disney prep academy


Meet Drew Lipsky. He’s 21 years old and kind of looks like Noel Fisher. He is a Fourth Year at Walt Disney Prep Academy. He’s open.

→ His Past

Growing up as a child, Drew Lipsky wasn’t like the other children. With an IQ of 143 at the age of seven, he was often bullied and isolated by the others, but instead of being offended by them, he pushed himself into the field of science, dreaming of becoming a world-famous inventor - his designs going worldwide, seen by everyone. Quickly his designs became into prototypes, but no one was taking him serious, until one of inventions went off and hit another student in the face, knocking him out.

→ His Present

Upon coming to Walt, Drew was amazed at everything he saw, but unlike his hometown, he was no longer the smartest person in the room, and that irritated him to no end. Drew pushed himself in the labs, picking up the nickname ‘The Mad Scientist’ around school, spending hours messing with parts and creating insane prototypes. But Drew had one goal in mind; artificial intelligence without any flaws, something he tinkered with in between classes and school projects.

→ His Personality

Drew is incredibly smart, but not when it comes to people. But what he lacks in charisma, he makes up for in his passion. It’s not uncommon to see the boy tinkering away in the lab for days on end, sometimes vanishing for days on end until he pops up with a new invention. But this drive to be the best has got him on the wrong side of a lot of people, and as soon as anyone tries to test him, he lashes out, and makes more enemies than he’s ever had friends.

→ His Qualities

  • + intelligent, passionate, driven
  • - temperamental, awkward, standoffish

→ His Relationships

  • Shego George (Former Assistant): When he met Shego at Walt, she quickly became an assistant, helping him with his projects when he needs an extra hand, but after everything that happened, he hasn’t seen her in a while.
  • Kim Possible (Enemy): If Drew was to use such a word, it would be likely he called her his arch enemy. She always seems to be the one ruining things for him, and he can’t stand it.
  • Victor Frankenstein (Acquaintance): Drew has often seen the boy around, and he’s curious about him to say the least, but he never seems to want to talk.