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Things that the vk’s definitely do at Auradon Prep

- the core four saying “what do you mean you have to go to class everyday” 

- hiding candy and other sweet foods the isle didn’t have in their rooms even though they know they can get more whenever they want 

- sleepovers that fairy godmother pretends not to know about  

- mal practices magic with jane 

- evie tutors people in chemistry and also math because she is so smart and pure 

- carlos wears jays jerseys 

- people start to come to jay to get their hair done because have you seen his hair he knows everything about styling 

-  group hugs always 

- girl talks every week after their first group girl talk in the grass 

- they all have the auradon prep therapist on speed dial because life on the isle was awful and they are not okay all the time 

- their classmates can’t figure out if they are actually all together or just really close buds

- comforting each other after nightmares until they feel safe again no matter what time it is 

- convincing evie she’s beautiful without makeup  

- being her models with no complain 

- reminding each other their parents can’t hurt them anymore 

- making sure carlos knows he is a free person and doesn’t need to do anything for anyone anymore, protecting him from his past 

- jay gets a job on campus and uses the money he earns to buy trinkets that he would have previously stolen and he gives them to the other three as presents 

- they all know how much it really means for him to buy things instead of feeling like he needs to steal it for his father, he is his own person now 

- mal still uses her mother’s spell book to help her friends and it’s her way of showing them she loves them all 

- she is also very sensitive and craves contact, so someone is always touching her

-holding hands, hugs, light arm touches, she loves it all   

- getting better slowly but surely together 


Disney Descendants 2 (Official Trailer)


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So many ways to be wicked


Cinderella’s fairytale was full of singing and dancing, and parties and balls. She knew how to sing and dance, she excelled at it - had a natural talent. You, on the other hand, even though you were her daughter, had absolutely no clue. You were a hopeless klutz when it came to everything, even standing still. People often made fun of you for that. After a while, it stopped hurting and just became your everyday.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate Fairy Godmother?

Like she tried so hard and was so earnest to those kids. She was one of the few who didn’t judge the four and actually helped and was such a proud mama and gave them such praise? And support?

And her face was so precious when Mal decided to choose good at the end and she was SO. PROUD.

I just love that woman okay?

General Headcanons: Auradon Prep

- Tuition, while not exactly cheap, isn’t nearly as high as one would expect, considering how many royals go there. They also have a large array of scholarships and financial aid. Sizeable donations and patronages from royal families don’t hurt for keeping the school running, even if less well off students want to go. 

- Belle donated a good chunk of the library, which has a large array of books on a huge breadth of subjects. The Fairy Godmother practically cried when she got it. Between those two nerds, it’s a wonder the school hasn’t overflown with the library yet.

- The staff eats in the cafeteria with the students rather than in a lounge somewhere. The idea was to show they weren’t better than the students but most of the kids avoid what’s been designated the staff table unless they have a question.

- The Fairy Godmother collects resources for student problems - she’s got at least one thing for everything from homework stress to severe mental health issues. Especially since the VKs have got there, which urged her to expand the school’s student outreach programs. 

- The Coach makes it a habit of being approachable for his students so he can give advice or intervene if one is having problems, as does the Fairy Godmother. A Parent to Their Students is in full affect here. 

- The Student Council is very involved with keeping events going, academic, social, athletic, charitable, and interest groups, not to mention a bunch of other clubs.

- If a student lives close enough that commuting is plausible, they are not required to stay in their dorm room each night, although the school does insist they stay there some nights to integrate with the school. 

- The Fairy Godmother is considering making Remedial Goodness open to students with behavioural problems, disciplinary issues, and just generally outside the VK program. She found it surprisingly helpful in getting students to unlearn unhealthy and maladaptive behaviour. 


Ways to be Wicked (Official Music Video)


Apart from teaching you about ancient traditions, history, and how magic is something of the past, Auradon Prep was an ordinary high school. It had cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, the unpopulars, and those who didn’t fit in. Jay, son of the infamous Jafar, was very popular. Despite being the descendant of a villain he made quite a name for himself since the day he arrived. He was good at sports, good at sneaking around, had a great sense of humour, a great figure, and he was good with the ladies. They all seem to follow him around everywhere.

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