disney must do

Small things I like about the beginning of Descendants (yes I’m watching it again shut up):

- Maleficent yelling “The safe, the safe!” about the fucking FRIDGE

- Nobody correcting her

- Maleficent banging on the front of the fridge b/c she doesn’t know how to open it when there’s a big-ass handle less than two feet from her hands

- Maleficent keeps her spellbook in the FREEZER and is surprised when it’s cold

- Evil Queen’s little “humor her, I’ll handle it” sign to Jafar/Cruella when Maleficent goes into plotting mode

- EQ in general not giving a shit about Maleficent and her plans and cracking old lady jokes

- Maleficent being basically completely crazy and out of touch but nobody wants to deal with it because she still scares them

- Cruella petting Carlos like a dog throughout the plotting scene

- Carlos’s luggage is literally a garbage bag. Everybody else has real bags to carry their stuff except for him

- Carlos repeatedly trying to fit in & help the other villains like only laughing at Mal stealing candy a few seconds after everybody else and thinking to stop and call off the alarm when they fail to break in b/c he is a precious cinnamon roll

- Carlos trying to impress Jay by showing him candy and video games and trying to help him but Jay basically dismissing him at first


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