disney roughs


Nothing new to post so i put here an other ID i worked on with goldenwolf team (http://runwiththegoldenwolf.tumblr.com/) last year. It was the second one done for the show star versus the force of evil, so this time we put some (simple) animated background for a change. Here are my rough animations :

As much as Crystal in the Rough was a nice episode I would’ve loved it if the plot was Isabel assumed she was gonna excel but then found out the hard way that spending forty years in a painting MIGHT be an issue when it comes to new concepts. Because she woke up one day and suddenly calculus is a thing and she doesn’t know several science properties and she has no idea what she’s doing

The teacher’s just like, “Alright students, now get out your pencils”

Isabel: “The fuck is a pencil”


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Acting Robin Hood

He’s saying “Listen here, Bernard. I think that you and me got the same problem : we can’t always count on our beauty. Especially you”