disney pixar's cars

Does seeing Storm’s trailer off to the side there make anyone else as happy as it does me? Something about it. I think it’s the candidness of it? Also raises questions, at least for me! Like…

  1. Ok, so Storm is probably still around if not in the trailer itself so what’s he doing? They’re parked right next to Lightning and Cruz so is he pouting somewhere? Fuming in the trailer itself?
  2. Why are those tires there? See them? Beside each crew chief’s ramp/spot is a tire from another team? Is that a NASCAR thing?
  3. Why IS Storm’s trailer parked so close? I won’t lie, I spent time scanning the pits during the Florida 500, I don’t think I ever saw where Storm was actually pitted BUT it definitely wasn’t that close to Lightning.
music from pixar movies
  • toy story: Randy Newman™️
  • a bug's life: Still Randy Newman™️
  • toy story 2: Randy Newman™️ but more depressing
  • monsters inc.: still fucking randy newman
  • finding nemo: way too upbeat and swingy for the movie
  • the incredibles: hype
  • cars: you can say you hate country music but this movie will physically transform you into samuel timothy mcgraw
  • ratatouille: so pretty you don't even care that you have no idea what she's saying
  • wall-e: cures my anxiety
  • up: 40s aesthetic but without the overt racism
  • toy story 3: Randy Newman but bouncier
  • cars 2: literally just listing american and british stereotypes
  • brave: daughter of a mumford
  • monsters university: roar isn't gonna be dated nope not one bit
  • inside out: elevator music that makes me cry
  • the good dinosaur: i haven't heard any of it recently so i don't have a joke but it'll probably make you cry
  • finding dory: sia made a funny
  • cars 3: a 90 minute funeral march probably