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This is Lee Thompson Young.
Lee Thompson Young was the first ever Disney star. He starred in their first ever original sitcom ‘the famous Jett Jackson’ and two Disney channel original movies. He was their first star and their first black star. He started it all.
Without Lee Thompson Young the network would NOT have gotten to where it is today. We would not have girl meets world if it wasn’t for him. We wouldn’t have any of the shows Disney has ever brought us over the years if it wasn’t for him. He started it all. He was their first star.

And today is the three year anniversary of his death. He took his own life three years ago today. He suffered from depression and bipolar.

Disney has not mentioned him once. Not on Instagram. Not on Twitter. Not on Facebook. They’re not airing his show or his movies. They are not even acknowledging him. They didn’t even on the day he died.


LEE DESERVES BETTER. Please DO NOT let Disney get away with this. Tweet them. Leave comments on their Instagram. DO NOT let them forget him. Tweet the gmw stars, anyone who can get the network to acknowledge the young man who made them who they are today. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. LEE THOMPSON YOUNG DESERVES BETTER. HE DESERVES TO BE REMEMBERED

People using the racist shit Disney’s used in cartoons before for why Pewdiepie isn’t at fault is just… really out of context, plain and simple.

Disney no longer uses those characters, imagery, or jokes. Ever. Full stop they do not use any of them and never air those cartoons again because they are offensive, insensitive, and racist. Even if they didn’t mean them to be, they have taken responsibility for their actions, unlike Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie’s antisemitic videos were made for the purpose of making antisemitic jokes, nothing more. They can’t even be called jokes either, because a man literally walks around dressed as Jesus and praising Hitler. That isn’t a joke, it’s Nazi propaganda because at no point is this framed as a bad thing, it’s framed as people’s horrified reactions being “funny” and “over the top”, justifying the video.

At no point is there an apology or even statement recognizing how damaging and outright terrifying this is, because as it stands right now there are legitimate nazis out and about threatening people’s lives; there is no way for people to be able to tell until after the fact that it was supposedly a joke and not an actual nazi. This is just one of multiple videos he did in this manner.

So yeah, it’s not the same thing and Pewdiepie is actually at fault. If you fail to see this, and still ‘stand with Pewdiepie’, please examine your actions and ideas because you are standing with someone, who intentionally or not, is validating the ideals of a group of people who’s purpose is to work tword the genocide of already stigmatized groups of people.


Just a heads-up: One of the most eagerly awaited Disney history books of 2017, Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation by Mindy Johnson, is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Publisher’s description:  Established in October 1923, the Ink & Paint Department set up shop at the first Disney Studios on Kingswell Avenue in Los Angeles before moving to the Disney Hyperion Studio, and finally to the Burbank Studios in 1940. At the height of production, the staff was comprised primarily of women, numbering more than 250 artists and technicians.

In this glossy volume, featuring never-before-seen photos, artwork, and detailed accounts, the process, techniques, and contributions of the women-and men-who defined the Walt Disney Studio’s legendary Ink & Paint Department over the years, are carefully explored, preserved, and shared for future generations.

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Disney Television Animation All Hands Meeting  Shows Over 17 Shows  This Years Featured

  • Billy Dilley’s Super Duper Subterrean Summer
  • Country Club
  • Penn Zero Season 2
  • Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Season 3
  • Pickle And Peanut Season 2
  • The Lion Guard Season 2
  • Sofia The First Season 4
  • Future Worm Season 2 ?
  • Elena Of Avalor Season 2
  • Ducktales
  • Muppet Babies
  • Milo Murphys Law
  • Mickey And The Roadster Racers 
  • Big Hero 6
  • Tangled The Series
  • And Of Course Unnanounced Projects 

Employ Meeting Only 

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“Take Your Pet to Lunch Day” premiered slightly over a year ago!

The February 27, 2016 episode featured a holiday that appreciated pets! And Sneezy got himself a very special pet – a rare fire breathing, hypoallergenic, featherless and hairless griffin named Sniffy! Oh, and Sneezy confronting the Glooms to rescue Sniffy is always awesome!

My first boarded episode (and in the industry of animation) on Milo Murphy’s Law will be airing tonight on Disney XD! Look at how I drew these characters last year XP Poofy hair Melissa is poofy

FYI Joe Scott was also a revisionist for this ep lol


Remember that one time I made fanart for a show I like–no ? Me neither. I have to love a show a lot to make fanart of it. So guess which show I love a lot?? 

Wander is just…so good. So good, you guys. Today was the wrap up of the show apparently, and it’s just been an adventure since it aired. I missed that style of art and comedy on TV. So great job, staff. Thank you for working on something so amazing.

Hopefully, I can draw more until the series season finale. 


“Delight Me, Delight Me Not” premiered slightly over a year ago!

February 20, 2016, to be exact! That month had so many great character-focused episodes, and this one starring Bashful is no exception! 

(I meant to do this appreciation post and a few others last month, but backtracked!)

Can I just take a moment to talk about how awesome a Villain Song “Shiny” is?

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Not just because I find it incredibly catchy, upbeat, beautifully animated, delightfully chilling, sinister, creepy, and suspensful, but because of something rarely considered about Disney Villain songs.

Disney has had some amazing villain songs over the years. But have you ever noticed that they usually involve the villain singing about their dastardly plans? Occasionally the villain will taunt the hero in the song, but it’s usually in a way specific to that character:

Ursula mocking Ariel for being a dumb and soon-to-be mute beauty; Jafar mocking Aladdin for being a street rat revealed to have lied about being a prince; Dr. Facilier mocking Naveen for being a responsibility-ducking gold-digger (even though the fool couldn’t tell that’s what he was doing), etc.

The lyrics that impress me most in “Shiny” are the ones where Tamatoa verbally cuts through Maui’s armor and stabs him where it hurts:

“Far from the ones who abandoned you,

Chasing the love of these humans

Who made you feel wanted.”

The thing is, many people in real life have abandonment issues too. I myself grew up with horrible abandonment issues ever since my dad left, my grandparents moved away, every friend I ever made in elementary school ditched me to be my sister’s friend instead (assholes), etc. So I really felt Maui’s pain when Tamatoa threw his abandonment issues in his face and used that to try to hurt him further.

This was one of the few Disney Villain songs that reached through the screen and made me feel like one of the heroes in the clutches of the villains. It made me feel like I was being hurt by the villain too; not just watching the hero get hurt by the villain.

Special mention: ALSO! Tamatoa mocks Moana’s relationship with her grandma. Anyone with a deceased loved one can probably empathize with how awful Moana feels when Tamatoa mocks her grandma to her. (My own grandma died a few years before this movie came out.)

Good job, Musker and Clements.

A new crop of revamped Disney films want to reverse those old “princess in distress” stories through female characters who are strong, independent, and unique. Or … are they? Now, we haven’t seen Moana yet. Maybe that totally reverses every bit of unintentional damage those other films did. But, uh … it doesn’t sound likely.

According to linguists, the dialogue in Disney films has been staggeringly dominated by male characters over the years. This sounds like a “the way it’s always been” problem, but then you look at the graph:

Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora may not have had any skills outside of cleaning and being liked by birds, but at least their movies let them friggin’ speak. Both Frozen and The Princess And The Frog give more than half of their dialogue to male characters, even though they have female protagonists (in Frozen’s case, two female protagonists). The Princess And The Frog has less female dialogue than The Little Mermaid, which is LITERALLY A STORY ABOUT A WOMAN LOSING HER VOICE.

5 Ways Disney Has Actually Gotten MORE Sexist Over Time


R.I.P. Blaine Gibson

Disney fans the world over suffered a blow yesterday with the passing of Blaine Gibson. Gibson joined the Disney Studio in 1939 as an animator. Over the next fifteen years, he worked as an animator on most of the studio’s most famous projects, including Fantasia, Bambi, Song of the South, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and 101 Dalmatians.

In 1954, Walt Disney was putting together a team of artists that would help him create the Disneyland park. Walt remembered a small art exhibit he’d attended that featured some animal sculptures Gibson had created during his off hours, and immediately asked Gibson to join his team of ‘Imagineers.’

In 1961, Gibson became the head of the Imagineering sculpture department. Gibson’s sculpture work in Imagineering is the stuff of legend. He sculpted the head of the original Abe Lincoln animatronic (and most of the presidents since), the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean, many of the spooks in The Haunted Mansion and the original Partners statue that stands in the hub of Disneyland.

A great artist, Blaine Gibson will be missed. Thankfully, much of his work still stands at the various Disney parks throughout the world. A lasting tribute to a remarkable man.