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I really love it idea of trans Marco and respect the people who think and take time to find evidence, it I feel like it's just not Likely. Now I'm sorry if that offense any of you; I truly am! But as much as the world is changing I feel a trans character is just not likely for a Disney Show yet.

Okay but like, honest question, what aspect of it is unlikely to you?

-Marco having dysphoria? (They already do)
-Marco wearing a dress? (They already did)
-Marco seeing themselves as a girl? (They already did in St. Olga’s)
-Marco being referred to as a girl (They already were)
-Marco using she/her pronouns? (They already have)
-Marco wanting to be a princess? (Already happened)
-The show explicitly using the word ‘transgender’? (Already happened in a Disney-published book)
-The show explicitly talking about gender and having lessons about it? (Already happened in a Disney Channel cartoon)

Why, specifically, makes you believe that Marco even being coded as trans in any capacity is unlikely?

  • Gravity Falls fans: can we please have a special edition of the journal that has the black light codes in it, we'd be willing to pay considerably more for it?
  • Disney Publishing: here's an ultra-rare copy with black light, bonus pages, real textures, removable photos, actual monocle, a lock of the actual Ford Pines's hair, the power to cure all aliments, and your own gnome but it cost exactly three [3] of your kidneys

So There is a magazine published weekly that is specifically for Disney Cast Members, called “Eyes and Ears”. Here’s a picture of it: 

This isn’t the issue that I took a picture of this from, but this magazine IS specifically for Disney cast members (you pick it up backstage; I work in Magic Kingdom so I pick it up in the tunnels) and occasionally it publishes misconstrued Disney Facts and corrects them . The sentence at the top says “The internet and other non-Disney sources can be a host to a wealth of misinformation. Take not of the following facts:” Including the one above about whether or not the Beast’s name is Adam. If you can’t read it, it states: In “Beauty and the Beast,” the name of the Beast in human form is… the Prince! There is no human name for this character! Snow White’s prince is also just “the Prince.” — If you ask Belle in the parks what his name is she’ll even tell you it’s just “Beast”. I personally asked Snow White the same thing once and she said “Well, the dwarfs already took all the names so we decided to just call him Prince!”  So the Beast’s name is NOT Adam.

Donald Duck #2 Legacy Cover: Tomorrowland!

Coming in May from IDW Publishing. My first variant cover for IDW’s awesome new line of Disney comic reprints! Each issue will have a European A cover, a subscription series B cover and a Legacy cover (a rotating monthly theme). 

This is my Tomorrowland cover for Donald Duck #2. James Silvani did the Tomorrowland variant for Uncle Scrooge 

This is not actually final art, there were some further revisions from Disney after this, but you’ll know it when you see it :)