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The Enchanted Objects 1991 vs. The Enchanted Objects 2017 (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Analysis)

This is essentially part two of my impromptu analysis post about how Belle and Beast are present in their respective films. In case you missed it, here is the link to the original post:

Anyways, this time I want to focus on the Enchanted Objects, and how they differ from each version…

1991 Enchanted Objects: While clearly affected by the curse, they don’t really feel tormented by it. They do wish to break the spell, but it’s really for the sake of their master rather than their own happiness. The song “Human Again” from the extended version released in 2002 does elaborate on how they will be happier once they become human once more, but the 1991 cut clearly focuses on how they want the curse to be broken so that their master can be happy. However, the Enchanted Objects serve one important purpose; they are someone to have Belle confine on. In most adaptations of “Beauty and the Beast”, Belle is often trapped in a castle all by herself save for the Beast, not knowing what’s alive and what isn’t. She has no one to talk to except for the Beast during some awkward dates and dinners. In the Disney film, though, the Enchanted Objects seek to make her stay as best as possible, not just because she has the chance of breaking the spell but also because they understand that she lost her freedom and family in one fell swoop, so they want to comfort her as best as she can. Mrs. Potts offers her tea to calm her down, Lumiere suggests the Beast to move her to a room rather than a prison, and they all throw an elaborate dinner to welcome her. Although one can interpret it as them being nice so that Belle can be happy and thus eventually appreciate the Beast, they genuinely do care for her and make for characters to enjoy. They are not just filler characters but characters that help the main protagonists grow and offer emotional support.

2017 Enchanted Objects: Now this is where the Enchanted Objects differ vastly from the 1991 Enchanted Objects. Even though they still retain the same goals as their 1991 counterparts (be an emotional support towards Belle, teach Beast to become a better prince), they have an expanded backstory in that the curse affected them more deeply than just being changed into objects. They lost contact to the outside world, and any memories their loved ones had of them disappeared thanks to the curse. And while this may seem too cruel of the Enchantress to do, it was very karmic; the servants admit to Belle and themselves that they were equally responsible for the Prince’s cruel upbringing. They didn’t do or say anything to prevent the Prince from growing up to be a selfish man. They were enablers to the Prince’s indulgences. In addition, the curse affects them like a terminal disease would; the more time passes, the worse it gets. In their case, they keep losing more and more of their humanity until they just become lifeless objects. So their desire to be human again is more than just to be able to enjoy their simple pleasures, it is about saving their lives. And yet, they don’t force Belle or the Beast to fall in love with each other. Instead, they remain the ever loving, supporting friends to them while they begin to fall in love with each other. Their song, “Days in the sun”, is the anti-”Human Again” in that while “Human Again” was a celebratory song where they FELT that the curse WAS going to be broken, “Days in the sun” is a melancholic yet hopeful song about how there is a chance that the curse will be reversed, but they don’t know when, and pine for days they took for granted as humans. So in comparison to the 1991 version, the Enchanted Objects are more tragic but remain ever loving, caring and supportive.

Beauty and the Beast

I’ve made this drawing in collaboration with my sister @elekairi  :3

I’ve drawn it and my sis helped me to paint it.

We really can’t wait to watch this Disney live-action of one of the most beautiful and romantic fairytale in the world! And you? (you’re surely excited too, of course! ^_^)

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It’s super ironic to me that the Beast is so angry that his servants let Maurice into the castle and are treating him kindly. 

Dude. The last time a stranger came to castle seeking shelter from the storm, you were a jerk and EVERYONE GOT TURNED INTO ANTIQUES. They’re not only being polite, they’re trying to avoid whatever another annoyed enchanter might think of because clearly there are faerie tale hall monitors wandering around the kingdom and knocking on doors in disguise. 

At some point, you know Mrs. Potts and Lumiere had a conversation about being nice to LITERALLY ANYBODY who shows up on a dark and stormy night because BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. 


A Grand Night Ahead by MaxxieJames
Via Flickr:
Belle is preparing for her dance with Beast. Mrs Potts and Plumette help her to get ready. Chip can’t help but stare at the Beauty before him. In a different wing of the Castle Beast is getting ready too.

Keep An Eye Out In Disney World!

Want to find some special hidden secrets?

  • Just outside of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant the pavement holds a special homage to the Lady &the Tramp. Imprinted in the cement are the paw prints of both Lady and the Tramp. This is a nice photo spot for Disney dog lovers (MK)
  • Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel is more than just a merry-go-round; it is an actual depiction of Cinderella’s royal cavalcade. Cinderella’s own horse is here and is distinguishable by one very unique feature—it is the only one to have a gold ribbon on its tail. Cinderella’s horse is white, wears a red bridle, and is second rank in from the outside. Taking a ride on Cinderella’s white royal stallion makes a neat treat for any princess in training. (MK)
  • In the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean , if you look at the chess board you can see that the chess pieces being played by the skeletons are arranged in a stalemate. Signifying that they will be playing the same game for ever. (MK)
  • In Magic Kingdom at the Train Station you can find “lost” items from previous guests, some famous faces, like Mary Poppins! Hint: In the movie, Bert says, “I knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith,” and Uncle Albert responds, “What’s the name of his other leg?” (MK)
  • If you look closely at the second-story windows near the “Hall of Presidents,” you’ll see two lanterns. They are referencing the line “One if by land, and two if by sea” from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.”
  • If you are among the first to enter Tinkerbell’s Treasures shop (to your left as you pass through Cinderella Castle), your kid(s) may be in for a special treat. Ask the Cast Member if you can wake-up Tinkerbell. The kid(s) are given a sword (for boys) or a wand (for girls) and are instructed to tap on a small chest three times and say “wake-up Tinkerbell”. Sure enough Tinkerbell wakes-up and flies around the room in a dazzling display of lights and sounds. The helpers are usually given a certificate that proclaims that they helped wake-up Tinkerbell. If you miss this morning ceremony, Tink typically flies around the shop intermittently through out the day. (MK)
  • As you exit Epcot at night, you might want to take a look down at the ground as you traipse through Innoventions Plaza. Emended in the cement are a multitude of fiber optics that provides a dazzling display of fireworks and other shapes right underneath your feet.(E)
  • Just out side of the Star Tours attraction, one of the giant AT - AT Imperial Walkers doesn’t take kindly to passerby’s. Walk in between this walker and the Backstage Express dining location and you’re likely to get shot at with a barrage of water.(DHS)