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Disney: Let’s have Mal and Evie sing a beautiful duet about how they will always love each other no matter the distance.

Disney: Also let’s montage all their moments together during that duet.

Disney: And we’ll add in some hand-holding.

Disney: How about an intimate forehead touch in there too.



Disney: No homo though lol



Playlist of the best music from the Disney Parks

So I just came back from a trip to Disney World and honestly, it made me realize two things: 

1. I forgot how god damn exhausting it is to walk around the parks all day like shit and

2. The music is god damn amazing 

So that being said, I made a playlist of all my favorite music from the parks because it always puts me in a great mood. 

  1. The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show Medley
  2.   Wishes 
  3. Happily Ever After 
  4. Festival of Fantasy 
  5. Soarin’ Over California 
  6. Soarin’ Around the World
  7. Epcot Entrance Music  
  8. Promise- Epcot Exit Music 
  9. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
  10. Golden Dream
  11. Hooray For Hollywood
  12.  Great Movie Ride Final Montage 
  13. Fantasmic! 

I think Kim Possible is the real reason I wanted to be a cheerleader

Spoilers for moana

My favorite part was when the trickster god archetype created a literal Disney musical montage just so he could steal a teenager’s boat

Something I’ve been mulling over is First Wizarding War timeline. I find the wiki timeline somewhat off in terms of Voldemort’s rise to power, so I put this together for my own reference. It’s by no means comprehensive, but gives a rough idea in terms of timeline and how bad things were and I’m posting it in case anyone else is interested. This is how I write my personal timelines, I’m sorry.

1945 – Tom Marvelous Riddle graduates from Hogwarts.  He is stunning on the outside, a fabulous painted Easter egg. He’s charming, handsome, smart, and has a little gang of angsty, goth, dark glamour nerd followers. On the inside, he’s what Dumbledore suspected: rotten and stinky. He’s already opened the Chamber, killed Myrtle and framed Hagrid. He paid a little visit to kill off daddy dearest and his grandparents. He knows about Horcruxes because Sluggy dropped the ball and was an idiot. He applies to Hogwarts for the first time but is rejected; he rejects Slughorn’s offers to help him land a Ministry job; and goes to work at Borgin and Burkes.

1946ish - He flirts/schmoozes Ms. Smith, goes all Gollum/my precious and kills her, frames her poor old house elf, steals the cup and locket, and skips town whistling.

Late 1940s, Early 1950s – Vague, vague, very vague: Albania, dark magic, coming up with an evil bad guy sketchbook, working out anagrams for Tom Marvolo Riddle.

1956-1957 – Jazz hands! I’m back, England, and I’m Voldemort now, bitches. LORD VOLDEMORT. He comes to Hogwarts 10 years after Hokey’s memory. He’s at Hogwarts to apply for the Defense position and also to hide his tiara. Here, his appearance is markedly different. He’s not quite skin crawling, but you do a double take and his voice is chalk on the board. He’s going by Lord Voldemort now. Rumors of his doings have already reached Dumbledore, who is disappointed and angry. His followers-the old school crowed-are known as Death Eaters, but they aren’t notorious yet. These things are largely unsubstantiated, rumors, but they do exist and are known.

1950s-1970ish –The rise of Voldemort: bad guy building an army Disney montage.  He’s still flapping around and continuing to research his dark arts. He’s getting fuglier. He’s splitting his soul and making horcruxes. He’s also working hard to incite fear and amass an army. He’s collecting followers, gaining support, negotiating with werewolves, giants, etc. Vry vry busy.

1970-1981 – The Wizarding War is in full force. Dumbledore says in the first chapter that there’s been precious little to celebrate for eleven years, he says that twice, just for emphasis.  Voldemort is actively at war with the Wizarding World and vice versa.  This, ironically, marks the entirety of Lily’s time in the Wizarding World (cue sobs).   It’s not like things ramped up in James and Lily’s 7th year; it’s maybe that they just became more aware of the goings on. JK tells us that the FWW, while longer than the SWW, wasn’t as bad, largely because the Ministry hadn’t been overtaken and Voldemort couldn’t radically infiltrate and control the entire society the way he did during the second war. But it wasn’t a frolic in a field of daisies, obviously, because the bastard used werewolves, inferi, giants, and all manner of dark creatures. He used the Imperius on Ministry officials, half of Diagon Alley was shut down, the Ministry issued worthless “safety” pamphlets, and the Prophet was spewing misinformation or no information at all. Things were basically a gigantic cluster. No one knew who was on what side, all vry confusing. People were terrified for their lives and their family’s lives. The Ministry was more fucked than usual, which is saying something. Muggles are dying. Like people disappearing and being tortured left and right. Dark marks over houses. Terror. Panic. Confusion. Other negative descriptors. Bad shit, ok?

1978 – MWPP/Jily  joins the Order. I think it’s fair to say that the Order has been in existence for some time and they are some of the youngest members.

Late 1979/1980 – the Prophecy is made and Snape is like OMG master what I heard and Voldemort was like say what? and the Potters went into hiding. Harry is born! Maybe the giants fall. Crouch lets Aurors use the Unforgivables.

1981 – The Order is systematically dismantled based on information from Peter the spy. Voldemort announces the prophecy, it’s the POTTERS. Snape goes OH HELL and tries to backtrack but too late. Harry doesn’t die but his parents die trying to protect him. The Wizarding World is like really? Then it’s over now? Partay! (Sorry Potters.) They build a statue. Sirius goes to Prison. Peter becomes a rat. Voldemort pulls a Dark Lord Sauron and skedaddles the hell out of dodge. Death Eaters torture Fralice, the other tragic OTP, people are SUPER outraged. Man (so many) Death Eaters go to prison. The rest call cursed! and move on with their lives.

So that was a mess but that’s the First Wizarding World according to Lindsey.

i don't wanna grow up, i just wanna grow old with you

proposal imagine because why the hell not. enjoy my loves!

title credz: forever & always - hollywood ending 

warning: FEELS (maybe, kinda, sorta)

  Going anywhere with Jack was a blessing. We always had fun, whether we were in Hawaii or the middle of no where, but the best times were always when we were in his hometown of Baltimore or my hometown of San Francisco. In this case, we were visiting my family for the week and It was a great time so far. My family welcomed the two of us with open arms. They let us use the spare car to explore and we slept in my old bedroom. 

  Today, we had a thing or two on the agenda. My favorite thing to do when I come home is visit the Walt Disney Museum so Jack bought us two tickets and I was ecstatic. I threw my red and white polka dot dress on and basically dragged Jack out of the house right after having breakfast with my dad and step-mother.

“Y/N, why are you in such a rush? The museum probably just opened!” my dad laughed as I picked Jack’s plate up the minute he took his last bite.

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Hey happy 800 followers!!! I sent this earlier but I hope this could go through! If not, feel free to delete this. Who of the Karasuno team would most likely treat their s/o like royalty? (Imagine those Disney montages when they sing a song about their true love and stuff like that. I’m talkin’ bout the scenes in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and all that lmao)

Thank you thank you! I’m now over 900+ followers, and I’m so happy!

This will be a bit short, but I hope you enjoy! Love ya!

The whole deal [breaks out into song, buys a ridiculous amount of flowers, fights squirrels thinking they’re dragons, etc.]: Sugawara, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Narita, and Hinata

Is a bit more reserved about it, but still shows their s/o the utmost affection: Sawamura, Azumane, Ennoshita, and Yamaguchi.

Doesn’t want to be as crazy as the others, so just settles with a subtle and quiet “I love you”.: Kinoshita, Kageyama, and Tsukishima.


This video is amazing :D I love it!