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Beauty and the Beast

I’ve made this drawing in collaboration with my sister @elekairi  :3

I’ve drawn it and my sis helped me to paint it.

We really can’t wait to watch this Disney live-action of one of the most beautiful and romantic fairytale in the world! And you? (you’re surely excited too, of course! ^_^)

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Thank you! :)

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Hii! Have you had the opportunity to see BatB yet? If so, what were your thoughts? 8D

Hi! I haven’t been able to see it yet and I probably won’t be able to see it for another week or so? Not sure? It isn’t high on my priorities but I have heard that it is cute and fun and pretty, so I’d like to watch it eventually. 

I can safely say that whatever the outcome, I am not at all precious about the source material, and a lot of the critiques I’ve seen of the movie are perceivably valid, but I am probably the only person alive right now who….actually wasn’t offended by the adaptation existing in the first place? I don’t think the original BatB was perfect (and some of the animation…was…ehhh…*looks at Belle*…off) and if I wanted to hear good singing, I’d just listen to the Broadway cast recordings, haha. *shrugs* 

If only I could be this passive of Frankenstein or Sherlock Holmes adaptations ha HA

some thoughts i have on the new beauty and the beast (spoilers obviously)

-such beautiful cgi. im serious. holy shit. budget well spent.

-dress wasn’t as ugly as it looked. it was very pretty in motion and the glitter didn’t look that fake. still very bright yellow tho.

-luke evans as gaston was perfection.

-those added backstories? wtf? nobody wanted to know what happened to belle’s mom? unnecessary extra tearjerking material.

-that ‘exclusively gay scene’? literally one second. ONE. and it was le fou first dancing with a girl and then ending up with a dude when everyone switched dancing partners

-said other dude and two other dudes were ‘forced’ into women’s clothing during the last battle in the castle and while the other two ran away screaming, he seemed to enjoy it. mmmmmm.

-lefou is less dumb and even turns good in the end, but what they dialed down in stupidity, they dialed up in ‘stereotypically sassy gay’.

-during the gaston song, there’s this line somewhat like ‘no one bites like gaston’. while singing it lefou pulls up his shirt and reveals a prominent bite mark and it’s implied that gaston put it there. wtf. what does that mean???

-the enchantress living a double life as an impoverished widow in the village. why??

-they added a few new songs and while they aren’t as good as the original ones they aren’t bad either

-i read a lot of articles claiming that this movie is a more feminist version of the original and here’s my question: wherr?? like seriously, where?

-i feel like they added a lot of unnecessary stuff and it didn’t really add anything to the movie aside from making it longer?

-the characters they added for audra mcdonald and stanley tucci were awesome tho

-also ewan, emma and sir ian were amazing obvi

in conclusion: it was a very beautiful movie, visually speaking, and pretty entertaining, objectively speaking, but it was incredibly over-hyped and praised for things it just didn’t deliver on (feminism? gay representation?). If it wasn’t for these things it would have been a pretty good movie. except for that bite mark. wtf disney.

Sometimes I remember that Hasbro initially turned down the name “Megatron” because it made them think of nuclear bombs, only for Bob Budiansky to point out that it should conjure up nightmarish images, on the grounds that he was a villain, and Hasbro pretty much went “Oh, right. That makes sense.”


New Deluxe Mini Figure Fashion Play Sets at Disney Parks. The dresses use the same MagiClip concept as Mattel’s Little Kingdom, just pinch the sides to release and swap the styles.

source: drj1828 on flickr