disney sizism


Oh, my god. They don’t even have the option to get stuff from the WOC princess movies except for Jasmine, who only has a pair of flip flops and a music box, while the others have about 10 acesories apiece. 

It’s baffling that The Princess and the Frog in particular has literally nothing, despite it being so recent. Tiana’s not even listed immediately among the Disney Princess Characters on the main page and she has a grand total of 14 products while the other white ones have 50+  

A rundown of the princesses for comparison (not including dvds)

Tiana: 14

Pocahontas: 8

Mulan: 17

Jasmine: 38

Ariel: 63

Cinderella: 108

Rapunzel: 89

you get the idea. 

As a side note, while going through Ariel’s, I stumbled on this little gem

External image

Yeah, that’s supposed to be Ursula. 

I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but I realize how toxic of a company Disney is, and the terrible messages it sends to children, especially children of color and girls in general, that are getting progressively worse with thinner and lighter redesigns popping out every few years.