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Disney Descendants 2 (Official Trailer)

Can we take a moment to appreciate Fairy Godmother?

Like she tried so hard and was so earnest to those kids. She was one of the few who didn’t judge the four and actually helped and was such a proud mama and gave them such praise? And support?

And her face was so precious when Mal decided to choose good at the end and she was SO. PROUD.

I just love that woman okay?

General Headcanons: Auradon Prep

- Tuition, while not exactly cheap, isn’t nearly as high as one would expect, considering how many royals go there. They also have a large array of scholarships and financial aid. Sizeable donations and patronages from royal families don’t hurt for keeping the school running, even if less well off students want to go. 

- Belle donated a good chunk of the library, which has a large array of books on a huge breadth of subjects. The Fairy Godmother practically cried when she got it. Between those two nerds, it’s a wonder the school hasn’t overflown with the library yet.

- The staff eats in the cafeteria with the students rather than in a lounge somewhere. The idea was to show they weren’t better than the students but most of the kids avoid what’s been designated the staff table unless they have a question.

- The Fairy Godmother collects resources for student problems - she’s got at least one thing for everything from homework stress to severe mental health issues. Especially since the VKs have got there, which urged her to expand the school’s student outreach programs. 

- The Coach makes it a habit of being approachable for his students so he can give advice or intervene if one is having problems, as does the Fairy Godmother. A Parent to Their Students is in full affect here. 

- The Student Council is very involved with keeping events going, academic, social, athletic, charitable, and interest groups, not to mention a bunch of other clubs.

- If a student lives close enough that commuting is plausible, they are not required to stay in their dorm room each night, although the school does insist they stay there some nights to integrate with the school. 

- The Fairy Godmother is considering making Remedial Goodness open to students with behavioural problems, disciplinary issues, and just generally outside the VK program. She found it surprisingly helpful in getting students to unlearn unhealthy and maladaptive behaviour. 


Cinderella’s fairytale was full of singing and dancing, and parties and balls. She knew how to sing and dance, she excelled at it - had a natural talent. You, on the other hand, even though you were her daughter, had absolutely no clue. You were a hopeless klutz when it came to everything, even standing still. People often made fun of you for that. After a while, it stopped hurting and just became your everyday.

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So many ways to be wicked


Apart from teaching you about ancient traditions, history, and how magic is something of the past, Auradon Prep was an ordinary high school. It had cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, the unpopulars, and those who didn’t fit in. Jay, son of the infamous Jafar, was very popular. Despite being the descendant of a villain he made quite a name for himself since the day he arrived. He was good at sports, good at sneaking around, had a great sense of humour, a great figure, and he was good with the ladies. They all seem to follow him around everywhere.

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Auradon Prep 2 : Tom Holland

prompt : part 2 to auradon prep “based Disney Descendants, you are a new student from the Isle Of The Lost, Y/N Hearts, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Tom, the son of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, quickly becomes your best friend. You both have some sort of attraction for each other as soon as you met, but don’t put it into action because of your friendship.” a year after you and tom get together , you finally voice your doubting thoughts to mal on why tom would want to be with you ?

words : 781

pairing : tom holland x reader

request : none

warning : kissing ????

a/n : finally got around to writing the second part to this after finishing re-reading the first descendants book ! onto the second , hopefully i’ll finish the second and third before descendants 2 comes out on friday !!

A year later, you and Tom were still going on strong, and you’re both completely happy with who you were convinced was the love of your life. And he was, don’t get you wrong. Just, sometimes, she feels like she isn’t good enough for him.

For example, he has to deal with you getting used to living in Auradon. You’re almost completely situated, just not used to customs. You aren’t used to dinners with people close to each other, or going to class every day, or completing homework, or participating in school activities. Not to mention dress codes, formal balls, or the new food.

One of the worst things is your fear of almost everyone around you, thanks to your mom and all the bullies at school. Sure, Mal had a mom that was focused on power, or Evie’s mom focused on beauty, Jay’s dad on stealing, and Carlos’ mom on her furs, but they all had something to bond over, occasionally being nice to each other and getting along. But not you and your mom. The Queen of Hearts was not one for getting along with, always complaining that she didn’t have her rose bushes anymore and yelling at you. You didn’t grow up in a good environment, and that impacted how you view everyone else.

Tom is very protective of you and always makes sure you’re comfortable in any situation, he’s the sweetest person, but he’s not what you deserve. Of course, you’ve never voiced these fears out loud, but they’re always there, in the back of your mind.

“y/n, you good?” Mal asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. You, Tom, Mal, and Ben were all on a double date, the same place where Mal and Ben had their first date.

“Yeah.” You mumble, picking up a chocolate covered strawberry, a shared favorite of Mal and yours.

“I love you,” Tom whispers softly, picking up your hand. You blush, looking away from him and tossing your stem out.

“Well, I’m going in for a swim.” Ben announces, standing up and taking off his shirt. “Anyone care to join me?”

“I will.” Tom says, dropping your hand and standing up as well.

“y/n and I will join you later, I just need to talk to her for a minute.” Mal says, looking at you intently. Once the boys are a safe distance away, she begins to talk in a hushed tone. “What’s going on? You’re acting cold to Tom. I thought you loved him?”

“I do, it’s just I don’t feel like I deserve him. He goes out of his way all the time and is so incredible constantly and what do I do for him? Absolutely nothing.” You ramble, finally voicing your thoughts insecurely.

“y/n, I never like to say it but I thought the same way when I first got with Ben, you know, after the whole Malifecent thing happened. I wondered, why is Ben, King of all of Auradon, so fixed on me? But then I realized he loved me because he doesn’t care about all my baggage, he doesn’t care about who my mother is. He loves me because I’m me and I’m sassy and silly.” Mal explains, smiling when talking about Ben.

“You think Tom’s the same way?” You ask nervously.

“Of course. I see the way he looks at you.” Mal rolls her eyes, laughing. “Now c’mon, let’s go join Ben and Tom in the lake.” Mal says, tugging you up on your feet.

A few short seconds later, you’re in the lake, Tom’s arms wrapped around your waist.

“I love you too.” You whisper softly, kissing his lips tenderly.

“I love you so much, you have no idea. I love the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh, or the dimples that appear on your cheeks when you show even the slightest of a smile, or how you shrink down when you encounter someone new, and how you relax once you’re in my arms. I’m positively in love with you, y/n. Don’t even doubt that for a second.”

“I’m guessing you heard my conversation with Mal then?” You laugh.

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind, Just, keep being adorable y/n. That’s all I want.” Tom says, kissing your forehead repeatedly.

“You’re missing my mouth.” You joke, causing Tom to press his lips intimately against yours. You place your hands on his cheeks, and the two of you submerge under the water.


Ways to be Wicked (Official Music Video)