disney sing along songs

Humans are Musically weird

Universal songs.

Aliens just trying to wrap their minds around there being seemingly random and totally unrelated songs that EVERY- Human regardless of language or age will sing along to hive mind style

Prime example:

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

You can have a huge ass group of people all with preferences ranging from Death Metal to Disney and 99% will sing along if that song comes on


Happy Halloween! » Disney Sing-Along Songs: Disneyland Fun (1990) “If you would like to join our jamboree there’s a simple rule that’s compulsory: mortals pay a token fee, rest in peace, the hauntings free, so hurry back, we would like your company!

Stress Cleaning (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re too stressed to get any schoolwork done so Bucky offers an alternative plan.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,370

A/N: An anon requested The reader is really stressed and Bucky helps her calm down. It’d be cool to see them clean the kitchen together and joke around. This occurs between “The Little Things (Part One)” and “The Little Things (Part Two)” I should be doing work and preparing for finals, but I was too stressed so I wrote this instead

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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You stare at your textbook, willing the words on the page to somehow become more interesting. When they don’t, you move the book from the table onto your lap in the hopes that this new angle will help you absorb what you’re reading. After you catch yourself skimming over the same paragraph for what is now the third time in a row, you slam the textbook closed in frustration.

Midterms are upon you and what you should be doing is studying for the exams you have this week. Unfortunately for you, your brain is not in compliance with this plan. It wants nothing to do with the study guides, outlines, and index cards you’ve created. You had hoped that switching gears and reading straight from your textbook might work, but that attempt failed just as badly as the rest.

You lean forward and rest your forehead on the edge of the cool, wooden table as hopelessness and frustration overwhelm your senses. The last thing you should be doing right now is nothing, and yet, nothing is all you can bring yourself to do.

“Hard at work I see.”

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Don’t Say Anything (part 2)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst my friends, sadness

A/N: Here’s part twooooooo! Enjoy! Also, who has my notifications on? I’m curious.

You run back to your room, hoping that Wanda had left so that she wouldn’t see you about to break down. You thank the heavens above when she’s nowhere inside your room and lock the door, throwing yourself on your bed. You bury your face into your pillow and let out a sob. Then another. And another. You can’t remember the last time you’ve cried so hard.

Of course he’s With Natasha. Beautiful, skilled, badass Natasha. You were just his friend. Why did you think you could ever be more than a friend to Bucky?

You couldn’t believe what you just saw only moments ago. It was all so surreal. How did you not know about the two of them? How did you not catch on? Were you really that oblivious?

The image of Natasha and Bucky making out on his bed appears in your mind and you squeeze your eyes shut, crying some more. You should have made a move a long time ago. Maybe then everything would be different.

What are you thinking? Of course it wouldn’t. He’d still choose Natasha no matter what. Why would he chose a 1 over a 10? You’ve always felt like you weren’t good enough. Growing up, you were always someone’s second choice and if not - Third.

You thought Bucky liked you back. At least a little bit. He’d always take you out for milkshakes or lunch - sometimes dinner. The two of you would be cooped up in his room with blankets and pillows watching Disney movies and singing along to every song. He’d always remind you how beautiful you looked (even if you just woke up and you looked like a zombie raccoon). Was that him just being a good friend?

Of course it was. He could never like you more than just a friend.

You had to get over him and fast. He’s happy with Natasha and you don’t want to ruin that. All you’ve ever wanted was for him to be happy. He deserves to be happy. So, you decide to distance yourself from him in hopes that the crush goes away.

You hope it goes away.

The next day you walk into the kitchen, eyes burning from crying the night before. Everyone was in the kitchen, getting ready for the day while you decided on being a log and staying in your room.

“You look like trash.” Sam comments and you glare at him.

“Shut up, she looks beautiful.” Bucky comes over, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and kissing your temple.

You take a sneak look at Nat before shrugging his arm off of you, continuing to walk over to the fridge. You pull out the milk, grab a bowl and open the pantry, scanning for the cereal that you wanted. It took a minute but you saw it and it was pushed back on the shelf. What kind of sick monster does that?

With a huff you get on your tip toes, trying to reach for the box but fail miserably. Suddenly, a hand wraps itself around your waist and you gasp, seeing Bucky smiling at you. He reaches up and grabs the box before handing it to you.

“Saw you having some trouble, doll, thought I’d be your knight in shining armor.” he says with a wink. You fight the urge to smile. Why was he so damn cute? What kind of sorcery was this?

“Thanks.” you murmur, turning away and making your cereal. You don’t see the confusion on Bucky’s face. You’d usually say something silly back but you couldn’t. Not while knowing that him and Natasha were a thing.

“Baby doll,” Bucky says softly, coming up next to you. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” you shrug, pouring your cereal in then the milk.

“Well did I do something to upset you?” yes. “You’re acting different.”

You sigh. “I just don’t feel good today, Buck.”

“Is there anything I can-”

“Hey guys.” Nat smiled.

“Hey Nat.” Bucky responds. You grab a spoon and put it in your bowl after putting everything away.

“Y/N, how’d it go with the guy that you like? Wanda told me you went to tell him that you like him yesterday.” she smiled, bringing her cup of coffee to her lips.

Bucky looks over at you. “You like someone?”

“More like she’s in love with this guy. I’ve never seen her so smitten before.” Natasha chuckled.

Bucky’s jaw clenched. Was he.. Jealous? No, he couldn’t be. He had no reason to be. He was with Natasha for Pete’s sake! You brush it off as the little hope you were hanging onto.

“ Uh.. Yeah I went to tell him that I like him but it turns out he only sees me as a friend and he has a girlfriend. I guess I’ve been misinterpreting his kind gestures this whole time.” you respond, picking your bowl up.

“What an asshole.” she huffed. “Tell me who he is so I can kick his ass. Maybe that’ll knock some sense into him.”

You tuck your hair behind your ear. Little does she know that the ‘asshole’ is standing right in front of her. “No it’s fine. I was stupid to think he’d like someone like me.”

“You’re crazy.” Bucky spoke. “Anyone would be lucky to have you. That guy doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

That guy is you.

You give him a small smile before sighing. “It’s whatever.”

“What are you doing today?” the red head asks.

“Nothing. Just gonna stay in my room and watch movies.” you shrug.

“What? No! Please tell me you’re not gonna sulk over this guy.” Bucky says. “He’s an idiot!”

You take a bite of your cereal.

“Go take a shower, get dressed and I’ll take you to Coney Island or something. Maybe the zoo? I know how much you love animals.” he adds.

You shake your head. “Bucky no.”

“Bucky yes.” he smiled. “Go on, get ready.” you stare at him, giving him your best puppy dog face and he chuckles. “That’s not gonna work this time. Go.”

You groan, dragging yourself to your room while shoveling cereal in your mouth. So much for distancing yourself.

A/N: Here you goooooo. Tell me what ya think!


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Omg. I found Disney Sing Along Songs Happy Haunting with baby Hoech on dvd online and I don't know how to react.


Singing into a Hairbrush

Prompt: if Damian is dating this girl thats kinda a nerd but he knows that she can be evil and while he’s on patrol with Jason or someone? he catches her and her older siblings singing along to a Disney song and having it perfect word for word and he’s just all smirking because he knows that side of her but no one else does?

AN: Hope you enjoy lovely!

Words: 274

Requested by: @too-many-fandoms666

          Damian likes to check on you occasionally when he’s out on patrol. Usually, he taps on your window and comes in for a few minutes. Other times he watches. He watches through the window as you interact with your family.

          It hits after his first time watching you; you have a real family. A normal family. Tonight is especially entertaining. He can’t help but smile as you and your sisters move around the kitchen singing out “I’ll make a man out of you” while Mulan plays in the background.

           When your oldest sister starts singing into a hair brush he takes his leave.

          The next afternoon while the two of you are debating what to do, this semi evil look takes over his face and he says “We could always put on the lion king and sing into our hairbrushes.”

          The first thing that happens is you blush. Next your face flushes in anger, and then you scream. Damian is running before you ever close your mouth. You chase him all over the school. The teachers just watch you go, too tired to bother stopping you. And as you tackle him, you start to punch.

          Instead of feeling pain he laughs, he laughs and laughs, and jokes you about your tiny fists of fury. You just yell and scream, and threaten to tell Alfred. That makes him pause, and knowing you have him you jump to your feet and make a mad dash back to your locker for your phone.

          In the end both of your parents are called into the office, and you end up in detention writing an essay about appropriate behavior.

In my opinion, Gladiolus Amicitia is more than a piece of meat

He would be a great person to cuddle with and keep you warm on cold winter nights. He’d read your children bed time stories and check for monsters under the bed and in the closet. He’d take care of you when you were sick. He would be protective of you and your family and defend them to the death. He’d lay his head on your lap as you read to him on stormy days as hot chocolate sat on the table in front of the fireplace. He’s an explorer who would take you camping every chance he got and point out constellations as you looked up at the stars and cuddled against him. He’s the guy that would sing along with Disney songs and talks in funny voices. He would dance with you at twilight and make you dinner after a log day of work. He would make tents to watch the stars in the backyard of the Amicitia mansion. This man loves his noodles, but not as much as he loves you. When he finds the one, he will love, honor and respect them until the day that he dies. He is big and strong which means he is the perfect cuddle buddy. He’d hold you in his arms and cuddle you to his chest if you had a bad day at work or if you get hurt. He is rather protective of the ones he loves. No one even thinks twice about hurting you when he’s around. And yes, there are times when you will need to be his rock. Maybe he will rest his head against your chest when he feels like crap. He’s not always Mr. Strong and Confident. He is allowed to be scared and afraid. He is a gentle giant and a lion.

Is he man that enjoys sex quite frequently? Yes, he is, but there is so much more to his character than that. This is just your reminder that Gladiolus Amicitia is more than just a man with a healthy sex drive. He’s human and he’s allowed to have flaws and be more than someone for everyone to stare at. He’s more than just a dick and prowess in the bedroom. He likes to make sweet, tender love just as much as he likes to have rough, wild and kinky sex. And he says no at times and wants to just cuddle.

Tagging @alicemoonwonderland because she helped me with some of this.

Please add on if you can think of anything! It would be nice to see more of the sweeter and softer side of Gladio.

Currently dying. THIS was my childhood.

Reasons why everyone needs a Thomas Sanders in their life


-NEVER swears
-is adorable af
-has a great sense of humor
-has a voice like an angel
-will watch any Disney movie/musical with you AND sing along to every. single. song. (And you will love it)
-will treat you like a princess/prince
-loves animals
-has great friends
-will love your dog no matter what
-will totally spend the day with you just laying on the grass and watching the birds go by while listening to music
-will take every opportunity to sing you a song
-is just an amazing human being


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Things I do not care about:

  • your weight
  • your GPA
  • your education or job status
  • your income
  • the size of any body part

Things I absolutely care about:

  • how nice you are to others
  • how much you love animals
  • if you will not judge me for how much I eat
  • if you will let me sing along to Disney songs

spontaneousam  asked:

Can you write a Daddy!Jensen head canon for him watching Disney movies with the kids and softly singing along to all of the songs because he doesn't want anyone to hear him? Please and thank you 😊

JJ was between his feet, the twins on either side of his thighs, reclined in their boppy pillows and a bottle propped on their tiny fists. This was it, this was what he’d waited his entire life for. 

Yeah, he was tired, he’d changed more diapers today alone than he ever had with JJ, and he’d been watching the same three Disney movies on repeat for days on end, but this was… perfect.

JJ began smacking the back of his calf, squealing as “I See The Light” began, the lanterns floating across the giant television screen signaling the start of the same song he’d already heard twice today. Rapunzel stared off into the glowing night sky and the melody poured from the speakers.

Between his knees, his daughter sang every word, whether she could pronounce it correctly or not. Looking from one twin to the other, he realized Zeppelin was practically chugging his bottle and already needed to be burped.

Positioning Arrow’s bottle just so, he let it rest at an angle where she could keep drinking without a problem. Lifting his son, he eased Zep down onto his shoulder and lightly patted his back. Before long, Flynn Rider’s part started and Jensen smiled when JJ’s voice stopped. 

“You, daddy!” She squeaked. 

“No, not this time baby.” He gave her a smile, but started humming along. 

By the third line, Zeppelin had given a hearty burp and was nestled back into his pillow, eyes falling closed the second the bottle hit his lips. Jensen smiled and lifted Arrow, repeating the process with her. Very softly, his deep voice came out as he sang along.

JJ looked up at her father with stars in her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. She loved when she caught him singing with her movies, even if it was really quiet. Standing up, she started parading around the room and doing her best ballerina moves, despite never having taken a class in her short almost four years. His wife rounded the corner and took in the sight before her eyes, snapping a picture when Jensen had laid Arrow back down.

He couldn’t reach the remote. He could sleep for days and probably still feel tired. He was singing Disney songs and had spit up all over his shoulder. 

Jensen Ackles was living the dream.

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Roman Headcanons!!

HECK this was supposed to be for Roman’s week but I’m gonna post it a month late anyways fhdhd

- Roman gets along with almost all animals except for cats. He doesn’t know how to properly interact with them, and is shocked when Virgil can befriend a cat seemingly effortlessly.
- Ironically, Roman’s favorite animal is part of the big cat family. He loves lions.
- Roman knows the lyrics to every single Disney song, and is ecstatic when anyone sings along with them with him.
- His room is covered in an assortment of Disney posters and other memorabilia, but he also has something; be it a prop or paybill; from every play Thomas has ever been in.
- He is naturally good at flirting, and often does it without even realizing he is. However, he struggles when he has to put thought into genuine compliments.
- His confidence is very much “fake it till you make it.” He is confident in his appearance and singing ability, but fears he is not good enough/useful enough for Thomas.
- He doesn’t know Spanish fully, but he is learning, and plans to learn more languages in the future so he can interact with princes, princess’s, and non-binary royalty around the world. He considers asking Logan for help in this endeavor.
- If he’s not singing, rehearsing, watching Disney movies, or interacting with the others, he spends free time brainstorming new nicknames for Virgil.
- He is a bit closer with Patton than he is with Logan and Virgil, though he shares a strong family bond with all of them.