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Jelena is so fake. I really don’t understand how people don’t see right though it! Their paparazzi pictures are so staged and it coincidently right before her AMA performance.

Fan or not, it is obvious that Selena uses Justin to gain fame and money for her own career. She says she wants to have a “private” relationship. Yet, Selena and her team are the ones staging paparazzi pics and talking about him in the media. Justin is the main reason why her career is where it is now. You can argue that she was famous before they dated, which is true. But Justin was far more famous than she was. For a while she was known as “Justin’s GF” or the “Disney Starlet”. Her team is exceptional at marketing and strategy. Selena’s career became more successful after she dated Justin. That’s the truth.

I think Justin has been used so much in this industry, which people don’t realize. He got into this business at 13 and has been manipulated by so many people. That’s why he was so lost for a while. He didn’t know who he was or who he could trust. I think Selena was one of those people.

I’m not saying Justin doesn’t do anything wrong. I’m just saying people need to look through Selena’s media facade.

I honestly really hope that Selena genuinely cares for JB. I do like the idea of them being together, but not if it becomes toxic and abusive.

White Feminists and Gatekeeping

White cis women consider themselves the arbitrators of feminism. Feminism is THEIR movement, THEIR ideology, and THEIR method of attaining political power. They have a very strict definition of feminism and very little room for women who are marginalized in other ways. Women of color, trans women, disabled women, etc. are welcome to support them. But they have to not only give up or modify their ideas for the benefit of white cis women, they also have to keep to the back of the bus. It is inappropriate - uppity, even, for them to try and speak up without the aid or supervision of white women.

I say this because once again, a white feminist has declared Beyoncé as unfit for the title of ‘feminist’. This time it’s Annie Lennox. Why the criticism? Well, it’s because Beyoncé twerks! And we can’t have her influencing young girls with that.

This is so frustrating because it happens *so often*. Every other month, a white woman pops up discussing how Beyoncé’s feminism isn’t feminism at all. And if you think it’s because these women have problems with “celebrity style” or “watered down” feminism, you have to consider this.

1. Most of these women are celebrities themselves.
2. It’s always Beyoncé. Why is it always Beyoncé?

No really, why?
Beyoncé isn’t the first celeb, Black or otherwise, to declare herself a feminist. She certainly isn’t the only one to shake her ass. Miley Cyrus, who is more famous for twerking than the people she stole it from, literally called herself one of the biggest feminists in the world.

Miley Cyrus, who has made a career off of putting on a minstrel show.

Do these white feminists come for her? She’s shaking her ass too. A lot more actually! She’s even giving fake blowjobs on stage. She was a Disney starlet! What about the young girls (who apparently have parents unequipped with a remote with which to turn the channel) she’s influencing?

What about Katy “Maybe a Feminist/Maybe Not”?
Shailene Woodley?
Lady Gaga?
These women who everyone desperately wants to tack a Feminist sticker on despite their own disavowals of the idea?
Or the ones who barely dip their toe in the pool? Who work so hard on making feminism palatable to men, that it becomes about them instead, Emma Watson?

Oh, wait.

White women were unruffled by Independent Woman and Single Ladies. That was nice, but it didn’t threaten the status quo even remotely.

But listening to a Black woman with *such a large platform* sing about sex? WHILE taking note of how girls are shamed for it and boys praised? That’s bad.
Watching this same Black woman light up the word ‘Feminist’ behind her on national television? Realizing that, while not in any way without flaws, this Black woman’s feminist ideas are becoming influential? Are disrupting their own limited, respectability politics infused feminism?

That must be scary.

It must be scary to realize that your one size fits all approach is inherently flawed. It must be scary to realize that other people are seeing this. It must be scary to see that these ‘other people’ are not just white cis women in college, aged 21-32. It must be scary to realize that gate keeping is pretty hard to maintain when the biggest star on the planet is (wittingly or not) using her platform to work against it.
It must be scary to imagine a political landscape where feminism is no longer your way to hack into the privilege your white male counterparts hold while keeping everyone else in their place.

Beyoncé is not a revolution on her own. She can’t overthrow the system singlehandedly. She will always be, first and foremost, an entertainer. But she IS influencing young girls and women to take their place and to not be afraid of that. She IS telling them that you can exist as a political entity AND a person, that you can still take an interest in and speak about gender issues even though you didn’t get a Master’s in sociology. She IS putting forth the message that you can *think critically* about gender no matter who you are.

Without Official White Feminist Approval.
So are they going to be mad? Are they going to try to undermine her influence?
Of course.

The person who runs the bellasbooty Instagram account is sad.

bellasbooty, if you’re not following it, is exactly what it sounds like: an Instagram account devoted to Bella Thorne’s booty. (Bella, if you don’t follow the Disney starlet universe, is a 16-year-old actress/model/dancer, most famous for the show Shake It Up and for being the current Candie’s spokesmodel.)

The bellasbooty IG features pictures of the actress from behind–sometimes paparazzi photos, sometimes regrams from Bella’s official Instagram (bellathorne), sometimes carefully frozen vidcaps. 

There are a lot of fan-run Bella Thorne IG accounts; the key differentiator of the bellasbooty account is that it isn’t JUST pictures of Bella’s booty, it’s written from the perspective of Bella’s booty. Most of the photo descriptions are written in the 1st person, and many posts make reference to “us”, as though Bella and her booty are distinct entities, working together to entertain the public.

Late in 2013 bellasbooty was followed by Bella’s official IG, which lent the bellasbooty account a sort of legitimacy and, one imagines, encouraged the person behind the account in their first-person narrative role-play as bellasbooty. 

(Interestingly, all the pictures posted prior to Bella following the account have since been deleted. Maybe they weren’t written in the booty persona, and thus non-canon?)

Well, so. Late last month Bella unfollowed bellasbooty. Bella was presumable no longer interested in receiving updates from her talking booty. Maybe she thought: You know what, my IG tl is getting crowded and I see my own butt every day anyway. Or maybe she thought: Maybe this isn’t the type of person you encourage on social media. 

In any case, the person who runs bellasbooty is distraught. Since then they have only posted blank black images, with impassioned text imploring Bella to refollow. There is no booty now, only nothingness. 

There are a lot of interesting things happening in and around this, if you can lift the rock: objectification as a legitimized form of brand marketing; consensual and non-consensual forms of evangelism; fair use as it applies not only to photographs but also body parts; the arrival (or decline?) of fan fiction as just another marketing channel; the utter irrelevance of copyright (remember copyright?) on Instagram; under-age women as property (and/or: celebrities as digital commons); the difference between brand ambassador and potential threat. 

Anyway. We’ve all idolized a celebrity at some point. Many of us have created tributes to those celebrities. Very few of us have actually been recognized by the celebrity for doing so. But then! To be shunned, cast out, to have our creation dismissed. To be unfollowed. That’s where things get dark.