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New Art at TVA includes some Disney TV Animation characters hugging you

Photo: Nico Colaleo


Some designs from “Three legged Race.” I drew most of the Minnie and Daisys this episode but I did get to do one of the Mars robot! Ah! Such a fun design. And for some reason, I draw all the Scrooge whenever he shows up in the shorts. I am the Scrooge master at this point.


The Disney TV Renaissance 2007-Current Posters


The genius of Ub Iwerks and the creation of the Xerox process, pt. I (the man and his previous contributions to Disney)

Brian Sibley, Disney historian: “Following Sleeping Beauty, the studio was in a real difficult situation. Sleeping Beauty hadn’t made very much money, and it had cost a fortune. And Disney was desperately trying to cut back.”

Russell Schroeder, Disney historian: “Here was the studio that was built by animation and was maybe getting priced out of the animation business.”

Brian Sibley: “People were always saying to Walt, ‘Forget about the animation. You’re in television now, you’re making live-action movies, you’ve got a theme park.’ But Walt Disney had to make animated films because that’s what he did. But how to do it cheaper…”


Celebrating Mickey’s Birthday, here’s a new short with a new song! Enjoy!