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Disney Princesses + Friends !!! Which is your favorite one? 👑

Okay friends

So, we have a Disney princess based off of the sun

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A queen with ice powers 

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And a chief’s daughter with a strong connection to the sea

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So I’m seeing an elemental trend here

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but if this trend continues with the other elements, we’re eventually going to have an adorable bad-ass princess who can control the earth


You know, we see a lot of cisswap aus for Disney, but can we have more role reversals pls?

I want to see Jasmine as the sly street rat, enchanting passersby with a bat of her eyelashes and the swing of her hips - before robbing them blind and disappearing over a rooftop before they even know what’s hit them.

Flynn as the sheltered prince bored out of his skull, ready to jump out of his tower if only to sate his restlessness. Then in comes the small and spunky Rapunzel, long, wispy blond hair braided in a thick rope down her back, arms wrapped in lean muscle and a white palace horse following her like a lovesick puppy, despite her being a known criminal.

Big, burly Kristoff, so shy and awkward despite his stature. Kristoff who adores his big sister to the ends of the Earth, who desperately longs for the days of closeness they used to share when they were younger. Kristoff who always thought it was his duty to protect his petite, delicate little big sister, with her soft pale skin like fine white lace, her dainty fingers and gentle smile. Kristoff who blames himself for not being able to protect her when she accidentally freezes her entire country in an eternal winter. Kristoff who is enchanted by Anna and somewhat terrifying reindeer, Sven. Anna who is strong and capable, but still ditzy enough to make Kristoff toss and turn at night with worry for his airheaded new friend.

Tarzan as the cultured, eloquent young man, on a study trip with his eccentric mother to learn more about the gorillas. Tarzan meeting the mysterious, half-feral Jane, draped in animal skins and hair cut short and choppy around her face, lest it get snagged on tree branches or tugged out by ferocious predators as she flies through the forest on her vines.

Phillip as the naive, sheltered young prince raised as a simple village boy, meeting the alluring Aurora and her horse in the woods one day as they hunt for game. Her long golden hair is tied back in a neat knot high on her head to keep it out of the way, her fingers sure and unflinching as she strings up her prey. Aurora facing the dragon to save her prince charming; befriending the poor creature, soothing her ferocious rage borne of pain love - the rage of a mother separated from her hatchlings. Aurora promising the dragon to help find her babies, if only she can first be let through to save her prince charming.

I just realized Frozen and Moana both have sexy-positive empowering songs.

In Frozen: “Let It Go.” Beautiful young “Disney Princess” Elsa puts herself in a sparkly dress and sexily struts towards the camera singing about how empowered she feels.

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In Moana: “Shiny.” The giant goddamn monster crab sings about how sparkly he is and literally “strut[s his] stuff” before the audience.

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You’d think Moana would be the one to get a sexy-empowering song since she’s the young, hot “Disney Princess,” but nope. She’s a sexless badass, and it’s the giant goddamn (male) monster crab villain who shakes his money-maker for all he’s worth.

Hot Damn, I love this movie.


My new princess drawing!!! Which is your favourite one? I hope you like it :D