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UTA★PRI DISNEY PRINCESS by 三月二十八 (Pixiv id: 3854868)

Our beloved princes is going to take a crossover, with the Disney Princesses!

Otoya as Ariel

Masato as Cinderella

Natsuki as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Tokiya as Snow White


Syo as Rapunzel (Tangled)

Cecil as Jasmine

Reiji as Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Ranmaru as Pocahontas (holding a large piece of meat)

Ai as Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

and lastly… Camus as Elsa (HE’S DAMN PERFECT FOR ELSA!)


Disney Princesses….

No Gods, No Masters (1/?)
  • Title: No Gods, No Masters (1/?)
  • Author: risingdin
  • Word Count: 3789
  • Rating: Mature
  • Warnings: none currently 
  • Characters: Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Nathan Miller
  • Pairing/s: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
  • Summary: It’s 2052, the world is going to shit, and Clarke’s new neighbor is a terrorist. She’s almost sure of it.

Chapter 1 - Come On And Get Up

The music was loud. Too loud for this late on a Thursday night, even without the curfew. Clarke wrapped her gray sweater closer about her shoulders and raised her fist to knock.

The door flew open before she’d even touched it, and an annoyingly attractive man stepped quickly backwards as her clenched fist accelerated towards his face. She snatched it back.

He had freckles, she noted absently, as he raised a haughty brow at her expression. One of his hands moved quickly behind his back, and the muscles in his arm clenched with unreleased tension. His face was calm, though, if contemptuous.

What he had to be contemptuous about, she didn’t know. He was the one playing angry music past city curfew the night before she had a test that she could. Not. Bomb.

“Hi,” Clarke said. “I’m your neighbor. I have an anatomy test in the morning. Early. How long do you think the music will be this loud?”

He took her in, from her disheveled blonde ponytail, to her overlarge, soft gray wrap around sweater, to the soft knitted boots she’d pulled over her jeans. If anything, his eyebrows went even higher. “The music isn’t that loud.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think there will be more Star Wars movies after episode 9? Maybe not right after but decades later and have the same characters of this trilogy

it’s already confirmed that we will have more after ep IX

“There are five Star Wars films - four more with Episode VII: The Force Awakens - that are in varying stages of development and production. There will be more after that, I don’t know how many, I don’t know how often.” Disney chairman Bob Iger.