disney pop art


This is the start of a series I am working on. Each painting is Acrylic or an Acrylic/Oil Pastel combination. At this point, I’ve only done Ariel, Aurora, Rey, Jasmine and *Merida. Who do you want to see next?

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*Updated: 9/2016

boy group aesthetics
  • exo: shiny stuff, glass vases, sky high
  • bts: fire hydrants, not voting, kate kane
  • shinee: white birch trees, revamping old abandoned buildings, musicals
  • monsta x: sledgehammers, teeth, secretly preferring dnce to the jonas brothers
  • super junior: dress shoes, cool teachers, being out of milk
  • seventeen: 2000s disney channel movies, pop art, good puns
  • got7: watercolors, dogs drinking out of puddles, loose change
  • day6: life is good shirts, happy vibes, your coworker's significant other not remembering who you are
  • astro: bad puns, liking cats and dogs equally, father & son improv groups
  • vixx: the vampire diaries, belts, instagram

I’ve been creating a lot of Disney paintings lately because so many of my loved ones request them. Here is a Cosmic series I created recently.

What other characters would look good in this style painting?

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Method to my madness…

“It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.”

- Nina Simone

🎁Holiday Art Commission/Request Sale🎁 *Accepting 5 (9"x12") commissions 
*1 commission per vendor
*$50 1 person/character - no background
+$25 per additional person/character
*Open: 11/27/2015-12/4/2015
*email requests to: JavereIrie@yahoo.com

It’s over! 🤗🎉 Thank you so much everyone for stopping by this weekend! 😀💕 I had a great con for the second weekend in a row because of you lovelies! 😊 I really appreciate the support and enjoyed getting to meet and talk with everyone! 😁❤ I hope you all had a fun at the live painting event as well as the Pop Manga Coloring book panel! 🖍❤🖌 I know I did! 😊💞 Thank you for having me Calgary Expo! ☺ I look forward to seeing you again next year! 😀👋😙💖