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STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL’ SPOILER ALERT! These are untimed boards from the end battle of “Starcrushed,” the season 2 finale of “Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.”  There were story points I had to hit, but I still got to invent a lot of what happens. I had the honor of boarding alongside the talented Evon Freeman and Gina Gress for this episode.

Hey art guys, here’s a tip: Reverse storyboarding.

Watch a movie that you really like the art or composition of, and whenever the camera angle, viewpoint, or characters actions/interactions change noticeably, pause the movie and draw a little sketch of what you see. It doesn’t have to be gorgeous. This is just for you. Get down the layout of the composition, the placement and gestures of characters, or the lighting or color that is used to make that particular moment in time express that particular moment in the story.

You don’t have to pay anyone to teach you to do this. You are paying yourself forward. Your future art self will thank you for taking the time now to study masterfully created compositions, gestures, light/shadow, and settings/scenery. Think of how much your own compositions, gestures, use of light and shadow, and settings and scenery will improve!  

And plus you get to watch a movie you love.  <3 


With Inktober approaching, here’s a way to do better drawings without having to buy an expensive inking pen.

Take a regular Sharpie and slice the tip to create an angle. That will give your drawings thick and thin lines which always looks better than drawings with uniform, even lines.

This is a trick that every Disney story artist I know has used (at least when they’re working on paper).


Click https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByxhNbuNLcaIaW01Q0IydE9aU3M/view?usp=sharing for the whole thing!

Well, that happened.

This started out as a simple idea: I wanted to portray a possible season 3 scenario where a battle (with Toffee?) just took place, Marco is on Mewni with Star and lately he’s been realizing why his heart always jumps out of his chest when he sees Star. Realizing this was one thing - actually confessing is a whole ‘nother deal … (yes, he already broke up with Jackie)

This is a purely fanmade storyboard by me. I put a lot of effort, time and dedication into this though, so I would love, love, love if you guys share this so maybe, just maybe, @arythusa, @hug-bees or any other member of the Star vs the Forces of Evil crew could see this. It would mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this piece of shameless Starco fluff!


Here are some panels from the section that I storyboarded from the Ducktales pilot movie. It’s funny going back to the FIRST board I did and seeing how different I draw things now. (I used to draw everyone so lanky!)

I’m so proud to have worked on this. Working with John Aoshima and Matt Humphreys was a joy and they pushed me every episode to be a better board artist. Also, Dana Terrace’s team SLAYED their episode. Proud to have worked with them.


If Game of Thrones was made by Disney

Here’s an animatic I made, how I imagine the story of Daenerys and Jon Snow if done the Disney way. Hope you enjoy it :)

Music: A Whole New World - Yuna - We Love Disney