disney princess families

so I’ve been thinking about a Bagginshield Beauty and the Beast AU, and a fem!Kiliel Tangled AU for a while, and then I started to think, why stop there?

Dís and Víli? Swan Princess, because reasons

Frerin and Bofur? Sleeping Beauty

and then I thought of Fíli ranting to Tauriel, “All of my family has had weird things happening to them. Uncle Thorin was cursed into a beast, Uncle Frerin was cursed into eternal sleep, ‘Amad was cursed into a swan, my little sister was kidnapped and you’re telling me her hair is long as heck. I’m the only one who hasn’t had anything weird happening and I don’t know if I’m happy or if that makes me weird.”

and then comes the plot twist

he’s Moana


Hello everyone! I have wanted to create video about Anastasia for few years. My wish was to connect real Romanov tragedy with story from animated film “Anastasia”. And now I have finally done it! In the beginning I could not even imagine that it would be so difficult. I hadn’t got enough material for this video, but now I am almost satisfied with the result. I hope you’ll like it!
Videos used: War and peace, Admiral, The princess diaries, Mathilde, Nicholas and Alexandra, Downton abbey, The lost prince, The Romanovs: An Imperial Family, Rasputin, Russian ark, Romanovs, Grigory R.
All sounds from “Anastasia”

Well my picture looked even more Disney-esque than usual, so I titled this one “Disney Princess Tim” because just look at him! He looks like he’s about to sing his “I Want” song.

Thankfully I almost always have the sharpies on hand to draw Bat-Family members, so I had no trouble adding in some quick sharpie flats for colouring. XD

Star the Underestimated (artwork by jgss0109 from deviant art)

“The shooting star’s story will be told at feasts, of how the rebel princess and her human love brought the Mewmans and monsters peace.”

Ok, I made that one up on the spot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they called her that! XD As seen in Into the Wand, Star’s tapestry is being made right now and it’s being made fast. So this means that Star’s about to do something historical in her life soon. We have no idea what or who else will be in her tapestry, but I have a feeling it will be surprising! What do you think?


Characters that are just like someone we all knew in high school