disney pixars up

music from pixar movies
  • toy story: Randy Newman™️
  • a bug's life: Still Randy Newman™️
  • toy story 2: Randy Newman™️ but more depressing
  • monsters inc.: still fucking randy newman
  • finding nemo: way too upbeat and swingy for the movie
  • the incredibles: hype
  • cars: you can say you hate country music but this movie will physically transform you into samuel timothy mcgraw
  • ratatouille: so pretty you don't even care that you have no idea what she's saying
  • wall-e: cures my anxiety
  • up: 40s aesthetic but without the overt racism
  • toy story 3: Randy Newman but bouncier
  • cars 2: literally just listing american and british stereotypes
  • brave: daughter of a mumford
  • monsters university: roar isn't gonna be dated nope not one bit
  • inside out: elevator music that makes me cry
  • the good dinosaur: i haven't heard any of it recently so i don't have a joke but it'll probably make you cry
  • finding dory: sia made a funny
  • cars 3: a 90 minute funeral march probably

So I went to an art conference at my school. We discussed things there, like how colors can be very powerful and our subconscious picks up the subtlest of hints. Pixar’s UP was a very unforgettable example. The colors of UP had a lot to do with why we cried. You all know what I’m talking about, right??

Ellie’s death.

We were told that her color was pink. That’s why her hospital room had pinkish hue.

And the next scene had strong pink hues. He misses her. I think it’s got strong colors because of her personality.

Also, It’s like her presence is still lingering.

When he got home, only a small part of the frame (window on the right) has a pink hue as the sun is setting. By now, we know her presence is drifting away.

Mr. Fredricksen walks up the porch and goes into his house.

And when he shuts the door, the final frame looks like this:

Ellie is gone.

The entire frame is desaturated and cold because the warmth in Mr. Fredrickson’s life is gone.

And that’s another reason why this masterpiece is heart-wrenching. And that’s how powerful colors are in films.

My Stupid Fan Fiction Writing technique PART 2

So a friend asked me how I write certain scenes in fan fiction like sad, tense and romantic moments. So I told her how and she said it was both stupid and brilliant at the same time, so now I’m going to share it with you all…

I watch videos to make me feel the emotions I want to write about, literally I have go-to videos to make me feel happy, sad, angry and scared, I know it’s silly but it really works. Here’s a selection…

Dramatic scenes

Peaky Blinders is one of the best TV shows the BBC has ever released and it’s main strengths are it’s superb writing and excellent performances from the stellar cast. This scene stands out for me because you can feel the henchmens’ dread when Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons loses his temper…

Zootopia’s press conference scene….Damn. This scene is a real assault on the feels, we start off with a funny bit of advice from Nick then Judy gives him the ZPD application and carrot pen lulling the viewer into happy comfort then BAM Judy f**ks up, she f**ks up big time, and the worst part is that she doesn’t know how hurtful her words are. When Nick challenges Judy’s words she even attempts to defend her views which drives Nick to become more upset but it’s when Judy reaches for the Fox Repellent that Nick’s (And the viewer’s) heart breaks and the heroine of the story has unexpectedly become the villain.

The Last of Us set a very high bar in video game storytelling taking the drawn out ‘Cure in A Zombie Apocalypse’ plotline and breathing new life into it with the story of 50 something Joel who lost his child many years ago who suddenly has the responsibility of protecting a 14 year old kick ass survivor called Ellie as they trek across the decimated United States to hopefully cure a Zombie pandemic. The ranch scene showcases the fact that Ellie sees Joel as a father figure and Joel’s reluctance to have a daughter once more in case he loses her.

Sad scenes 

Anohana is another anime that isn’t that well known but boy does this one rip out your heart and trample all over it. It’s a different kind of a Ghost story. wherein Menma, whose been dead for at least 8 years, starts haunting her old gang of friends so that they can reunite after they grow distant. After her job is done she writes each of her friends a note telling them the thing she loves about them most and…oh crap I’m crying while typing…just watch it please.

That UP scene…nuff’ said