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Happy  International Women’s Day

“A couple of weeks ago I saw an episode of Sofia the First, and to my luck, it was the one with Tiana’s appearance on it. She is not only my favorite princess, but what she told Sofia really spoke to me. I am not able to afford gift for every family member because I am from a huge family, and when Tiana said that her cooking was her gift gave me an idea; I recently learn to bake at school, so I made cookies for my family. Turns out they were good because they want me to do more for New Year.”

Disney Networks Premieres December 2017


Stump Day/Holiday Spellcial 2/12/2017

Milo Murphys Law

A Christmas Peril 2/12/2017

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

Stump Day/Holiday Spellcial 2/12/2017

Pickle And Peanut

Tree Lighting/A Merry Mocap Musical 2/12/2017

Tangled The Series

Not in the Mood 2/12/2017

Mickey And The Roadster Racers

Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday! / Happy Holiday Helpers! 1/12/2017

Puppy Dog Pals

A Very Pug Christmas / The Latke Kerfuffle 1/12/2017


Nanpire the Great / Two Heads Are Better Than One  1/12/2017

Sofia The First

The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia 1/12/2017

“I love Sofia the First, and I wish she had an actual face character at the parks instead of the mascot head. I know she’s supposed to be a kid, but I think they could just hire shorter, younger actresses and no one would care. Sofia has such a kind and bubbly personality that should be conveyed through an actress instead of the lifeless mascot head! Wendy and Alice are also canonically children and they have face characters, so why not Sofia too?”

 July on Disney Networks 

Tangled The Series

In Like Flynn 7/23/2017 

Great Expotations 7/30/2017

Puppy Dog Pals

Hissy’s Kitty; Polly Wants a Pug 7/07/2017

Captain Rolly; The Coolest Dogs in Town 7/28/2017

 Leave it to Beavers; Counting Sheep 7/14/2017

Mickey And The Roadster Racers 

The Haunted Hot Rod; Pete’s Ghostly Gala 7/08/2017

Mouse vs. Machine; Grandpa Beagle’s Day Out 7/28/2017 

 Stop That Heist!; Lights! Camera! Help! 7/14/2017

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil 

The Battle Of Mewni Part 1  7/15/2017

The Battle Of Mewni Part 2  7/15/2017

The Battle Of Mewni Part 3  7/15/2017

The Battle Of Mewni Part 4  7/15/2017

Mickey Mouse Shorts

Locked in Love 7/14/2017

 Touchdown and Out 7/07/2017

Milo Murphys Law

Missing Milo 7/22/2017

Penn Zero Part Time Hero

The Pirates, the Parrot, the Puzzles and the Talking Boats 7/10/2017

 Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn; A Game of Cat and Mouse 7/11/2017

Wings of Destiny; Sensitivity Training 7/12/2017

The Bewildering Bout of the Astounding Automatons; Back to the Past of Future Balls 7/13/2017

A Tale of Two Wizards; Rockullan, Papyron, Scissorian 7/17/2017

Be My Ghost; The Chinchilla 7/18/2017 

The Kobayashis; Cereal Fugitives 7/19/2017

The Last Mountain Beast 7/20/20

 Ninki Ninja Fight Town; My Mischievous Son 7/24/2017 

That Purple Guy; Rootilda 7/25/2017

The Most Dangerous World Imaginable; Trading Faces 7/26/2017 

13 Big Problems; Mr. Rippen 7/27/2017

At the End of the Worlds Part 1 7/28/2017 SERIES FINALE

 At the End of the Worlds Part 2 7/28/2017 SERIES FINALE

The Lion Guard 

Savannah Summit 7/07/2017 

 Babysitter Bunga 7/07/2017

The Traveling Baboon 7/14/2017 

Ono and the Egg 7/21/2017

TV MOVIE  The Lion Guard: Rise of Scar  7/30/2017

Elena Of Avalor

Wizard-in-Training 7/21/2017

Sofia The First

The Royal Dragon 7/21/2017