Ever notice how much all those Disney princesses talk to themselves? They talk to animals who can’t talk back. Plus their every emotion is expressed out loud. They’re very big on self-narration too. Basically they’re nuts.

I had a bit of extra time so I decided to do up a Slack Wyrm in colour. What do ya reckon? Better than the usual grey wash? I’m not sure which works better. Also trying decide what format to make the comics in - like this one in a neat little rectangle shape, or big flowing ones you have to scroll down to read each frame. 

The real question is - what does this woman want with the wyrm anyway?

“It’s just my collection”. –Ariel
Gathered up my collection for one last photo before it all gets separated into storage. I’m missing a few because I couldn’t fit them all in the picture! 😂


Soundsational by Madison Shafer


A compilation of Disney princesses that I did! I’m a huge fan of Ariel and Snow White! Enjoyed drawing them so much!

I made individual thumbnails for each princess so if anyone wishes to use them for non-profit things, you may! Please credit me if you do so :)


Room tour!


I love painting with few colors, everything matches. 🙆

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The recent media narrative that Moana is the “anti-Princess” and thus feminist really grinds my gears. We’ve gotten this same damn narrative for Judy Hopps and Elsa and Anna (lesser degrees with them since they are princesses, but still very much there).

It’s been the same damn thing every time. Denigrating the princesses that came before to prop up the new one. There’s already so much cool and interesting stuff about Anna and Elsa and Judy and probably will be about Moana that I have to roll my eyes at the media still going with “not like the other girls!” over and over again.

I’ve seen a Judy Hopps article that derides princess dresses as “silly.” I saw an article that rated Elsa and Anna as “more feminist” than any princess that came before (how did they beat Mulan, the old usual title holder, you might ask? the article bashed her for “forgiving Shang for leaving her on that mountain” aka when he spared her life against protocol. yep–tons of reaching, just like today). It was a big part of Merida’s marketing too!

And now they’re doing it again with Moana and…what’s so feminist about bashing other female heroines again? About bashing feminine qualities a lot of little girls do honestly hold, like liking dresses or wanting romance or just generally being girly?

I’m not saying you can’t celebrate Moana not having a romance subplot or love interest, can’t celebrate her being actiony as hell, can’t celebrate her awesomeness because she looks freaking awesome…but why bash other heroines to do it? She’s cool enough to stand on her own without trying to tear others down to make her look better.


Mulan fan art finally done! I really love this movie, it’s my most favorite! A courageous girl who pretended to be a boy to save his father and saved the country! 

My first batch of Disney Princess series is done, next theme will be the princess are looking away instead of looking at the viewer. ❤️

I’ll draw Rapunzel, Tiana/Merida and Belle next 💖

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