disney ranch

I’ve always wanted to make this



*******= scene change


Michael Weatherly: Hi my names Michael Weatherly

Cote de Pablo: Hi, and I’m Cote de Pablo.

MW: We’re gonna be watching an episode of NCIS for the special features.

CdP: Titled ‘Housekeeping’. Um, I think this is episode 198, two before our one, very special 200.

MW: Hey do y— do you get excited when you get your DVD pack to pull out all those special features?

CdP: *chuckling*

MW: Cause I do, I really do, I get all excited and I go home, and I sit down, and I tell my wife not to talk to me for a few hours and I just watch ALLLL the special features.

CdP: You know what I’m thinking right now?

MW: How handsome Mark Harmon is?

CdP: No, I’m actually thinking that YOU are probably thinking of yourself as a radio talk show host. Because your voice sounds very good.

MW: That is, by the way, I’m- I’m—*deeper voice* I’m also talking like this.

CdP: You’re trying to be sexy.

MW: So, do you remember these boys? We talked to them in the garage.

CdP: Oh yeah, I always love kids.

MW: ‘member? We went— they were really cute.

CdP: They were really cute. That boy was especially cute, with the little blue jacket.

MW: Uh-oh

CdP: Uh-oh.

MW: Uh-oh. Something’s going on.

CdP: Do you remember much of this?

MW: Um, yes, I do. Very well, ‘member? Yeah I ‘member this crime scene.

CdP: Let me…

MW: *chuckles*

CdP: Oh lemme see the reaction.

MW: There’s a future— a future investigator on CBS, this young man. Lookit, they lined up perfectly for the two shot. This—oh he’s got a hole right through ‘im.


CdP: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly.

MW: So, we’re often running on another episode of NCIS, Cote de Pablo, I wanna say, first of all that I am thrilled to be doing-uh-a commentary with you.

CdP: Thank you, Michael.

MW: it’s a real pleasure.

CdP: Pleasure is all My-in.

MW: We’ve worked together now for—

CdP: 17 years.

MW: 217 years.

CdP: *laughs* 217 years.

MW: And there’s a street in Valencia somehow in the middle of Washington, DC.


CdP: Uh-oh! Look at that!

MW: Hey everybody it’s Sean Murray! Ooh, look at you, wearing maroon.

CdP: And look at you, looking very depressed. What’s ha—what’s happening in this?

MW: Aww, lookit, see, McGee knows everything. Now, when we’re doing these squadroom scenes, the funny thing is, that this is probably at 8:15 in the morning on a Monday. *laughs*

CdP: Yeah, you’re right, cause it’s not 7, cause we rehearse at 7, we don’t get our shot until, probably 8am.

MW: Right, and so, even though it looks like it’s mid day and everything, uh, sometimes you see little pillow creases on the side of my head.

CdP: Mmm…mmm, no. No! Those come after lunch.

MW: *chuckles* And then, you know we have to have all this vim, vigor energy. We gotta have the ‘pah’.

CdP: We have to be peppy.

MW: Yeah.

CdP: Now, what’s going on with my hair there? There’s like a little thing that’s popping—

MW: Don’t worry, you look beautiful.

CdP: *giggles* Oh, shut up.

MW: This is where we tee it all up, I always think, eh, this is the part where, uh, you know, we get to, let the audience know that everything is okay, the kids are alright.

CdP: That’s a great movie.

MW: And-*chuckles*

CdP: *chuckles*

MW: And we’re gonna—we’re gonna, uh, you know, Gibbs will come in, and eh, what do ya bet that Gibbs walks into the room and says ‘Grab your gear’?

CdP: He’ll walk in at any second and he’ll say—

MW: Oh there he is.

CdP: Grab your gear.

MW: Look at that, see? Like clockwork, you can, uh, you can almost set your watch by this NCIS formula.

CdP: And then we all grab our, um—

MW: Oh, a little witty banter on our way to the elevator, and here we are at the crime scene.


MW: I am a fan of the self contained episode where—

CdP: Oh! I remember this episode now! This was in Disney Ranch! We shot this in Disney Ranch!

MW: We do, we shoot this in Disney Ranch. *chuckles*

CdP: Oh I was trying to, *chuckles*, I was trying to see where this was, well, it’s all very foggy at the end.

MW: What do you mean?

CdP: Meaning, we’ve shot 24.

MW: Yeah, but, what do you mean, foggy?

CdP: Meaning, you just don’t know, you know?

MW: So you’re watching this, but you don’t know, you don’t know that there’s—

CdP: No, I do remember now. I just— I just didn’t remember when I saw that little purple jacket.

MW: Do you—do you know the lady with the cat up on that deck that we’re about to see?

CdP: Oh yes! I remember now! I remember better! *giggles*

MW: Yes. *chuckles* Can I just tell you something alarming?

CdP: *seductively* what’s alarming?

MW: There are times when I’m talking to you, I’m pretty convinced that I’m talking to you mother.

CdP: Oh no.

MW: Yes.

CdP: You haven’t spent enough time with her, trust me.

MW: No I have spent enough time to know.

CdP: My mom is so fantastic. I’ll take that as a compliment.

MW: By the way, Cote, you are an alarmingly beautiful young lady.

CdP: Michael…

MW: You are. You are fetching.

CdP: In a black jacket with a black hat.

Both: *laugh*

MW: Look at this shot, that’s always flattering. Come from under.

CdP: Come from under, get the chins.

MW: A little reach around.

CdP: *laughs*

MW: Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa.

CdP: Oh! oh! Wasn’t she fantastic?

MW: She was great.

CdP: She was such a good actress.

MW: So this, for everyone listening, is a fake neighborhood that exists in northern, in the northern part of Los Angeles. Or the southern part of San Fernando.

CdP: Not only is it fake but if you open the door, there’s nothing behind.

MW: Well, all the houses are empty.

CdP: There’s nothing behind.

MW: This is a fake neighborhood; it’s pure Hollywood.

CdP: Remember there was um, a take when the cat jumped.

MW: Yes.

CdP: And by the way, she had cats, and we kept on saying, like, ‘How do you do this?’ and she’s like ‘well, I have cats.’

MW: I was teasing, you don’t have to talk about that.

CdP: Oh, stop it, Michael, see, he’s exactly the same way sometimes, like his character.

MW: Oh, she’s so cute. Now, can you explain your earrings? What are they?

CdP: They’re always the same, seven years now. *laughs*

MW: They’re little round something or other.

CdP: Little round little balls.

MW: I don’t know what they are, your earrings are just alarmingly attractive and fetching.

CdP: Come on, not everything is attractive.

MW: They’re like magnets. That’s what they are, they’re love magnets.

CdP: *chuckles*

MW: I remember that I was, um, I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad at this point, when we were shooting the scene.

CdP: You did?!

MW: I did. And that’s the, I just can’t wait.

CdP: That was the urgency.

MW: That was the urgency, that’s really—sometimes you look for the simplest thing to drive you through a scene. For me, I was like, ‘Please can I just get over to the 4 holer?’.

CdP: Oh! And you know what I just noticed? We were backlit. Which you always say is a better light.

MW: Well…

CdP: Let’s not discuss it.

MW: It can be. Now, look at that sunlight coming in.


MW: Oh, remember this scene? Wait, I wasn’t in it.

CdP: No, that’s McGee.

MW: McGee looks very serious. So, do you like conference room scenes?

CdP: I actually think they’re very safe.

MW: Why, what do you mean?

CdP: I feel very, um…I like little spaces.

MW: Oh you do?

CdP: I do.

MW: You- Cote?

CdP: Yes *chuckles*.

MW: Oh, I didn’t know if Ziva liked little spaces or—so you feel that the conference room is a SAFE little—space.

CdP: I do. I do, I do. I like the squad room because it gives me the, um, the feeling that I may be onstage, because it’s bigger.

MW: It is bigger, so that’s an interesting paradox.

CdP: And the MTAC I like it, because it’s dark.

MW: A little bit of a contradiction, therein.

CdP: Yeah.

MW: Ooh, look at you, stink eye, you get the foof with the earring.


MW: Now look, see? Huh? That’s a complicated expression I had on my face there. YEARS of training. You are not gonna get our of that plum sweater soon enough, are ya?

CdP: *Laughs*

MW: You are—you look like something on the craft service table.

Both: *laugh*

CdP: I resemble a slight eggplant.

MW: *chuckles* This thing—

CdP: Well, let’s not go into detail.

MW: Okay, now here’s the thing. Sean never took his jacket off. Is he goin’ somewhere? *laughs* Sean looks like he’s just gonna…stay there. Two time. Mark Harmon, talented, tricky.

CdP: *laughs*

MW: Gotta watch that guy.

CdP: Watch that guy.

MW: And good looking, and I do remember this.

CdP: *chuckles* good looking.

MW: Because in blocking, he decided to come and stand next to me and I just got very nervous all of a sudden, I was like, mmm, why is he… and he has his phone, he pulls out his phone right here, there it is.

CdP: Gosh, you remember everything, I’m amazed. You have really— what are you looking at, Michael Weatherly?

MW: Your body is a shockingly beautiful thing.

CdP: *laughing* shut up!

MW: I find it fetching.

CdP: Fetching? What is this? Is this like a line that you are just gonna keep on saying throughout the entire process?


MW: Look, now we’re down with everyone’s favorite, Abby.

CdP: Ahhh, Miss Abigail Sciuto.

MW: Now what do you think her necklace says there? It probably says something—

CdP: Abby.

MW: No.

CdP: No?

MW: No, no, no.

CdP: Well, it says something.

MW: It says something. Come on, what does it say? Ooh, come on.

CdP: Come on, come on, come on, go down!

MW: Oh! Come on! The— the dog collar, I never quite, I never quite wrapped my head around that.

CdP: The tattoo, the tattoo is just fantastic, the neck tattoo.

MW: Now, we’re not in this scene, so we can talk freely and openly. let’s talk about the lighting in the lab.

CdP: Best lighting in the show!

MW: It’s the best lighting in the show.

CdP: And why?

MW: Because Pauley’s down there.

CdP: And all why? Also?

MW: Because it’s bluey.

CdP: Blue.

MW: And silver.

CdP: Blue is your friend.

MW: Blue is your friend.

CdP: Great—what color’s my friend?

MW: Orange. What color’s the squad room?

CdP: *whispers* Orange.

MW: Hmm, we spend a lot of time in that room. People always come up to me and say ‘You look so orange on television.’

Both: *laugh*

MW: And I say, ‘lotta betacarotene.’. Ooh! I could almost see it there, what’s on her chest.

CdP: It’s something…weird.

MW: Dominatrix.

CdP: No.

MW: Ooh!

CdP: *gasps* She got a sandwich instead of a Caf-Pow?!

MW: Is it a, oh, that’s tricky.



CdP: *gasps* The coat! Fantastic coat!

MW: Do you remember this?

CdP: Oh, I do remember this, this was actually a pretty hot day, remember?

MW: Yeah, and this guy is FANTASTIC. He’s um—

CdP: Oh yeah.

MW: He’s the guy who—

CdP: Iqbal, Iqbal Theba.

MW: He’s SO good on Glee.

CdP: Oh my God! You are SO right! I remember this scene because he was amazing. We have some really good actors on our show.

MW: I tweeted him.

CdP: You did?

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: What is—what is tweet— what is tweeting?

MW: Don’t, don’t don’t, don’t. It takes too long. We can’t do that here.

CdP: *chuckles*

MW: Um…

CdP: He was so funny.

MW: He was funny, Mark Harmon, asking the questions that need to be answered. And ‘member he was sort of dissembling and having a lot of, he was having a lot of fun with us.

CdP: Oh, he was.

MW: *chuckles* Belva Lockwood. Oh, that rings a bell for Tony. This is one of those episodes where somebody shows up. Alright, cat’s out of the bag. EJ shows up. *chuckles*

CdP: *gasps* your, uh..squeeze? Is that what you call it?

MW: Mmm, well she—

CdP: Your girlfriend?

MW: Well, I dunno, I got shot and she left me for dead.

CdP: Oh! That’s it! Surveillance!

MW: I guess you uh, I guess you call that a girlfriend.

CdP: You’d call it a girlfriend.

MW: *chuckles* So, can I just ask you a question?

CdP: Yeah. Oh, God, yes.

MW: How do you prepare for your scenes? Do you memorize them the night before or..what do you do?

CdP: Mmm, the question would be, what do YOU do?

MW: No, I asked first.

CdP: Do you memorize the night before?

MW: Do you work on the scenes with anyone? Do you memorize them out loud or..?

CdP: I do.

MW: Okay.

CdP: I do. I sit on my couch and I look at the work. if I think the work is very very complicated and wordy, I will take a very good look at it. If by any chance it’s not, it’s a little simple, I will sleep, and I will wake up the next day and take a look at it and try to be very relaxed.

MW: What’s the most frustrating aspect when you come into work the next day and you have to do the scene, what’s the most frustrating thing you find uhhh when working with other actors and actresses?

CdP: *says quietly* I don’t know, I think you can answer that better.

MW: Do you get upset when people don’t know their lines very well?

Both: *chuckle*


MW: When people are sort of, you know. Look at that, he’s good looking, that Mark Harmon.

CdP: But look at that, that’s your girlfriend.

MW: That’s the beautiful, the wonderful, the talented, Sarah Jane Morris. And uh..you know I think she got uh—

CdP: Talk about fetching. My God.

MW: She is pretty fetching, actually. I don’t mean actually opposed—in opposition to what I’ve been saying before.

CdP: Isn’t it funny sometimes when you look at scenes and you’re no longer, like doing, you know, work?

MW: Explain to me what you’re thinking right now.

CdP: Well—

MW: Talk about your feelings.

CdP: No, no. *laughs*

MW: Use your feel words.

CdP: *laughs* Well—

MW: I feel, what?

CdP: No, because I remember every second of everything we’ve shot.

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: You could play something from season 3, season 4 and I know exactly what I was feeling throughout those scenes. Isn’t that funny?

MW: I just looked at Mark Harmon’s watch and it’s 8 o’clock in the morning when we shot that.

Both: *chuckle*

MW: Um, so, you are talking about total emotional recall when you see uh, when you’re visually stimulated, like watching one of these things.

CdP: Yeah!

MW: (talking about Abby’s necklace) What does it say? Domino? What does it say on Pauley’s thing? We’re gonna get it by the end.

(BTW guys, it said “DontH8″)


MW: I thought that Tony would be very angry with the girl that left him—

CdP: Were you guys really eating?

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: Were they good?

MW: Mm-mmm. (No)

MW: Lookit, look at it, see? Papa bear.

CdP: I like it when you guys get like, upset.

MW: Yeah. Yeah, you like that.

CdP: I do.

MW: Is that like a Chilean thing?

CdP: No, no.

MW: No, it’s human, it’s a human thing.

CdP: It’s a human emotion.

MW: Uh-oh, uh-oh. Hey now, hey, hey.

CdP: Oh! I like it when I see that fire from you, Michael.

MW: Well, usually you’re the only one I show it to.

CdP: *laughs heartily* What’s that say about me?!

MW: Haha, well, you do—

CdP: I can press—I can push those buttons?

MW: You—or press the buttons. No, it’s fine.

CdP: Well, I can do both probably. What is it? Push the buttons? Michael?

*thirty seconds of silence*

CdP: This was a good scene for you, Michael.

MW: Well, I don’t know…

CdP: And I like it when it’s night.

MW: Yeah, you like the small space room, and the night.

CdP: What does that say about me?

MW: Small dark spaces. Mmm…

Both: *laugh*


CdP: Did you read the thing?!

MW: I couldn’t see it again.

CdP: God, we’re gonna have to press pause and maybe—

MW: No, we can’t.

CdP: We can’t enlarge.

MW: Let’s go—can we—let’s-let’s try and find some meat here in the middle of this commentary. People who’ve decided to stick with us this far need to get some meat out of this.

CdP: Okay.

MW: Do you, feel that Ziva had a good season in season 9?

CdP: I think it was a tricky season.

MW: Hmm.

CdP: For a lot of um—

MW: Did she learn new things about herself?

CdP: Gosh, emotionally, I think so.

MW: Hmm. Cause I feel I was able to do a couple things and get away from uh…some of my—my clown town, um habits.

CdP: Well I loved the episode with, when you rescued that child from the fire.

MW: Yeah.

CdP: That was a good scene, and especially with you looking like 20 years younger, my gosh.

MW: Yeah, that’s digital technology.

CdP: *laughs* But the hair was crazy!

MW: Oh, well the hair was actually not digital technology.

CdP: Look at you, looking at her.

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: There’s a little—

MW: Angry.

CdP: No, not anger at all, there’s a little sparkle in the eye. Look at that!

MW: Really webbed that there.

CdP: My God, it’s kind of precious.

MW: Well it’s funny, because I think that uh, the-the EJ—anytime you put Tony in the proximity of a female that’s not Ziva, he just—he’s just…kind of, weird.

CdP: No. I don’t think so.

MW: No, eh. What do you think? What do you think? Let’s jump right into it.

CdP: By the way, I think you and EJ look alike! It’s really weird!

MW: Yeah, that’s weird.

MW: Here’s the deal, what do you think about a Tony Ziva wedding?

CdP: Oh, I don’t know, but you know what I’m looking at? The picture of a dog on your computer!

MW: *Chuckles* oh, really?

CdP: The DiNozzo—

MW: The DiNozzo dog?

CdP: The DiNozzo dog!

MW: You think maybe the characters will get married? Tony and Ziva?

CdP: I don’t know, what do you think?

MW: I don’t know.

CdP: I think if anything she’ll get pregnant.

MW: She could get pregnant, and then Tony proposes and she says ‘You don’t have to do this.’ and then they argue about it.

CdP: And that would be the end of the show.

MW: No! No! I think that then there would just be child daycare would be one of the sets.

CdP: *laughs*

MW: Our little assassin baby would be down in the childcare set.

CdP: Oh my God.

MW: Come on, let’s rip it open!

CdP: Rip it open?!

MW: How ‘bout this, you don’t know who it is. Yeah let’s rip it open! What if you had a one night stand with Gibbs and you don’t know if it’s Tony’s baby or Gibbs’ baby—

CdP: That would be very weird because Gibbs is a father.

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: And you’re a brother.

MW: (re: Gibbs being a father) *deep voice* In more ways than one.

CdP: Oh, stop it.

MW: Who’s your daddy? *chuckles* Baby daddy?

CdP: Baby daddy, dad-dy.

MW: And then, McGee with go down to Abby and complain that you didn’t sleep with him, so why isn’t he involved in like the ‘who’s the daddy’? I think it’s a whole season 10 plot line I’m coming up with right now.

MW: So, do you think we could continue doing the show with shared custody?

CdP: *laughs* I—Michael, I mean, look at the things you’re bringing up! Children?

MW: *sighs*

CdP: Actually, I brought it up. *laughs*

MW: I like the idea. I think you could handle it.

CdP: Oh yeah, for sure I could handle it. I mean, the character can handle it.

MW: Oh, he’s gonna kiss her (EJ).


MW: I’m gonna ask you a question right now.

CdP: Another one?

MW: Yes. When when—when you—

CdP: What’s this shot? Oh this was very good at night.

MW: When you, came here, initially, from New York.

CdP: Mm-hmm.

MW: To do Navy NCIS.


Both: *chuckle*

MW: Navy NISC, were you…uh…did you keep your apartment in New York and think, ‘Oh, I’ll be back in about 13 weeks’?

CdP: No. I gave it up.

MW: Or did you move out here? So you committed?

CdP: Fully.

MW: Alright, how’s that goin’? How’s that workin’ out for ya?

CdP: I probably—I’m still here.

MW: You’re still here.

MW: Do you think that you would wanna direct and episode?

CdP: You know what? That’s a really good question. I don’t think so! *giggles* That’s a LOT of work.

MW: There’s Scott Wolf, Scott Wolf, party of one, hiding behind everybody.

CdP: You enjoyed it. You loved it.



CdP: Well let’s talk one second about Matt.

MW: Matt Craven?

CdP: He is so good.

MW: He’s not— He is the honey badger of SECNAV’s.

CdP: He is—he just—don’t…

MW: He don’t care.

CdP: He don’t care.

MW: No.

CdP: He’s such a good actor and he’s so, he adds like a new element to this show and, I love having him here, he’s so solid too, but fun!

(two minutes of silence)

MW: T-shirt.

CdP: Since season One.

MW: Since season one.

CdP: That’s like a staple.

MW: Did you know that I’m not allowed to wear a t-shirt?

CdP: Because of him? (Gibbs)

MW: Yeah.

CdP: Absolutely.

MW: That’s a little factoid for the fans. I’m not allowed to wear a t-shirt.

CdP: There are certain elements that are just Tony’s or Gibbs’.

MW: Uh-huh. I also felt—

CdP: Oh I like this scene.

MW: In the uh, in the shooting of this episode, that Ziva was on Tony’s mind, quite a bit.

CdP: Really?

MW: Mm-hmm.

CdP: I’m getting nervous.

MW: I think that—I think that uh, because, if Tony can’t trust EJ, she left him for dead in the thing, she’s not telling him all the right—

CdP: Do you think Tony trusts Ziva?

MW: With his life.

CdP: *quietly* I love you too.

MW: Aw, look at my belly.

CdP: *laughs* Segue!

MW: Mmm, little honey bear, as I pick up a pizza box. Look I’m working on the weight everyone, just back off, I had a kid. It’s the baby weight. Been blaming it, the last five seasons.

CdP: You carried it.

MW: I carried it. It’s a thing. You know. I know. I fired someone this year because they suggested liposuction. So, back off. *chuckles* What? It’s true.

MW: Now, whaddaya think? I…I think Tony’s going bald. I think he’s losing the hair.

CdP: *whispers* I don’t think so.

MW: No?

CdP: I like this scene because you fall asleep on the couch and EJ’s in the bed.

MW: Oh! Can I tell you where this scene came from? I’m sitting over on the chair like Sean Connery in ‘Dr. No.’. I wanted the blocking to be uh, where he plays cards and puts the gun on the side table, and the girl is uh, has been taken away, actually, and he’s stuffed the bed. But anyway I was sort of—

CdP: You like Sean Connery.

MW: *In a Sean Connery voice* Yes, I quite like Mr. Connery’s approach to things. He’s a very cool customer.

CdP: Good looking man.

MW: Well, thank you. Oh, you mean Connery, yeah.

CdP: Oh, I love that, when she falls asleep and you’re talking.

MW: Easy does it. Oh! He’s gonna shoot her!

Both: *Laugh*

MW: No, that’s not true.

CdP: That’s so wrong! That is so wrong! And then you cover her feet! You’re very cute!

MW: I did, I did. Oh, and then watch this! Watch this! Think about Ziva.

CdP: Oh, stop it, no you’re not! You’re actually—

MW: See? That’s what he’s doing.

CdP: No, you’re actually watching out for her.


MW: So, uh, we, now, are, um, it’s a lot of men talking in rooms.

Both: *laugh*

CdP: But that’s the show.

MW: Is it?

Both: *laugh*

MW: I don’t know. Oh, that’s Watcher Fleet. I’m gonna go on record right now and just tell ya that I don’t understand this whole Watcher Fleet thing. So Gibbs has a box in his basement, filled with all this stuff that Mike Franks told him about. Shouldn’t Gibbs just bring that box into the squad room and say ‘Hey, everybody I got this box full of secrets, let’s figure some of this stuff out. Might be some national security threats.’ But instead he waits until the threat presents itself, people die, and then he goes ‘Oh, by the way, I have this box full of secrets.’ You pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down?

CdP: Mmm-mm.

MW: *sighs* Ah, I figured as much.

CdP: By the way, this room? Orange.

MW: Orange, orange. With a blue wall.

CdP: Just small little pillar.

MW: Orange and blue. You know the New York Mets tried to pull off orange and blue for a long time.

CdP: *chuckles*

MW: Do you know what rambling means?

CdP: Mm-hm.

MW: That’s the word they’re gonna use when they describe how our interview went.

CdP: *giggles*

MW: How was Cote and Michael’s DVD commentary? Mmm…rambling.

Both: *Laugh*


MW: Oh, see I played Solitaire and I won.

CdP: Oh, I like this! I like this! This is the morning…

MW: You like this ‘cause you’re in it.

CdP: No, because I bring you doughnuts and you point the gun at me.

MW: *laughs* I did an RJ! (RJ is Robert Wagner’s nickname)

MW: Well, who doesn’t love an Israeli ninja assassin who brings coffee and guns?

CdP: Yeah, but the best thing is that, I don’t know what happened.

MW: *seductively* Your hair, your hair looks good that way, what did you do to your hair there?

CdP: I just put it down. Oh, look at that little mouth movement.

MW: Mmm, so, what else do you wanna see, Cotes?

CdP: Um, I still kind of wanna see, um, Abby going undercover.

MW: Mm-hmm?

CdP: I think that would be fun. I would love to do another undercover show with you.

MW: Yeah?

CdP: That was a lot of fun. I don’t know, I think, well, I don’t know. I’m going into a vacation.

MW: What did you think about, um, what did you think about this PARTICULAR scene? Remember the shooting and—

CdP: I do, I remember this scene clearly because I really liked it, it was a fun scene.

MW: Why?

CdP: Well, I think it’s because it’s relationship driven, and I liked interacting with a girl I may suspect, is still into you.

MW: Mmm.

CdP: Creates tension.

MW: Mm-hmm. I guess now you see the reason for my asking the question.

CdP: *laughs* Bring the focus back to me!

MW: No, no just back to the hoot.

CdP: To the hoot!

MW: Cause it’s about the hoot!

CdP: Well it is, kind of, isn’t it?

MW: What I like about the Ziva EJ dynamic, is that you guys are so opposite in terms of, you know, just visually, it’s striking.

CdP: I know, it is.

MW: She’s got the blonde eyebrows, you have the dark eyebrows, she has the blonde hair, but you both have sort of the widow’s peak.

CdP: Kind of, yeah.

MW: So there’s a similarity but a great difference. You’re almost like a photo negative of each other.

CdP: *laughs*


MW: Hmm… oh, I don’t—i don’t like this scene, at all.

CdP: Oh my God, I love this scene so much!

MW: No.

CdP: I love this scene. Why not?

MW: I just—Because he’s from Party of Five, he shouldn’t be killing anybody.

CdP: Oh no, I—I love this scene and you know why I love it? Because you never see it coming. And I love the fact that at the end, he takes the dog.

MW: Mmm! Eddie Greens, good job.

CdP: Good job, Eddie Greens by the way is the guy that sets up all the green stuff that you see and we have—

MW: Unless it was already there.

CdP: Yeah, of course, but he sets up all these little nooks of green. And then people can hide.

MW: Somebody was over acting on their walk by, there.

CdP: *Laughs*

MW: That was a little background artist there.

CdP: Wanted to—to pull focus.

MW: Mm-hmm.

*One Minute of Silence*

MW: Ah, that tickles Cote, stop it.

CdP: *giggles* Look at the doggie. You’ve got two doggies.

MW: What’s gonna happen?

CdP: Well, he is gonna say that he doesn’t wanna play by the rules.

MW: What’s your favorite moment of season 9?

CdP: Hmm… I have to think on that one.

MW: You wanna know my favorite moment of season 9? Well, I hate to say it, It’s this one right HERE.

Both: *Laugh*

MW: No, um, Oh! It’s that one right there.

CdP: See? You don’t see it coming, because Scott Scwolf, *laughs* Scott Scwolf.

MW: Scott Scwolf!

CdP: Scott Wolf, he’s steely eyed.

MW: What do you think about when they blow up the building at the end of season 9, and all that stuff? Ducky has the heart attack? What do you think?

CdP: Um, I don’t know what to say about this!

MW: Well, I don’t know, I just think it’s all pretty—oh lookit, that’s a good death, actually. That’s a little creepy.

CdP: And then he takes the dog! Which I think is really creepy. But by the way, he doesn’t kill the dog.

MW: No, no he takes it to a shelter.


CdP: Michael…

MW: *laughs* Sorry, I’m just thought— trying to spice it up.

CdP: What were you looking at?

MW: I was looking at myself in a mirror. *chuckles*

CdP: McCallum.

MW: So let’s let’s get down—

CdP: Let’s talk about McCallum.

MW: Let’s get down to it. Talk about the truth, let’s not just tip-toe around, Cotes.

CdP: You’re good at that.

MW: I don’t know what you mean—

CdP: Addressing the truth.

MW: Let’s talk about it.

CdP: McCallum, a guy who comes in prepared.

MW: And knows all of his lines.

CdP: And knows every single word of his lines, he’s pretty incredible. And, the fans may not know this, but, he plays, um, word puzzles, right?

MW:Yes, Sudoku and all those—

CdP: Sudoku, to keep his memory like, active and alive.

MW: Mm-hmm. He’s gonna be 40 this year.

CdP: Yeah, and you’re gonna be 20.

MW: No, I’m gonna be—I’m gonna be 79.

Both: *laugh*

MW: I think we all know that.


CdP: And we— we shot this at Disney Ranch. And I remember running up this hill and um, twisting my ankle, which was not fun. Oh and this was the explosion, Michael! This was where they blew up the house!

MW: Yeah.

CdP: That— that house.

MW: I know, I was inside it with EJ, or was I?

CdP: No, you were not.

MW: *chuckles* No. It’s jus like the squad room, we just blow stuff up this year.

CdP: It’s the season of explosions.

MW: Yes. Tell me your favorite season finale ever.

CdP: I’ll tell you a favorite season opener.

MW: Okay.

CdP: Truth or Consequences.

MW: That was a good one.

CdP: Really good one.

MW: Season 7’s season opener.

CdP: So good.

MW: I…

CdP: I thought it was just, fun.

MW: Yeah.

CdP: And different.

MW: Yeah.

CdP: And I loved the bit where they punched McGee. *Laughs* I love that he’s coming out of the thing and he falls on the floor—

MW: Now why would you like that? That’s cruel.

CdP: Because it’s funny!

MW: Oh, look he found the uh, gas tank that sits out in front of the—

CdP: Holy moly.

MW: Do you remember um, who wrote this episode?

CdP: Which one, this one? Scott.

MW: Yes. And do you ‘member what he said? To us?

CdP: No, what did he say?

MW: No, I don’t— I don’t remember either.

CdP: Michael…

MW: Ahh, Ziva David.

CdP: Oh, here he goes.

MW: You just wanna watch it, I’m trying to get you to talk about stuff but you just wanna watch it.

CdP: I know but I —I wanna remember things. And I can’t remember things if I’m talking all the time.

MW: Cause I keep talking. Alright, I’ll shut up, I’ll shut up.

CdP: You don’t have to! I quite enjoy your….vocal tones.

CdP: Now that was CGI, that was not like that.

MW: Why wait until he does it? Why not just go in and move in and arrest him before he starts a forest fire?

CdP: Because we don’t know where he’s coming from, we don’t know where he is. Right? And that’s when I sprained an ankle.

MW: Did you really?

CdP: Yeah, a little bit. Well we had uh—

MW: Oh yeah, right there, saw it.

CdP: We did have um, doubles.

MW: We did?

CdP: But I guess they didn’t use them. *laughs* Oh my God! This was so much fun! Actually, there was nothing fun about it. There was so much shooting going around, and all of us had to hide behind a, like a big rock. And it was literally Mark, Sean and myself. We had to get up at one point and all three of us had to shoot. And all of the—what do you call the—the thingies? Michael you know what I mean.

MW: The shells.

CdP: Yes, the shells they were jumping on our faces. That was not fun at all. *laughs*

MW: They’re not s’posed to do that.

CdP: Well, yeah but all three of us were right next to each other, you see?

MW: Yeah all the cartridges, when they run, oh yeah.

CdP: Yeah. And then we started running. And that was probably my—

MW: And you were all the way on the right, so the two boys were—

CdP: I was in the middle, actually.

MW: Oh, you were.

CdP: They put me in strategic places.

MW: Oh yeah.

CdP: *laughs* Right in the middle of the shells.

MW: You and Sean, in a foot race.

CdP: Where were you? You were with EJ, right?

MW: I was with EJ.

CdP: And that is round the valley.

MW: Well—

CdP: He’s back.

MW: There’s a lot of letters around there.

CdP: *laughs* Do you remember, oh you weren’t there, that gun that he’s holding weighed like 10 pounds, it was the biggest thing I’ve— look I could barely pick it up. *laughs*

MW: Well that’s because you are a tiny slip of a thing.

CdP: No I don’t have tiny hands.

MW: I wasn’t saying your hands, I was saying that you’re a beautiful, fetching, lovely young lady.

CdP: He always says I have tiny hands. Who can pick up tiny things. *laughs* Oh, and there you are.

MW: God, I’m a bad actor sometimes.

CdP: Oh, stop it.

MW: Sometimes.

CdP: No, you’re not.

MW: No not all the time. Sometimes.

CdP: And this is when Scott Wolf finds out. Mm-hmm, the team has done it again.

MW: This was my favorite moment, when I closed the door on her.

CdP: *laughs* That’s so wrong.

MW: Well, you know, EJ, she’s an outsider.


CdP: Do you think she’ll be back?

MW: Yes.

CdP: You do?

MW: I do. I think she’ll be back because she’ll be a bad guy.

CdP: Nooo.

MW: Yes.

CdP: You really think so?

MW: Yes.

CdP: Okay, I believe you.

MW: EJ Barrett, bad guy. She and Jeanne Benoit. Coming back as—

CdP: Jeanne Benoit was not bad.

MW: She’ll be bad when she comes back.

CdP: No.

CdP: Look at you, you guys DO look alike! Look at it!

MW: No.

CdP: Yes, you do!

MW: No. Bye you chicken EJ.

CdP: *high pitched voice*  Bye you!


MW: Well here we are, in another enclosed space. Did you watch a lot of Party of Five?

CdP: You know, I didn’t. All I know is that, um, Jennifer Love Hewitt was in that? Wasn’t she?

MW: Sure.

CdP: Who else?

MW: And then uh, Matt Fox.

CdP: He’s a fox.

MW: Eh, I don’t know.

CdP: If you like that.

MW: Uh, Neve Campbell.

CdP: Oh my God! Neve Campbell! Yes I remember, didn’t she do the horror movies?

MW: And Scott Wolf.

CdP: He’s the best.

MW: Do ya think he’s gonna listen to this commentary?

Both: *Laugh*

MW: No, seriously, do you think he’s gonna listen to his commentary?

CdP: I don’t know!

MW: I bet he’s not. Does he strike you as a guy who’d listen to his own commentary?

CdP: No.

MW: Yeah, but maybe that makes him the guy who would listen to his own commentary. Here’s another question, do you think when Mark Harmon gets home, his DVD season 9 box set, that he—does he just rip open and just put in the DVD special features watching them first? Or does he watch the whole season and then he watches the special features?                                       

CdP: I think maybe the whole season then the—

MW: You think he’s—that’s—I think that’s you’re right, that’s more old school.

CdP: Oh! I like this scene! This is where I—am I going back to…I don’t know I don’t remember the scene.

MW: Yes you do, you remember everything.


CdP: Wait, lemme see. I think this is a scene between you and I. Oh this is the scene about—.

MW: Oh my gosh.

CdP: Oh, yes.

MW: This is the scene that makes me think we could have a child, down on the second floor in childcare. And this is—this is how we operate with each other. So like, friends with kids.

CdP: We have a lot in common.

MW: Do I seem—I seem somewhat sociopathic.

CdP: No.

MW: No?

CdP: I have to say though, I do like staring at you.

MW: Do you really wear those earrings in every episode?

CdP: In every episode, they’re different colors.

MW: Like, from the beginning?

CdP: From the beginning. I wear silver and gold.

MW: I—I’m JUST figuring this out?!

CdP: *laughs*

MW: It took this commentary—

CdP: By the way, I love how you are actually a man that pays attention to details.

MW: Well I am, actually.

CdP: Yeah, you are. And that’s Ray calling. Oh, no. Who by the way, Ray, didn’t turn out to be such a nice guy.

MW: Yeah, I was on to him. But you have— you are attracted to uh, not nice guys.

CdP: But I guess you could say that about you, too. Except for Jeanne Benoit.

MW: Whose father was an arms dealer.

CdP: Well, there’s a little bit of risk there.

MW: It’s been an absolute pleasure.

CdP: Delightful pleasure, Mr. Weatherly.

MW: Beautiful audience.

CdP: Thank you guys for watching. Always.

MW: You’re the best.



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The “yellow spotted lizards” mentioned in the movie, Holes, do not exist. There are only two venomous lizards in North America: the Gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard, which live in the American Southwest and northern Mexico.  The animals shown in the movie are in fact Bearded dragons with good makeup and CGI fangs. The Beardies were provided by the Sandfire Dragon Ranch.

“Now shall you deal with me, Doctor, and all the powers of time and space!”

This was one of the highlights of our galliday! Please share and tag your photos with theadventureeffect. We had a great time meeting everyone.