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While I think Mulan should have been higher, I was happy to see that Elsa was so low and thankfully they didn’t forget Tiana. It was nice to see her at #6. Normally, she’s lower. However, I really think Ariel shouldn’t have been #2 but seeing as how they ranked these princesses, I can see why she was #2. Granted, still don’t think she should be #2.

What do you guys think?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Moana got a TV series like Tangled and Big Hero 6?

The movie ends with Moana and her entire village leaving Motunui and returning to their voyaging ways, so the show could be about them sailing and exploring new islands. Maui would drop in often and come and go as he pleases, and more characters from his past could be revealed, as well as new friends and enemies Moana meets on her journeys. Gods, monsters, heroes, villains, etc, all from the cultures of the islands they come from.

The show could also develop some of the characters from Moana’s island; her parents and Gramma Tala, other villagers she grew up with, her ancestors who voyaged before her, etc. Maybe they could visit Te Fiti and Lalotai again, too. And of course everybody’s fan favorite Tamatoa could come back.

Also if the show was in the same 2D style as the Tangled and Big Hero 6 shows, it would look gorgeous.


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