and overrated, and what the hell, I grew up without a dad and turned out just fine! This daddy issues thing is totally overblown and unnecessary.” I watched the film with a friend and couldn’t even finish it. 

And now, we’ve got adult Fragrance, who rediscovered the movie because of a friend who “used to be a pirate.” Well, not really – he merely used to play one for the tourists in London.

So basically, I kind of cried when I rewatched it. 

Because, see, the thing is, I don’t think “daddy issues” doesn’t quite capture things for Jim. I couldn’t believe that it took me ten years, an advanced degree, and a crap ton of shitty life experience to realize what Silver did right, and what everyone else – including his mother, who loved him – did wrong. Another reason why Treasure Planet is a classic is because I see Jims and Sarahs in our world all the time.

A subtle point in the “I’m Still Here” montage is that Jim’s dad was never really much of a dad. When little Jim gets up from the floor to show him the toy boat he’s made, Mr. Hawkins just pats him on the head and keeps on walking. But Jim’s problems really started when his father left. Why?

I think it’s not because his father left but because of when he left – at a crucial time of self determination that is adolescence – and what happened to his mother afterward. It’s not that his father was absent… arguably, he had always been absent for Jim, but now Sarah was saddle with running the inn all by herself, and when Jim needed her most she was overwrought and busy and just didn’t have the time. I’m not saying that his dad’s leaving didn’t play a part, but Sarah’s predicament represents a missed opportunity. Together, they could have healed, but given how overextended she was there simply wasn’t time. There wasn’t the emotional space.

Consider this. 90% of the time that Sarah interacts with or speaks about teenage Jim, she’s either yelling at him, or lecturing him, or reminiscing about the way he was, or invalidating his beliefs and accomplishments: i.e. “that’s all they were, stories!” and “you know he built his first solar surfer when he was seven, BUT now he’s failing in school…” Because we all know what “but” does, don’t we? It invalidates everything that comes before it. 

I don’t meant to say that Sarah Hawkins is bad. I sincerely believe that she loves Jim and does the best she can. Everything she does is an easy trap to fall into.

Also consider the other characters. Until the very end, when he does something out of this world heroic, Captain Amelia doesn’t complement Jim directly. She complements Silver and says “your cabin boy.” Not even his name. Just “cabin boy.” 

Doppler has his freudian slip where he accidentally calls Jim a “felon.” You can guess how he really feels about Jim, despite his better nature.

Only Silver actually gives Jim the time of day, offers him his protection, reminds him of his potential when he thinks he’s screwed up, and in the end is his most powerful advocate – “LISTEN TO THE BOY!” when Jim comes up with the idea that saves them all.

But that point has been talked to death so I’ll stop now.

anonymous asked:

Why is it called the Dark Age of Disney, anyway?

Good question! People usually interpret the Dark Ages as meaning “bad movies.” And, while they may not be the best in the Disney line-up, that’s not why it’s called the Dark Ages.

So, Walt died at the end of the Silver Age. When Disney entered the Bronze Age, the Nine Old Men were at the helm, and they held the studio up as well as they could.

When we get to the Dark Age, the Nine Old Men don’t have as much control as they used to, and new people are coming in (Don Bluth, John Lasseter, Tim Burton, and Glen Keane to name a few). It was a period of big change for the studio.

There were also a lot of internal conflicts, and you can read all about that in the Mouse in Transition stories.

During this time, Bluth walked out and took a lot of people with him to start making their own films. Lasseter was laid off near the end.

If it weren’t for the Little Mermaid’s success, Disney may have gone under for good in the 80s.

If you want to read more about the Dark Ages or just Disney history in general, I really suggest Mouse in Transition, which is written by a story artist who lived through it all.

Disney “I Want” Songs Through the Ages

The Shit Age

Snow White — “I’m Wishing”
Cinderella — “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
Alice in Wonderland — “In a World of My Own”

They Cribbed It, Doesn’t Count

Sleeping Beauty — “Once Upon a Dream”

Menken/Ashman, AKA Basically Perfect

The Little Mermaid — “Part of Your World”
Beauty and the Beast — “Belle”

Still Pretty Great

Aladdin — “One Jump Ahead”
The Lion King — “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”

Overenthusiastic Maudlin Ballads of Varying Quality, AKA Menken hits his midlife crisis

Pocahontas — “Just Around the River Bend”
The Hunchback of Notre Dame — “Out There”
Hercules — “Go the Distance”


Mulan — “Reflection"

Almost Perfect

The Princess and the Frog — “Almost There”

A Musical is just a movie with a bunch of pop songs, right??

Tangled — “When Will My Life Begin?”
Frozen — “For the First Time in Forever” (Is this an “I Want” song? I can’t tell)

LMM is Here to Save Us

Moana — "How Far I’ll Go”


Before I forget to post these, I saw Zootopia, and I loved it!! I drew myself as a zootopia citizen :3 

It was such a great movie, I loved the story, the art, and the characters (even the minor characters were really enjoyable!) I’ve always loved animal stories alot, although I’m not the biggest fan of anthros, the art style of Zootopia is SO appealing and lovable! (I bought the art book- Im in love with it *_*) The world was so colourful and imaginative! 

It makes me super excited because after Big Hero 6 and Inside Out, I really feel like Disney is going through another ‘golden age’ again! 


So guess who bought me vegan dumplings and let me wear her sunglasses? I’ll give you a clue it was starfirepilgrim!