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Have some Tiana as a mermaid! :D Look how the bra sparkles!! <3 Her hair was inspired by her early concept art. <3

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ID #39580

Name: Michelle
Age: 18
Country: Germany

Well, what to say… I’m Michelle, but you can call me Era. I’m 18 and am a nursery nurse ‘in training’. My family and I live in Germany. I love singing (irl Disney princess.. but sadly no friendly wildlife gathers around me when I do) and music, though I have listened to little else but Hamilton since November last year. Before Hamilton, I also really liked to listen to FOB, Panic!, medieval music, some 60s/70s/80s songs (thanks mum) and a german band called Fewjar, who do polygenre (what a mix), but I’m generally open to music. As long as there is music, I’m okay. I’m obsessed with Mass Effect, Star Wars, Dragon Age & Witcher. Lord of the Rings probably saved my life. I also like Game of Thrones. When I’m not busy with school/work, video games or fanfiction reading, I like to watch paranormal shows (like Paranormal Lockdown or Ghost Adventures and stuff) or shows like Forensic Files, The First 48 and others. Forensics are pretty interesting, and I’m also quite interested in the psychological aspects. I also love History.
I’ve been doing archery for 5 years now, but sadly I don’t really have the time to do it at the moment.
I like to talk to people from around the world since you always learn something new from them!

I prefer talking english, but I’m not opposed to 'teach’ a little german (if someone is interested). It would be great to write emails and maybe the occasional letter.

If someone is interested in gender & sexuality: I’m female & bisexual

I’ll talk to people of all genders, preferably between the age 16 - 20.

Being hateful isn’t cool, people, so please no rascism, misogny, yadda yadda. You all know the drill by now.

Preferences: all genders, age range 16 - 20

I don’t know if you guys caught last Friday’s episode of Elena of Avalor, but it had one of my favorite characters that I designed in it. 

I love villains… And the episode came out really well, so I just couldn’t resist doing a little painting of Fiero.


disney princess films: romantic duets

A duet is any piece of music made for two singers or instruments. They show up mainly in music-oriented media, like songs, musicals, and opera.Due to the intimacy that comes with sharing a song, by far the most common form of duet is the Silly Love Songs type, where the two participants are meant to be lovers. (x)

Note: Romantic songs sung by characters other than the lovers are excluded. For example, Kiss the Girl is sung by Sebastian and friends- Eric and Ariel do not sing along.

I want to imagine that in this very moment, she sees Aladdin/Prince Ali drowning. She then swims to him, tries to lift him up to the surface, but he is chained to the iron ball and therefore too heavy. But while doing this she accidentally rubs the lamp, Genie appears, and then… (goes on for eternity!) X,D

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Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, Mulan & Megara


I didn’t take many photos this year at Katsucon, unfortunately. But I certainly do love the ones I was able to take.

And I have to say the lady in the third photo was so freaking sweet. I loved chatting with her about the Fable games. She said she’s wanted to cosplay from the series, and I told her she should just do it. That’s one of the main reasons I put mine together. I want to inspire others. It would be fantastic. 

I am also SO happy that my Elektra cosplay worked out so well. I was even more ecstatic to find an amazing Spike AND another Elektra. It made my Saturday night.

All in all, this Katsu was spectacular. Aside from the shitty road conditions driving up that Thursday. :p


Showed my Rule 63 work to a friend, but because she is not familiar with some of the movies, it was hard for her to see what changes I had done (expect for adding/removing boobs :P) so I put together this post. Then she was all like “How do you remove facial hair?!” XD

Links to all the GIFs:  ShanPhoebeEsmeraldo 1Esmeraldo 2Miss CharmingDeanaNaveen & Davida

PS: Some of the designs are based on Lettherebedoodles’ work! :D

Did another one! :D It was much harder to do, and I also realized that Ariel has a HUGE head (so Flounder looks enormous beside Belle). I also experimented with the water shadow thingy things (what are they even called?!). 

Aurora as a mermaid

Giselle!! :D And now my lovelies; go forth and write stories about mermaids stuck in wells! (*w*)

Movies used: Enchanted, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid III. 

Wanna see more mermaids? —> 

AuroraBelleTianaPocahontas, MulanMegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNitaEsmeraldaNani & LiloJaneSnow White

Two Princesses

I wanted to play around with hair and it ended up really long (like, past her hips!!)! X,D And I decided not to change Naveen’s name because it can be both a girl’s and boy’s name. :3

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The Beauty

I wanted to make a plus size princess (even though +size on Belle looks like medium by real life standards) and chose my all time favourite princess for the test. I wanted to make her even fuller, but my skills weren’t up to the task…

I have been making a lot of GIFs lately… I should do something worth while instead…

(Goes and plays Dragon Age Inquisition)


Decided to make one mega post with all the Before and Afters. And the Afters are in their original HD format, which pleases me! (^-^)

For those whom missed it, these are not just still manips, they actually move!! 

 —> Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas & Mulan 

Program used: Adobe After Effects CC

Movies used: The Little Mermaid 1 & 3, Mulan, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast

Part 2 & Part 3

Miss Charming

Long time, no Rule 63! ;D

The changes are all very subtle, but it’s a big difference compared to how Charming originally looked like. I like the idea of her being really tall! <3 

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Shooting Star

A fellow editor (Titans-titans-everywhere/Bloodbendingdancer) inspired me to make this! (*w*)

I started giving this potential character more backstory, and now I’m sad. :,( I imagine her to be a goddess, whom was assigned the duty to watch over the stars. But thousands of years of only watching from a distance, without anybody else around, can do great damage to ones heart. She starts reaching out to the stars, desperate for company, but they are too far away. She also tries talking to them, even screaming at them, but she never gets one single reply. Shooting stars pass her by as if she was nothing, leaving her behind in crippling loneliness. 


In my head she has the body of a human woman, but all the glowing is working as censuring. :P This one looks amazing in HD format, so when I have done a bunch of these random manips, I will upload a video with them so you can see them all in their full glory! :D

More of Ariel as a galaxy goddess 1

More of Ariel as a galaxy goddess 3

Fiery Hair

Was in a very Halloweeny mood and wanted to try something new.

This manip was inspired by this video: 


Moveis used: The Little Mermaid & Hercules

Program used: After Effects CC


Youtube was a poopyhead again and removed my friend’s video! DX She lost all her comments/views/likes, which is never fun (especially comments are prescious). :,(

So I would appreciate if you spread around this a little! :D

It is a collab with Bleedgirl (ever heard of “Golden Blond & Jet Black”?) and myself, and it’s a tribute to Disney and Studio Ghibli, with music from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. (^-^) Enjoy! <3

True Love’s Kiss

In the middle of the kiss, Anna jerks as if in pain, while yet another streak of her hair turns white. Hans looks at her in disbelief, realising that the kiss had not worked; she was still dying.

“Then there is only one alternative left…” He stands up and turns for the door. Anna, recollecting herself form the pain, whispers:
“Hans…. What do you mean to do?” He was already by the door. He did not dear to look at her.
“I am so sorry, Anna. I have no other choice.”
“What?!” Anna falls to the floor. “Wait! Please, don’t hurt her!” But he was already gone.


Alternative “twist” that I thought of while watching Frozen for the first time. This was actually really, really hard to manipulate! So many layers!! :o