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So it’s been five years to the day since I started my historical (or, well, historical-ish) Disney princesses series.  I have no idea how it’s been this long – I feel like I drew some of these yesterday – but it seemed as good an opportunity as any to revisit Belle now that I’m five years older and wiser.  And now that I’m way more into the 1780’s/90’s.

I drew that original Belle on a whim, fueled by my sister’s time working as a costumed interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, and assuming it would be a one-off piece.  In the long run, despite all their now egregious flaws, I owe this series for some pretty cool jobs, meeting a ton of cool people, developing an unexpectedly voracious appetite for historical fashion, and eating a fair amount of humble pie along the way.

I think this Belle probably marks the swan song of my historical Disney princess series.  Much as I’d love to continue doing it forever, I’ve got a lot of exciting personal projects that I’m ready to dedicate more of my precious free time to. I’ll probably continue designing this stuff in my off hours – who am I to resist drawing the likes of Slue Foot Sue and Katrina Von Tassel – but I’m going to focus less on polished illustrations, and more on the research and design.  When you get right down to it, that’s the aspect of this stuff that I love. :)

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me over the past five years, and here’s to way more historical fashion in the years to come  I can’t even put into words how lovely y’all’ve been. 

Just a little change. Small, to say the least.


“Be careful, Princess, you could fall”

Fall in love, that is! Okay you can ignore that tidbit. First time drawing this svtfoe and it came out right! I was worried that it would look weird. Ah but alas, I am late…with only line art to show. I may put the colored version on this later.


Idea of the bad boy x princess au goes to @fullertoons


Disney Princess Profile

*Elsa excluded because her royal title is not a princess*

Masterlist ~UPDATED~


Cheesy pick-up lines

You’re sick

You being sexual

They find out you got slapped by your ex

Best friends with Bangtan (Part. 2) (Part.3) (Part.4)

Excited to go home to you

You’re an actor and they fanboy over your co-star

Jealous over Bangtan’s best friend

Fangirling about the Not Today MV

Your pet dies

Your first date with Bangtan

You unexpectedly talk dirty

You love their predebut pictures

You slept through your alarm before your date with Bangtan

They comfort you while you’re depressed

Boyfriend Bangtan wants to have kids

They’re jealous over you spending more time with BLACKPINK

All your friends graduate this year and Bangtan comforts you

They tell you they’ve all gotten a boner for you

You accidentaly send your nude in the groupchat

Taehyung adds you in the groupchat to surprise Jimin

Sending a photo of your new swimsuit into the group chat

Boys tease you for always falling asleep next to Yoongi

BTS not wanting you to leave

Needy Bangtan

Comforting you on your stretch marks

Complaining about your indecent photos on social media

Telling you to confess to Namjoon

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They see your pink Disney princess room

Drunk Texts 2K Special

Needy Hyungs

Comforting you after a scary movie

They want a puppy

Jealous of you singing rookie group songs

Best friend maknaes

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They find out you can sing

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (2)

They think you’re cheating on them

They see your pink Disney princess room

Needy maknae line (NSFW)

Highschool!AU Boyfriend maknae line excited to spend time with you over break

Drunk Confessions (Part. 2 Sober Texts) 2K Special

Teasing you for liking Suga

Comforting you after a scary movie

Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Tae & Jimin)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Namjoon) (2)

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Namjoon)

They learn your language to surprise you and your family (ft. Namjoon)

Soulmate AU

Fluffy Jin

Morning texts (ft. Hobi)

Hinting that you want something

Needy Yoongi

Best friend Yoongi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Hobi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Hobi) (2)

Jealous of a boy flirting with you in Spanish

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Hobi)

His birthday - Happy Suga Day

He thinks your hiccups are cute

He gets a boner because you wore Hobi’s shirt and shorts (ft. Hobi)

They learn your language to surprise you and your family (ft. Hobi)

He comforts you

He’s your best friend and is secretly in love with you

He’s away for your birthday

Angsty Yoongi

Soulmate AU

Sexting Yoongi (ft. SUJU Heechul)

Asking for advice on confessing to Yoongi

Confessing to Yoongi

Best friend Hobi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Yoongi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Yoongi) (2)

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Yoongi)

His birthday - Happy Hobi Day

Needy Hobi

Hobi and Jaemin (NCT Dream Bias series)

You wore his shirt and shorts and Yoongi gets a boner (ft. Yoongi)

They learn your language to surprise you and your family (ft. Yoongi)

Fluffy Hobi

Soulmate AU

Morning texts (ft.Jin)

Convincing Hobi to get a dog

Everyday texts

Best Friend Namjoon

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Jin) (2)

Daddy Namjoon (2) (3)

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

Dad Namjoon

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Jin)

He breaks the stove

Namjoon and Mark (NCT Dream Bias series)

Jealous Namjoon

They learn your language to surprise you and your family (ft. Jin)

Trying to convince him to put Taehyung in Cypher

Soulmate AU

Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Tae)

Best friend Jimin (ft. Taehyung) (ft. Tae 2)

He accidentally confesses to you

Wanting to watch a scary movie with Jimin

He eats all your mochi

You and him broke Taehyung’s bed (ft. Taehyung)

He wore chest bondage on stage

Jimin and Jisung (NCT Dream Bias series)

You and him get made fun about your height by Jungkook (ft. Jungkook) (Part 2)

He realizes he’s in love with you (He confesses)

He worries about you staying up late at night

Jealous Jimin

“Sugar Sweet” texts

He tries to cheer you up 

Soulmate AU

Jimin likes your new swimsuit

Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Jimin)

Best friend Taehyung (ft. Jungkook) (ft. Jimin) (ft. Jimin 2)

Dad Taehyung

He’s hungry at practice (2)

You and Jimin broke his bed. (ft.Jimin

You miss him while he’s on tour

Soulmate AU

Needy Taehyung coming home from tour

Jealous taehyung venting to you instead of to Jimin

Sexting Taehyung

Jealous Taehyung

Autocorrect problems

Best Friend Jungkook (2) (ft. Taehyung) (finds out you’re dating another idol)

Asking for advice on confessing to Taehyung

Confessing to Taehyung

Accidentally telling him you got tickets to their concert

Fluffy Jungkook (Valentine edition)

Everyday texts

He finds out his contact name is Jungcock

He makes fun you and Jimin’s height (ft. Jimin) (Part 2)

Daddy Jungkook

You convince him to wear a bunny costume with your daughter

He writes a song for you

He loves your singing voice

Angsty Jungkook

He wishes you a Happy Birthday

Soulmate AU 

Jungkook calling you baby girl

Jungkook with a boyfriend

Fluffy Jungkook

Angsty Jungkook

Unknown (Part. 2) (Part. 3) (Part. 4) (Part. 5) (Part. 6) (Part. 7) (Part. 8) (Part. 9)

NCT x Bangtan Vacation Adventure (Part. 2) (Part. 3)

Bangtan and your NCT Dream Team bias (1. Jimin-Jisung) (2. Namjoon-Mark) (3. Hobi-Jaemin) (4. Jungkook-Haechan) (5.Jin-Jeno) (6.Taehyung-Chenle) (7.Suga- Renjun)

Lost (Part. 2) (Part. 3) (Part. 4) (Part. 5) (Part. 6) (Part. 7) (Part. 8) (Part. 9)

NSFW Yugyeom

Needy Yugeom

You’re hungry and BLACKPINK Lisa is in the kitchen

Sexting Heechul SJ (ft. Yoongi)

Yugyeom Snaps

Protective older brother Jackson and G-Dragon

NSFW Taemin (SHINEE) snaps (ft. Jungkook)

Reacting to the Cherry Bomb Teaser photos  Pt.2 (NCT 127)

BLACKPINK reacting to you going to a BTS concert

I miss you snaps while they’re on tour (Hyung Line) (Maknae Line)

Dom Jimin snaps

Daddy Namjoon

NSFW Namjoon

NSFW Jungkook


Random NCT Dream snaps

NSFW Jungkook (ft. Taemin (SHINEE))

Warm Colors prologue (Taehyung) (Admin Ilse)

Sugar Daddy (Jungkook) (Admin BunBun)

Street Racer (Yoongi) (Admin BunBun)

Birthday Surprise (Namjoon) (Admin BunBun)

Updated 6/10/17

Tired of seeing the old Disney Princess group shot? Well, here’s a new group photo of them. I used the redesigned versions and edited the color scheme of a few princesses that is similar to their movie color palette.

They’re getting crowded and having them standing in one line would be so panoramic. You can use this to whatever Disney Princess related post you make, I will update this once Moana get’s a 2D drawing.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #109 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) The early 2000s have a lot of truly underrated gems, especially from Disney. Along with The Emperor’s New Groove and Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is probably one of the most underrated and overlooked films in their catalogue. Which is a true shame because it is such a great film.

2) This film opens with the city of Atlantis being washed away by a great flood, but if there was originally an alternate opening featuring vikings with the Shepard’s Journal in search of the fabled city. I prefer the opening we have, but you can watch the viking prologue if you want.

3) Michael J. Fox as Milo Thatch.

Originally posted by snowflake-owl

I saw this movie when it first came out in June of 2001. I fell in love with Back to the Future in February of 2009. So when I realized Marty McFly and Milo Thatch were one in the same my love for this film only grew. Fox brings a sincere enthusiasm to Milo, and like with the best voice acting you forget that you’re listening to Michael J. Fox. He BECOMES Milo, the guy who has to deal with everyone doubting him while still clinging true to his beliefs. It is a great character supported by an incredible actor.

4) There is a nice juxtaposition between how Helga sets up Mr. Whitmore (“Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Much.”) and the quirky little nut Mr. Whitmore actually is.

An enigmatic man who I would’ve liked to know more of, Whitmore is a little eccentric but comes off as a good hearted man. His relationship with Milo’s grandfather seems to be the defining thing in his life, so much so that he’s funding a multi-million (1914 million) dollar expedition to find a myth. John Mahoney (best known for the role of Frasier’s father on Frasier) gives a strong performance in his little bit of time, but this film is filled with strong voice over performances so it is no wonder his stacks up.

5) This line was improvised by Michael J. Fox:

Milo [after he throws up from being seasick]: “Carrots. Why is it always carrots? I didn’t even have carrots!”

6) Animated films tend to be short and with the added benefit of exaggeration need to establish personalities of supporting characters IMMEDIATELY. This is very true of the expedition’s crew. This starts with Jim Varney as Cookie, a hillbilly type who fits Varney’s comedic styling very nicely. Varney passed away before filming was complete, leaving some lines to have a stand in, but his life is in Cookie all the way.

Helga: “The men need their four basic food groups.”

Cookie [holding up three fingers]: “I’ve got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whiskey, & lard!”

7) Oh my god Vinny.

Every line out of Vinny’s mouth is glorious! Voiced by Don Novello, Novello makes Vinny his own in the same way that James Woods made Hades his own in Hercules. I saw a behind the scenes featurette for this film way back when that said Novello improv-d a lot of lines and most of them are included in the film. Vinny is hysterical, with his penchant for blowing things up and dead pan delivery. The crew is made up of a bunch of great individuals & Vinny is no exception.

8) Rourke…

Rourke is the captain of the expedition and - after the film’s twist - turns out to be the main villain. Voiced by James Garner, Rourke is honestly at his most interesting towards the end when he can be a ruthless bad guy. Up until that point he’s a pretty good commander and seems like an honest man. But looks can be deceiving.

9) There are so many jokes you don’t get in these movies when you were a kid (just wait until I do Shrek). For example:

Mole [about his dirt from different countries]: “England must never merge with France!”

10) Although Vinny is awesome, there’s a good chance that Sweets is my favorite crew member in the film.

He’s fast talking, genuinely kind, a good doctor, and when the crew needs to start acting like bad guys he’s the first to abandon Rourke and his selfish quest (although much more quietly than the other characters). Phil Morris - like the other actors - breathes such life and personality into Sweets that you don’t even question that he’s real.

11) I love the wit in this film.

Sweets [presenting Milo with the vials presented above]: “Here, I’m going to need you to fill these up.”

Milo: “WITH WHAT!?”

12) And to round out the crew, Audrey.

Like most of the crew, we learn more about Audrey in a pivotal scene later. But when we first meet her she’s already impressive. Just a teenager, Audrey is the head engineer on the expedition and tough as nails. She knows her shit and is tough as hell, but that’s not why she’s awesome. Well, that’s not the ONLY reason she’s awesome. But more on that later.

13) The Leviathan.

Mike Mignola, the creator and artist behind the character Hellboy, is credited as a production designer on this film. Nowhere is his influence more clearly scene than the leviathan, the mechanical sea beast meant to defend the entrance to Atlantis. It is an impressive feat of imagination and animation, a creature which is truly menacing in both size and design. The leviathan and its attack on the submarine crew could quite well be the best part of this film.

13.5) Why does a science expedition have battle stations? I mean, now we know because they’re mercenaries. But did this not raise any red flags?

14) God bless Packard. I’m not even sure what her role on the ship is besides announcer, but god bless her.

Originally posted by miusix

15) The pivotal scene for so many of these characters in this film is when Milo eats with them for the first time and we get their backstory.

  • Sweets’ of mixed descent, part black part Native American (I believe he said he’s Navajo). He studied to be a doctor when he got enlisted in the army.
  • Audrey’s father wanted sons, one to run his auto shop and another to become world boxing champion. Her sister has a shot at the title.
  • Vinny’s family owned a flower shop and when the business next door blew up, “It was like a sign from god! I found myself in that ‘boom.’”

And then of course we get this line.

Milo: “What’s Mole’s story?”

Sweets: “Trust me on this one. You don’t wanna know. Audrey, don’t tell him. You shouldn’t have told me, but you did. And now I’m tellin’ you, you don’t wanna know.”

You see THIS is what fleshes out these characters. Its this one scene which makes them more than jokes or stereotypes or archetypes, but real people. We get their conflict, their history. We learn of Audrey’s family, of Vinny’s boredom with flowers, or Sweets’ history in the army. THIS is what makes the film standout in the way it does.

16) Kida.

Originally posted by heymadmoizelle

It’s too bad Atlantis didn’t do too well at the box-office, otherwise Kida might take her place among the official Disney Princess line. Along the same lines as Mulan, Kida is a warrior princess. A woman who can kick ass but also loves her father and her people very dearly. Cree Summer is an accomplished actress in the voice over world, with Kida possibly being one of her finest roles. Kida is tough but never mean, curious but never overbearing, capable but able to form a meaningful relationship with Milo (while also not being too over the top lovey dovey), and just an all around great character.

17) Hey look, its Spock!

Leonard Nimoy has had a number of voice over roles, particularly in the 21st century. Its nice hearing him in this, even if we don’t get to spend too much time with the king.

18) So you know the trope of a 100+ year old vampire forming a slightly weird relationship with a much younger woman?

Originally posted by moan-s


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Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

19) The betrayal of the crew wouldn’t have hurt nearly as much as it does if it weren’t for the scene where we get all their backstories.

Notably we don’t get the backstories of the two most evil characters in the film: Rourke & Helga. This is when Rourke becomes REALLY interesting and when James Garner has a lot of fun as the bad guy. He’s a brute! A bully! He’s ruthless, pretty much kills the king, beats on Milo when he’s down, all while cracking a jock and flexing his impressive muscles for a 60+ year old man. Rourke doesn’t get enough credit as a Disney bad guy in my opinion.

20) I love this.

Milo [after Rourke asks him to translate better]: “I know, why don’t you translate AND I’LL WAVE THE GUN AROUND!”

I live for heroes telling bad guys who are “in control” to f*** off.

21) The entire crystal chamber scene is just absolutely gorgeous. The early 2000s were noteworthy for frequent mingling of hand drawn and computer animation, with Atlantis being one of the finest examples of it.

Also this shot is gorgeous:

Originally posted by curvecreation

22) I never got this line.

Rourke (after his crew decide to stick with Milo & the Atlanteans): “PT Barnum was right.”

Only now do I know one of Barnum’s famous quotes is, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And I had to google it.

22.5) Fun fact: Joss Whedon worked on the story for this film! For you Whedonites out there, doesn’t “PT Barnum was right.” sound like a very Whedon-y line?

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

23) Okay, as a child and even now I was OBSESSED with crystalized Rourke.

Like that image is just very memorable to me, especially after Rourke was supposedly killed by being encased in crystal. It’s too bad we only got a minute or so of it before the airship crashed, but damn that’s just the coolest thing to me. If there are any Kingdom Hearts fans reading this, imagine this: A Rourke boss fight, where after you beat him the first time you have to fight his crystal form and its an even tougher fight.

24) And of course Milo stays in Atlantis at the end, because it is what he and his grandfather sent their entire lives searching for. What would be the point of returning to the surface where either A) no one will believe him, or B) people will believe him and try to take advantage of this culture they found? It’s a great ending which makes a lot of sense.

I love Atlantis. It’s one of my favorite Disney films, but it maybe wouldn’t be if it weren’t so underrated. If you’re a fan of action, adventure, Disney, animation, or heck, even Stargate, I think you’ll enjoy this film.