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Animation techniques and effects from the classic era. For more vintage movie geekery, check out my Old Hollywood Special Effects, and my Early Color Film Processes posts! (And while you’re at it, take a look at my art blog, why don’t ya?)


To the kind anon who requested the Winnie the Pooh villagers, I felt that there was still a lot of untapped potential there that I didn’t quite meet, so I decided to step up my game. And so, here they are, a gathering of Winnie the Pooh characters spending a quiet afternoon in the Hundred Acre Wood.


Imagination meets Reality

A project I started at the age of 12-13 (back then drawing characters on paper and gluing them to photos). These were done over the past few months. All photos are taken either at the parks or the respected Animation Studios by myself. I want to do more of these both with my characters and copyright ones. I will do them whenever I have spare time.

Let’s see if you can guess and see all the characters here (bonus if you guess the name of my OC).

characters are all © their respected owners


Time and again, I’ve seen many an appreciation post about today’s popular cartoons, and with every one you see include something from Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc. Now I’m not knocking on those shows, but along the way there are other series that deserve at least a second chance, misunderstood, unfairly got hated on, the least watched/talked about, neglected. These titles shown here are among the current or recently ended shows – original and acquired – from Disney XD, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon here in the U.S. that are or will soon fade into obscurity. 

I do watch some of the popular cartoons of recent years, but I also happen to be the kind of person who watches other shows almost watched by no one else. They’re entertaining enough for me to watch them. I do realize that people don’t have to like them, but it sometimes frustrate me to see some of them send hate to them, its fans and the people behind the scenes of some series, while they could just ignore it and move on. 

All I’m saying that some shows out there need some more attention…


‘Tis the third set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos! As usual, the individual pics are filed here (link) for your reblogging convenience.

And in case anyone wondered, yes, I do custom jobs! (Commission info link here)