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Hey guys!! I was thinking about maybe trying doing some commissions, but first I wanted to get a feel for how many people, if any would be interested. I would do anything from sketches to watercolor to comics, in any fandom I’m familiar with or even things non fandom related, depending.
Just like or reblog if you would be interested or think your followers would. Also check out my art tag for more! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Captain Hera Syndulla as a human!

Ok, so Hera’s eyebrows seem sort of dark brown-ish to me, which I suppose would be her natural hair colour if she was a human being. Hera doesn’t seem like a character that would dye her hair green, as hair-colouring is more Sabine’s area. But without the green hair she lacked a sense of familiarity. Anyway… Human Hera…

If you don’t know how far you should go while drawing Rebelcaptain fan art just remind yourself that you don’t have to show them making out or having sex. 

You can just emulate the sexual tension that was shown in Rogue One. Both in the book and in the movie. That would be enough.

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Do you think there could ever be a lovemaking scene in star wars?

I would not doubt it ;)

Although, I think it would only be partial because there are many young fans. They may even jump back to the scene when it’s over and show the couple laying in bed etc etc.

With Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Will and Elizabeth’s love scene came in just as they was finishing getting dressed on the beach and I was very surprised that Disney even got close to a intimate scene like that:

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And with Disney buying Star Wars, there could be a higher chance of it happening but I guess “We shall see.” ^_^

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