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Acting Robin Hood

He’s saying “Listen here, Bernard. I think that you and me got the same problem : we can’t always count on our beauty. Especially you”


Draw up all the way in October! Still haven’t had the chance to color these (*wails indignantly*) 

1. Kitty mouse’s halloween mermaid costume, let ~ me ~ be ~ good ~ to you!

2. Of Mice and Men

3. Writers’ block/ art block

4. Kitty mouse and my little OC Lyn. Kitty teaching her the value of makeup (this is the first time I’ve drawn Lyn with full blown makeup <3 

what do ya think?

I should really finish these… I WILL. SOMEDAY

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just the space between the stars

Twenty-seven seconds past midnight on Alex’s birthday, Kara knocks at the door, cake in hand and smile in place. Alex rolls her eyes and accepts her fate. 

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Or: Even more Danvers sisters fluff as I take a break from studying for finals.