disney princess royal court

I am SO EXCITED for when we have less white Disney Princesses than non-white Disney Princesses. Current ratio is at 7:6 with Elena & Moana

Anna and Elsa do not count because there are currently no known plans to include them in the Princess Royal Court. Elena & Moana are both planned to join. 

We are still nowhere near proper representation but we are slowly going in the right direction. 

For all you people arguing with me about whether or not Elena will be joining the Princess Royal Court....

I work at the Disney Store & we have been informed that she will. Disney Princess is a merchandise line & we have been told that Elena has been intended to join this line from her inception. It does not matter that she doesn’t have a feature film. We have heard directly from Disney that she will be joining. Argue with me as much as you want, but this is what Disney has told me. 


May 11 2013: Merida is coronated

Merida, hero of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, is crowned the 11th Disney Princess at Walt Disney World. Just after the park opened, the ceremony took to Cinderella’s castle. Child-stars Sophie Grace and Rosie performed first. Then, Olympic Gold-medalist Gabby Douglas took the stage. Douglas and her mother spoke of the importance of mother-daughter relationships. The ceremony was then turned over to the Royal Court.

Each Disney Princess was individually introduced. Merida arrived horseback, Scottish drummers, bagpipers and dancers following. Once Merida had arrived on stage, Queen Elinor crowned Merida, followed by a motherly embrace. The ceremony’s conclusion followed Queen Elinor presenting Merida with her bow, the other 10 princesses surrounding her.

Watch ceremony here http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yPE5lVHucG4