disney princess melody

Hannibal Girls & Disney Princesses

Abigail Hobbs: Melody from “The little Mermaid 2″

Alana Bloom: Snow White from “Snow Whote and the seven Dwarfs”

Bedelia Du Maurier: Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”

Freddie Lounds: Merida from “Brave”

Beverly Katz: Pocahontas from “Pocahontas”

Margot Verger: Jane Porter from “Tarzan”

Bella Crawford: Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”

Chiyoh: Mulan from “Mulan”


Hi!!! These are my drawings of The Little Mermaid’s characters!!! Ariel, Prince Eric and their daughter Melody!!! I really hope you like them!!! :)

I hate it when people forget her 😩😩😩
  • People: the chick from atlantis is the most forgotten disney princess ever
  • Me: Wtf. You remembered her. But do you even consider Melody a disney princess?! Yeah, Melody --Ariel's daughter. She is a fucking princess and she has never been in any disney princess post. Ever. She's the most forgotten princess.
  • People: okay..
  • Me: and that chick's name is kida and she is a fcking queen
  • People: *never talks to me again*