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I don't know where you stand on the whole Disney owning Star War thing, but you have to admit that they at least brought life back to the franchise. Right?

I’ll admit they brought a lot of money. Which, I guess, makes for a lot of opportunities for future projects. I would argue that life never left it. It was always the fans that keep these kinds of things alive. 

I’ve stated my opinions on Disney before, and I don’t think we should settle for decent when we can get great. From what I understand, it seems that Disney is more interested in money vs caring about what the fans want. 

I follow a couple of the Disney parks blogs that only have two settings.

🙂 One: Interesting information that I often haven’t heard before
🙃 Two: Snarky, armchair executives that shit all over anything new or changed in the park


A continuation of this post which takes a gander at what Disneyland may look like at 100 years old.

You can now watch 4K footage of Disney's two new Avatar rides
Pandora World, the new section of Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom dedicated to James Cameron’s Avatar, is now open to the public. Which means, of course, the public is now posting video of the inside of the two big rides — a 3D motion simulator called Flight of Passage and a boat ride called Na'vi River Journey. Read more

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