disney princess henry

White-haired anime boys???

nah what a fuckin joke what a – *trips*

*hundreds of thousands of photos of white-haired anime boys spill out of jacket*

w-what a bunch of fuc KING assholes

these aren’t mine I’m just

*gathers them up while frantically sweating*

listen i just listen FUCK

*thousands of pictures of white-haired anime boys scatter across the floor*

shit fuC K I’m just holding them for a friend

just lisTEN

Bryce Papenbrook as Henry
Bryce Papenbrook as Henry

I met Bryce Papenbrook (Henry’s voice actor) today. And wow, he’s a really great guy! We talked a lot, and he even told me a bit about what it was like when he had first started reading his lines for Henry. So, I asked him to say a little message in his Henry voice. The first part was special for my friend, magericken. And if you’re a Henricken fan, it’s kind of that, too! (We even talked about the ship a bit haha.)

But yeah here you go!