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True Love You

Happy birthday, @whelvenwings​!! You’ve outed yourself as a Disney fan with this lovely thing, so I come to you like a fairy, bearing the gift of rewrites. I hope you enjoy <3

“And from this slumber you shall wake / when true love’s kiss the spell shall break. / For true love conquers all.” – Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, 1959


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They were breathing hard, dirt and gore caked to their jeans and streaked through their hair. A shotgun loaded with silver bullets dangled precariously from Dean’s right hand, still twitching a little from the adrenaline.

“Geez, that took forever. Hey – is it just me, or are we getting kind of old for this?” he groused, rolling his jammed shoulder.

Sam huffed in agreement and almost tripped over an exposed root. Hiking through the woods by moonlight back to the car post-ass kicking: not on his list of favorite things to do.

“We’re definitely getting old,” he replied.

The Impala was parked at the edge of a small clearing, half obscured by evergreens and right where they’d left her. Her rims glinted in the full moon light, like a smile that greeted Welcome Home.

Dean smiled back at her.  “Do you have an extra flannel in your bag?” Sam asked.

Dean frowned. “Use your own,” he whined.

“Mine’s got claw marks in it!”

Dean groaned and rounded back to the trunk. He tossed the shotgun into the arsenal and pulled out his duffel bag, wadded up in the back. It hit Sam square in the chest and Dean rolled his eyes. “There you go, Princess. Want me to turn around while you change?”

Sam scoffed and didn’t deign to answer. Dean turned around anyway, strolling around the clearing. He was about to be cooped up in the driver’s seat for another five, six hours on the way back to the bunker – he might as well stretch his legs while he could. His knees were giving him enough trouble as it was.

A downtrodden path of overgrown weeds through the trees gave him pause.

“Hey, Sam. Check this out,” Dean called.

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Yesterday at Disney’s D23 Expo, the main event was the presentation on Disney & Pixar’s upcoming films, and we got so many details from the event! However, trailers, clips, & featurettes were shown at the presentation that AREN’T available online at the time I posted this. If they get posted online soon, I will update this post (otherwise, I’ll just made a new post). 


A lot of new clips of Coco were shown at the animation panel!🎶 As we know the film will be Pixar’s first musical, and one of the songs from the movie was performed live at the panel; the new song titled “Remember Me” will be written by the Frozen songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. We also got this new still of the main characters Coco and Hector!
“Coco” will hit theaters November 22, 2017.🎶


The actors have just started recording sessions for Frozen 2, so there weren’t any clips from the movie shown, but we did get a behind the scenes look at the team working on the movie.❄️
Josh Gad & Kristen Bell also made a special appearance to sing a song from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, titled “That Time of Year”, which will be one of the four songs in the short. FYI: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be the Disney short playing before Coco this November.❄️

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Time for Toy Story 4!☁️
The audience at D23 were shown a clip that shows the behind the scenes work being done on the movie! We know that the first line of the movie will be the aliens saying “Oooooh” and that there will be a character named Lulu who is a “paper-doll”! It’s also been announced that Josh Cooley will be the sole director of the film (John Lasseter isn’t directing anymore). The plot will essentially revolve around Woody, Buzz, and the gang taking a road-trip to reunite Woody & Bo Peep.
“Toy Story 4” will be released June 21, 2019.☁️

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The trailer for Wreck It Ralph 2 was shown at the animation panel, as well as a new clip from the movie!👾
The movie is titled “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 “ and it will take place six years following the events of the first film; the story will center on Ralph’s adventures in the Internet data space when a WiFi router gets plugged into the arcade.👾
There will be a new character in the movies named “Yesss” voiced by Taraji P Henson, who is an expert on the latest trends for the website “Buzzaholic”; Yesss will take Ralph & Vanellope on a tour of the World Wide Web!👾
In the new clip from the movie that was shown, Yesss takes them to the Oh My Disney site, which looks like Disneyland! On the Oh My Disney site, we see Ralph & Vanellope interact with all of the Disney princesses (who are voiced by their original voice actors), and meet C3PO, stormtroopers, tsum tsums, and Stan Lee!
All the voice actresses for every single Disney princesses were on stage to show this clip to the audience!👾💕
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will hit theaters November 2018!👾


Incredibles 2 will take place immediately after the events of the first movie!💥
The beginning of the movie will begin with an action sequence against the Underminer, & Elastigirl will be the star of the action while Bob takes care of Jack Jack at home.💥
John Lasseter, Pixar CCO has said “It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where [we] start this movie.”💥
Bob doesn’t even know that Jack Jack has powers yet! In the movie the Parr family will get a new house “that’s a cross between a dream house and a super lair.“ Samuel L. Jackson has also appeared at the panel and will be back to voice Frozone!💥
A new clip from the movie has also been shown at the panel, which revolves around Jack Jack & his superpowers!💥
The Incredibles 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2018.💥

We also got this great video featurette of Edna Mode, the fashion mogul.