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I can’t wait for the live action remake of The little Mermaid with over-saturated blue colours mixed with orange/red highlights and lots of particles floating in the cg water to bank on the 3D theater experience to charge you extra for your movie ticket starring whatever teenaged pop-star is most popular right now and black white oatmeal boy as Prince Eric and a fully CG Ursula with high dark contrasts colours and a dress that looks like the pink dress but with more pearls and needless jewels glued to it to make it needlessly intricate. and the trailer that’s initially not gonna show anything but the dark ocean and brief flashes of what may be a mermaid without fully showing it along with an instrumental version of “Part of your world” and the text that pops up saying “Before Aladdin found his lamp. Before Beauty tamed the Beast, there was a little mermaid who dreamed of something more. Now get ready for the story you love like you’ve never seen it before. Part of your world 2026.”

Extra points for including said teenage actress breathlessly saying a single line from the original movie offscreen to give it ~*meaning*~ like “I want to be…” or something like that.

Also terrifying CG Flounder.

It’s gonna be greeeeaaaaaaaat.

Disney Is Goals

Look at me like Flynn looked at Rapunzel
Hold me like Beast held Belle
Banter with me like the dwarves did with Snow White
Show me love like Aladdin did with Jasmine
Chase after me like the Prince did with Cinderella
Save me like Erik did with Ariel
Kiss me to life like Charming did with Aurora
Be crazy with me like Naveen was with Tiana
Be my best friend like Stitch was with Lilo
Nuzzle me like Simba did to Nala
Admit your love like Hercules did to Meg
Help me be my best like Shang did with Mulan
Be my Prince and let me be your Princess


fake movie meme → Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Ariel
Darren Criss as Prince Eric
Kathy Bates as Ursula

Read It Wednesday

Week 13 is here!! Fics from this week come from the last two weeks, so please be aware that this one is probably going to be LONG. Keep in mind that sometimes I don’t get notifications for everything I’m tagged in. If you really want me to read a fic you’ve posed, send it to me via IM and I will read it right away. Enjoy this weeks compilation!

*Little note: There are some smut fics that are left out of this. They will be included in next weeks RIW. I don’t read smut while I’m at work, and I won’t have time tonight to read them and get this up in time, so I’ve liked all smut fics I’ve been tagged in to read this weekend. I hope y’all understand!

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In clouds we found a home.

We don’t mind any sticks and stones,

and for nobody we will slow.

Above the clouds where no one goes.”-x,x

Part 2 (part 1) of ENFP and INFP characters for my dear @gakuenkaoru.:D



Zombie - Steve Randle (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Merman - Sodapop Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Werewolf - Ponyboy Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Ghost - Darry Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Demon - Two-Bit Mathews (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Vampire - Dallas Winston (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Guardian Angel - Johnny Cade (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Best Friend Moments - Steve Randle

Best Friend Moments - Sodapop Curtis

Best Friend Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Best Friend Moments - Two-Bit Mathews

Best Friend Moments - Dallas Winston

Best Friend Moments - Johnny Cade

Best Friend Moments - Cherry Valance

You Take Him To The Dog Shelter - Sodapop Curtis

Being the Curtis Brother’s little sister - The Curtis Brothers

Being Pregnant with Soda’s baby - Sodapop Curtis

Getting Married to Sodapop - Sodapop Curtis

Couple Moments - Sodapop Curtis

Couple Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Couple Moments - Dallas Winston

Couple Moments - Johnny Cade

Psychopath - Sodapop Curtis

Psychopath - Ponyboy Curtis

Psychopath - Dallas Winston

Psychopath - Johnny Cade

Wedding Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy and Y/N as parents - Ponyboy Curtis

Being Best Friends With Dally Would Include…- Dallas Winston

Having Fun With Dallas Winston - Dallas Winston

Spending 4th of July with the gang (part 2) - The Whole Gang

Going to a concert with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending Halloween Night with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending Christmas with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending a rainy day with the gang - The Whole Gang


Merman - Sodapop Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Werewolf - Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Vampire - Dallas Winston (The Outsiders Supernatural Series) 

Ghost - Darry Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series) 

Guardian Angel - Johnny Cade (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Curtis Brothers Little Sister Imagine - The Curtis Brothers

You Start Your Period At The Curtis House - The Curtis Brothers

Ever Ever After - Whole Gang Imagine


Sodapop Curtis - Sad Song

Dallas Winston - Blue Neighborhood

Ponyboy Curtis - COLORS

Soc Girl Aesthetic

Greaser Girl Aesthetic

Dallas Winston Aesthetic

Johnny Cade - BLUE

Steve Randle - Stressed Out

Johnny Cade - Still Here

Andrew Clark Aesthetic

Claire Standish Aesthetic


The Song You Dance To At Your Wedding

Their Favorite Green Day Song

The House You Buy Together (visual)

The Dog You Adopt Together (visual)

How You Two Cuddle (visual)

Your Christmas Party Outfit (visual)

Your 4th Of July Outfit (visual)

His Christmas Gift To You (visual)

The Scary Movie You Watch Together (visual)

Your Child (looks and personality) (visual)

Your Wedding Reception (visual)

His Favorite Photo From The Wedding (visual)

Your Wedding Dress (visual)

Your Wedding Cake (visual)

Their Favorite Taylor Swift Song (visual)


Chrissy Costanza

The Outsiders

Matt Dillon

Cherry Valance

Ralph Macchio


Treat You Better - Ponyboy x Cherry

U + UR Hand - Dallas and Cherry

Kill My Boyfriend - Cherry, Bob and Johnny

Harley Quinn

Strange Love - Harley Quinn x Joker


The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 1)

The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 2)

The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 3)

The Death of Dallas Winston

The Outsiders (1983)

Rumble Fish (1983)

My favorite bands/group: Marianas Trench

My favorite bands/group: Green Day

My Favorite bands/group: 5 Seconds Of Summer

My Favorite Disney Movies: The Little Mermaid

My Favorite Disney Movies: Tangled

Stiles Stilinski Appreciation Post

The Maze Runner (2014)

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