disney room

Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it again. When the Hamilton creator took over the Walt Disney Animation Studios Instagram account on Sunday to promote its new film, Moana (for which he wrote the score), he stuck to what he does best: singing and being impossibly charming.
—  InStyle on the Disney linstagram takeover 8/8/16

Just some disney things I have in my room. I wanted to give it a good clean so it’s my “sanctuary” when I go back to school on Tuesday.
I’m honestly terrified. I hate going back because everyone In my class hates disney and I’m just all alone there. Here I’ll have all my things, and I can just run home and hug my Duffy and watch Tangled until I fall asleep.

Some things that aren’t shown: the dresser where my Animator Dolls are on is actually filled with VHSs with other disney movies that won’t fit in my nightstand. My extensive Disney shirt collection (I have like 25+…), my Elsa Painting, and I think that’s it!

New feature on my channel (link in my profile) where I’ll be talking about my Disney favorites of the month! This month’s video features a review of the Disney Princess Art Therapy Coloring Book, tips for colored pencils and coloring accessories, a Cinderella 2015 soundtrack review, tips for finding vintage Disney items, and a discussion about Animal Kingdom’s new show, Rivers of Light.

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