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Peter // Daughter

But the Lost Boys have all moved away

and one of them is locked up

I know you think you’re still a child,

But I couldn’t give a fuck; you’re twenty one.

I ripped this track from one of my older records this morning. Back when the band was just after forming, Daughter recorded this track. They released it on Mojo presents - Communion, a CD celebrating new songwriters, one of which was Elena Tonra. Although it was never re-released on an EP as the band wasn’t signed to Glassnote of 4AD records yet, you can still find copies out there.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


We just started an new imprint at Disney called Rick Riordan Presents. The idea is to find authentic voices to tell the stories about their own cultures, rather than me, a white American male, trying to tell all their mythologies myself. I think that’s the better way to go. I love all world mythologies, but I am not an expert on all of them, nor was I raised with all them the way I grew up with Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian.

Rick Riordan

complain about the amount of books he writes all you want, but his books have such diverse characters & now this


Some of Trump’s commentary toward women, presented through Disney characters

If it sounds like something a bad guy in a Disney film would say, maybe you shouldn’t want your future president saying it…

info on quotes 

(Note: yes, the last two characters are not bad guys in their movies, it’s just a general statement)

First Look at the DuckTales Reboot (x)

“The image marks our first official look at the return of the beloved billed crew. It comes almost a full year because the new series is set to debut in 2017.

After the show was announced back in February 2015 to much excitement from fans, it’s been widely quiet on the DuckTales front.

This photo’s release comes as Disney prepares to present its brands — Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD — at the annual Upfronts.”


So friday was my birthday! Yaay! I turned 28 (as you can clearly see from all these toys I was given *ahem*). My hubby got me a Cheer bear/applejack cake and I received some lovely gifts. I got the my little ponies from my grandmother, who is 77! She tought I would like them, and right she was ^^