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I don’t care if this is a kids show. This song is a perfect example of why you don’t steal art, stories, etc.


Ariel Winter (born Ariel Winter Workman, January 28, 1998) is an American actress, singer, and voice actress. She is best known as Alex Dunphy in the TV series Modern Family, as well as the voice of the title character in the Disney Junior show Sofia the First. Winter and her Modern Family castmates have won four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

“A couple of weeks ago I saw an episode of Sofia the First, and to my luck, it was the one with Tiana’s appearance on it. She is not only my favorite princess, but what she told Sofia really spoke to me. I am not able to afford gift for every family member because I am from a huge family, and when Tiana said that her cooking was her gift gave me an idea; I recently learn to bake at school, so I made cookies for my family. Turns out they were good because they want me to do more for New Year.”

This year, Disney premiered its first Latina princess: Elena Castillo Flores, better known as Elena of Avalor. She sings and plays guitar, she goes on adventures, rules her kingdom and has her own highly rated animated TV show.

The 16-year-old crown princess had been trapped in an amulet for 41 years (so technically, she’s 57 — which might make her one of Disney’s oldest princesses, but that’s another story). Her backstory begins when another animated Disney princess, Sofia the First, sets her free. Elena confronts the evil sorceress Shuriki, voiced by Jane Fonda, who killed her parents and took over the kingdom.

Elena avenges her parents, drives Shuriki out, and begins her reign over the port city of Avalor. “She is the first princess actively ruling her kingdom, and I think that’s new,” says Aimee Carrero, the Dominican-Puerto Rican actress who lends her voice to Elena. “So she has a day job. You know, there’s no Prince Charming, she’s her own hero. She’s learning that leadership is about sacrifice, and not about this sort of totalitarian control over the people she rules — and sort of resembles more of a president than princess. There’s never been a better time to tell this story.”

‘Elena Of Avalor’ Takes The Throne As Disney’s First Latina Princess

Image: Disney Channel


Disney Television Animation All Hands Meeting  Shows Over 17 Shows  This Years Featured

  • Billy Dilley’s Super Duper Subterrean Summer
  • Country Club
  • Penn Zero Season 2
  • Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Season 3
  • Pickle And Peanut Season 2
  • The Lion Guard Season 2
  • Sofia The First Season 4
  • Future Worm Season 2 ?
  • Elena Of Avalor Season 2
  • Ducktales
  • Muppet Babies
  • Milo Murphys Law
  • Mickey And The Roadster Racers 
  • Big Hero 6
  • Tangled The Series
  • And Of Course Unnanounced Projects 

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Tangled: Before Ever After is confusing, continuity-wise.
On one hand, it explains how Rapunzel was able to appear in Sofia the First with her long hair back again.
On the other, the series is explicitly taking place before the Tangled Ever After short, in which her hair is short. This means at some point the writers of the series- probably when the cancellation is looming- will have to explain why her hair becomes short again.

Makes you wonder what the Rapunzels at the Disney parks said when somebody asked “how did your hair grow back?”. I hope it was something like “it’s a long story”…