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Okay but a HoO Enchanted AU, with a mix of mythology and fairytale references??

  • Where the demigods (or maybe minor gods??) Annabeth and Jason seem so perfectly suited for each other, obviously they’re made for a fairytale romance in Olympus.
  • But Jason’s stepmother Hera hates Annabeth and sends her to Earth, where the monsters who do Hera’s bidding should be able to get rid of her with relative ease.
  • Annabeth isn’t beaten that easily though. She escapes the first round of monsters but ends up hopelessly lost.
  • Percy Jackson sees her scaling a billboard (to get a better vantage point) and assumes she’s in trouble. In the process of trying to save her, he causes her to lose concentration and fall - right on top of him. “One of the many reasons I hate heights,” he says.
  • Percy takes her home, because he’s not going to leave a poor girl in a torn up dress alone on the mean streets of New York.
  • When it becomes apparent that she can’t be trusted alone in his apartment (she keeps building miniature cities out of everything she can get her hands on), Percy takes her with him to his job as a teacher; where her stories rile the kids up a little bit too much.
  • He almost tells her she needs to leave, but the absolute awe in her eyes as they walk around New York makes him breathless, and he’s way too much of a softie, anyway.
  • He gives her the teasing nickname of Princess.
  • Meanwhile, Jason has gone looking for Annabeth, aided by their friends: one of whom is actually a spy working for Hera, thwarting him every time he gets close to finding Annabeth.
  • Percy has an absolutely epic bromance with Piper, which Annabeth keeps confusing for romantic love, leading to many hilarious misunderstandings and Piper making snide remarks about Percy being so clueless he wouldn’t recognise true love if it hit him in the face (cue Annabeth accidentally punching him).
  • No one has ever infuriated Annabeth like Percy does, and sometimes she wants to judo flip him, and sometimes she wants to kiss him…
  • Oh dear.
  • Jason is a charming hero, though, so of course he eventually finds Annabeth and sweeps in to take her back home where they can get married immediately.
  • Annabeth feels confused though, for the first time in her life. She asks Jason to take her on a date, because that’s what Percy said couples do, and Jason, ever the perfect gentleman, agrees.
  • Their date is meant to end at the Gods and Goddesses Ball.
  • Annabeth goes to Piper for help getting ready. Cue amazing bonding while shopping montage, because it turns out Piper hates shopping way more than Annabeth and is hopeless for most of the trip.
  • Until they have this big heart to heart about Percy and Piper realises Annabeth loves him as much as he loves her, and Piper determines that she’s gonna get them together.
  • Annabeth is absolutely stunning at the ball. Percy realises just how much he really loves her, but he still believes she’s going to go home with Jason, so he doesn’t tell her, because he can’t bear the thought of that rejection.
  • Then there’s a mishap with a golden apple, and Annabeth needs to be awoken by True Loves Kiss™.
  • Jason is unsuccessful, and Percy fully expects him to be furious - but instead he’s just desperate for Annabeth to be saved, and begs Percy to kiss her.
  • He does.
  • She wakes up.
  • Hera is furious and arrives to smite them herself; but Annabeth and Jason are trained warriors, Piper makes up for lack of training with pure guts, and now that he knows how she feels there’s no way Percy is ever letting Annabeth go. Plus he’s rather fond of NYC and doesn’t want to see it blasted off the map.
  • There’s an epic battle atop the Empire State Building, that begins with all of them fighting the goddess, dwindles to just Percy and Annabeth, and then leaves Annabeth to face Hera alone.
  • She outwits her, outmatches her, and takes the goddess down.
  • And then Percy slides down the roof and falls on top of Annabeth.
  • And it’s pretty much the best kiss in the rain of all time.
  • Jason looks strangely familiar to Piper. She’s still trying to figure out where she knows him from when they run back to Olympus for their own fairytale wedding.
  • Annabeth goes to school to study Architecture.
  • Percy writes a best selling children’s book about a princess from another dimension who defends Earth from monsters.
  • And they live Happily Ever After.

Small things I like about the beginning of Descendants (yes I’m watching it again shut up):

- Maleficent yelling “The safe, the safe!” about the fucking FRIDGE

- Nobody correcting her

- Maleficent banging on the front of the fridge b/c she doesn’t know how to open it when there’s a big-ass handle less than two feet from her hands

- Maleficent keeps her spellbook in the FREEZER and is surprised when it’s cold

- Evil Queen’s little “humor her, I’ll handle it” sign to Jafar/Cruella when Maleficent goes into plotting mode

- EQ in general not giving a shit about Maleficent and her plans and cracking old lady jokes

- Maleficent being basically completely crazy and out of touch but nobody wants to deal with it because she still scares them

- Cruella petting Carlos like a dog throughout the plotting scene

- Carlos’s luggage is literally a garbage bag. Everybody else has real bags to carry their stuff except for him

- Carlos repeatedly trying to fit in & help the other villains like only laughing at Mal stealing candy a few seconds after everybody else and thinking to stop and call off the alarm when they fail to break in b/c he is a precious cinnamon roll

- Carlos trying to impress Jay by showing him candy and video games and trying to help him but Jay basically dismissing him at first

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Genyatta Disney aus tho :3cc




You’ll Be in My Heart

I was in the mood for a sad story, and haven’t really been writing recently, so I decided to combine the two.  I don’t usually write angst, but I think there’s enough fluffy bits in here to make it recognizable as a Ginny fic.

This could potentially take place in this universe, but I’m not sure if this is a one-time thing, or if I’ll adopt this headcanon for future stories.

Stanley learns something about Lefou’s past that he never would have imagined

Warning:  There’s nothing graphic, but it does deal with the death of someone very young, so be careful.

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Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.

Disney World-3

Part 1/Part 2

Betty woke up the next morning in her boyfriend Jughead’s arms, and was annoyed with the beeping sound coming from her phone on the bedside table. She pulled herself away from the strong arms that was holding her to turn off the obnoxious alarm, before slipping out of the king size bed, grabbing her phone and heading to the bathroom.

She sat herself down on the toilet and opened up her phone, checking her snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr and opened up her iMessages. Her eyes went wide as she realized that Adam had been texting her. All through out the night.

“Hey, how’s your night?”

“I want to hang out with you before we have to leave.”

“Maybe you can sneak away from that boyfriend of your for a bit”

“I’m totally kidding, but I still want to hang out.”

“Oh, it’s 4 am. I’m heading to bed.”

“Btw, we’re heading to Hollywood Studios tomorrow and then Animal Kingdom the day after, in case you want to catch up.”

“See you later.”

Betty sighed and closed the app, deciding that she would answer him later. She hopped off the toilet and made her way back to the bed, giving Jughead a little shake before turning on Must Do Disney on the TV.

“Jug, babe, it’s time to wake up. We’re going to Hollywood Studios. They have really good food there.” Betty said, smiling when he slowly raised his chest, eyes fluttering open.

“Where are we?” Jughead asked, voice raspy since he just woke up.

“Disney Jug. And you’re here. With me.” Betty said, placing small kisses between her words. “Now come on, we need to get ready.”

Jughead rolled his head and stretched, his bones and joints in his arms and back cracked and popped. He finally made his way out of the bed, reaching over for some of his clothes. He pulled out his famous S T-shirt, but before he could pull it over his head Betty had his hand on his chest, stopping his shirt from pulling onto his body.

“No, I have a surprise.” Betty said, pulling out a Walt Disney World bag from behind her back. He grabbed the bag and pulled out a grey T-shirt with black lining. He turned it around to the front and saw a full Mickey Mouse on the front of it with it’s normal smile.

Jughead looked up and saw that Betty was wearing a matching one, with light jean shirts and her white high top converse. He smiled and his cheeks flushed a little bit before pulling off his S T-shirt and yanking on his new Disney shirt. He pulled on his normal ripped jeans, black suspenders that fell over his jeans and black converse.

They both walked out of their room, hand in hand. They both just had a banana and some Juice for their breakfast and decided that they would get food from the parks again. Veronica and Archie both came out of their room, smiling. They all ran towards the buses, catching the last Hollywood Studios one. They we’re all standing right next to the door, anxiously waiting to get to the amazing park.

As soon as they were finally in the Park, Jughead and Betty instantly went towards the first food wagon they could. They grabbed some food and made their way to the back of the park, where the Rockin’ Roller Coaster is and The Hollywood Tower of Terror.

“Juggie! Juggie! Let’s go! We have some screaming to do!” Betty said, grabbing Jughead by the arm.

“Why scream now when you can scream later?” Jughead mumbled, chuckling when Betty aged out a small giggle and gently slapped him on the arm.

They made their way into the red building, Jughead much more excited then he was before. They followed the line until they were finally in the ‘alleyway’. They were finally in the front of the line and Betty politely asked if they were able to sit in the front of the car.

They were finally strapped in and were about to go straight into the double loopy loops when Betty turned to Jughead and mouthed I love you.

They went straight forward, the screaming of everybody almost drowning out the sound of Aerosmith in the background.

They finally made it out and Betty and Jughead made their way over to the Tower of Terror. Archie and Veronica decided that the Roller Coasters were not their thing and made their way to different side of the park, leaving Betty and Jughead to go free falling.

They made it into the line and Jughead almost immediately tensed up.

“Hey Jug, what’s up?” Betty asked, lifting her hand up to his cheek.

“Nothi-“ Jughead started, but was cut off by a certain brunette boy that Betty really didn’t want to see.

“Hey guys.” Adam said. Betty took a deep breath in before turning around, smiling.

“Hey.” Jughead said, wrapping one of his arms around Betty’s shoulder.

“Hey Adam.” Betty said, letting a fake smile form on her lips.

“Wow… nice shirts.” Adam said, looking between Jughead’s and Betty’s chest, eyes lingering on Betty longer then he should have.

“Thanks! It was my idea.” Betty said, smiling. She looked up at her boyfriend as he placed a small kiss on her lips, hoping the message would get along to Adam.

Betty and Jughead ended up having to sit next to Adam with Betty in the middle. While they were falling, Adam tried to grab hold of Betty’s hand, but Betty snuggled up into Jughead’s chest while screaming from terror and excitement.

At the end of the ride, Jughead made up some excuse about having to meet up with Archie and Veronica for a reservation. That was not true, because the two couples decided that they were going to spend time away from each other.

They spent the rest of their day going on rides and eating so much food. Jughead kept on filling up his refillable popcorn bucket, and with Betty’s help he continued to empty it.

They were finally on their way home a little bit earlier then planned, glad when they were on a nearly empty bus. They found their seats at the very back and Betty let Jughead lean his head against her shoulder.

They finally made it back to their resort and Betty wrapped her small arm around his waist, leaning her head against his chest.

They finally made it to their room and both flopped onto the bed, pulling off their sneakers. Betty hopped off and went to go finish getting ready for bed.

“Hey B, can I borrow your phone? I need to catch up with, you know, them. And my phones dead.” Jughead called from the other room. ‘You know, them’ is Jughead’s new foster parents, whom he hasn’t really bonded with yet.

“Yeah sure Jug. It should be next to the Tv.” Betty called in the middle of taking her makeup off.

“Hey B, is this the Adam that’s sort of maybe stalking you?” Jughead called from the bedroom, and the sound of Adam’s name coming from Jughead’s lips made her come walking out of the bathroom.

“Hm? Oh yeah, he texted me last night. I want to hang out with him though, I haven’t seen him since grade seven. But it won’t be weird I promise.” Betty said, pulling her hair up into a bun.

“Betty I don’t really want you too. He made jokes about you leaving me.” Jughead said, pulling his legs up onto the king size bed they shared.

“Jughead I was friends with him a long time ago. I want to catch up with him, even if it’s just for a little bit.” Betty said, sitting down on the bed as well.

“I don’t trust him.”

“You don’t trust him or you don’t trust me?”

“Betty, it’s him. I see the way he looks at you.”

“And what way is that?”

“The same way I look at you.”

“It still sounds like you don’t trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Yeah I know, but boys can be ruthless. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“It sounds more like you don’t want to get hurt.”

“Bet-“ Jughead started, but Betty put her hand up to stop him.

“I’m too tired for this. How about we continue this after we hit Harry Potter World. I don’t want this to ruin the trip.” Betty said, snuggling under the blankets.

Jughead didn’t say anything, but just lid down under the blanket, facing away from Betty. He felt a small arm pulling him to roll over, and he did what he was supposed to. He was facing a small blonde with her eyes closed, eyelashes facing downwards.

“I’m still annoyed, it just feels weird when your not right next to me when I’m asleep.” Betty said, eyes never opening.


Officially my finals theme song.