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The Spectrum AU Character Guide

I recently had a request for a character guide for the various sisters in my Spectrum AU, so I figured I’d repost my own notes here for anyone interested in writing in the AU door themselves!


  • Red
  • Energetic, always at it 100%
  • Very confident, straightforward. Bad at lying
  • Feels the most distant from Mabel’s original personality, sometimes has introspective worries that she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the sisters


  • Orange
  • Passionate, loving life but also incredibly horny above and beyond what is expected
  • Absolutely the type to go enjoy a ride for the visceral feel of a roller coaster or bungee jump
  • Has control issues with not being in the limelight or sharing Dipper, and with someone not wanting to take risks and get messy in a situation


  • Yellow
  • Caring, basically a disney magnet for animals
  • Easily the most empathetic of the sisters, but not shallow and very non-aggressive
  • Resents a little the idea of being taken lightly. She worries that her brother and sisters see her as “the animal girl” and almost a parody, rather than a rounded and full person.


  • Green
  • Creative, always going above and beyond for making stuff and doing things.
  • Takes Mabel’s creativity and drive, and cranks it to 11. In the process, she gets hyperfocused on a task, to the exclusion of all else
  • Reclusive by nature of her constant crafting, and she always is worried that her creations show up or otherwise annoy her sisters


  • Blue
  • Shy, reserved, and more thoughtful than expected. Basically Dipper-ish
  • Probably the best in the group at coming up with new plans and ideas, or off-the-cuff quick thinking
  • Feels more connected with Dipper than her sisters, but also worries that she’s more of a female version of Dipper than an amplified aspect of Mabel. This identity crisis is fueled by Dipper seemingly to treat her differently than the others, at least in her mind, even if she’s not sure exactly what he’s doing differently around her.


  • Indigo
  • Insistent she’s different, and constantly frustrated by small setbacks
  • One of the most impulsive of the Mabels, and always trying to push boundaries. If no-one else is volunteering for a task, she’ll be the one to strike out and do it herself.
  • Constantly worried she’s not seen as different from the other sisters, that she doesn’t have a “specialty” like May has animals, or like Meg has crafting. Leads her to take stupid risks in an effort to define herself.


  • Violet
    • Regular, genuine, original Mabel
    • Absolutely loves that her brother loves all of her incarnations and her as well. She also now has a set of forever friends she knows she can rely on forever.
    • However, she feels lost a little, and the reduction to around 1/7th of Dippers original attention is noticable and hurts. She tries to tamp it down in the interest of not making her sister sorry brother feel bad, but at times she wonders if she didn’t right thing or not.

I hope these help, and please tag me in any Spectrum AU story you write so I can help reblog it!


Bastion in the Tall Grass - This kinda sums up how I’ve been spending my precious free time at the moment! Aww, Bastion is such a Disney princess (or chick magnet. See, because he’s made of metal and… I’ll shut up right now).

Based on my experience with Pokemon Go, I was pretty tempted to make ALL THE BIRDS pidgeys. SO MANY PIDGEYS. Professor Willow, what are you going to do with your pidgey army? Is it world domination? A pidgey pie processing factory? Anyway, brb, sending you another 20.

thanks for asking!! @datheetjoella @makoto-can-tachimybana

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: makoto omfg i can totally imagine him running into a door because of this and haru trying to hold his laughter in for the next fifteen minutes while makoto blushes hard

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: haru definitely since he never pays attention in class anyway. when he’s in a lecture in his uni and misses makoto bc they haven’t seen each other in a week he does this

Who starts the tickle fights: MAKOTO because it’s haru’s weakness (frfr proves it)

Who starts the pillow fights: before the new starting days drama cd i would say makoto, but now i’d say haru. Imagine makoto studying at the coffee table while haru is sitting on the sofa getting really bored so he starts throwing the cushions at makoto, and at first makoto is like stop bothering me but then after a few more throws he joins in and starts throwing them back at haru. no more studying is being done later on that night.

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: both. BUT imagine them both thinking that the other is asleep and sneaks glances and smiles at each other at the same time (im weak)

Who mistakes salt for sugar: makoto and i consider this canon. haru doesn’t not let him stay in the kitchen for too long

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: makoto hahaha i think he’s the type who likes to eat late night snacks while studying and the microwave ends up waking up haru and haru then tries to stay awake with him for a little while to keep him company

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: i’d say haru, just to embarrass makoto (and makoto is definitely too awkward for his own good to say any of those cheesy stuff omfg). I can totally picture haru suddenly blurts out something like ‘do you have a map bc I’m getting lost in your eyes’ in the middle of nowhere while they are watching TV or something and makoto just looks at him in confusion

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: they are not the perfectionist type so id say neither

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: haru holds the spoon out for makoto to lick it and/or vice versa

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: makoto bc he thinks it’s cute to have candlelight dinners at home

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: this is my head cannon. When makoto is preparing for his uni entrance exams haru sometimes go with him to the library but he gets bored and starts doodling on the corner of makoto’s notebook until there’s no more space left and then he makes makoto hold out his left hand so he can continue drawing

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: if they ever go to disney sea in chiba together, haru will be the one who buys those kind of festive disney magnets (since he likes mascot characters so much) which does nothing but stays on the fridge until they rust and they cost 750 yen (i know this bc i bought one lmao). makoto doesn’t really understand his passion but he just lets haru buy it without further questions

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Makoto definitely and haru will purposely fill in the most compatible answers and makoto will be like omg haru we are 100% match!!! (you two don’t need a survey to know that you’re a 100% compatible match anyway omg)

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Hey there! Love your fanfics, can you write one where you take Dan to Disneyland and he's just so fascinated with everything and acts like a little kid. Thanks!

-“y/n!!! come on, are you ready yet?” dan called impatiently, as i rolled my eyes with laughter.
“okay, okay hold on. we still have time.”
“yeah, but i want to go on all the rides and the lines are gonna be long soon!”

-you watching dan smile and taking in everything while you guys walk through the park

-everything is so magical to him
**contrary to you, since you grew up and gone to disneyland your whole life

-“it’s the castle in the intro for the disney movies!”
you shake your head and correct him, “dan that’s cinderella’s at disney world. this one is sleeping beauty’s.”
“oh, well can we go there sometime too then?”
“sure?” i just laugh as dan kisses me on the cheek and then rushes to ask a random person to take a picture of us.

-he takes selfies with like everything. literally everything.

-eating candy apples with him on main street then later on coming back for ice cream

-him doing the peace sign pose and that half grin with mickey mouse as you cringe

-“it will be too soon if i ever hear ‘its a small world after all’ in my life ever again.”
“you and me both, dan. you and me both.

-him smiling at when he sees all the little kids in costumes

-him complimenting a little princess that keeps looking his way (because he’s a freaking giant) and she giggles

-“ugh. why is this line so long? i hate humans.” dan complained.
“but the little boy in that tigger costume?”
“he was amazing!”

-dan playing with your hair while you guys wait in line

-going on the carousel ride together

-the both of you buying matching mouse ears and taking selfies in them

-him buying so many disney souvenirs
cups, shirts, magnets, and glow sticks???
don’t even get me started on his winnie the pooh things

-walking around holding each other’s hands

-dan wanting to kiss you at every given moment

-him carrying you because your feet hurt but then he gets tired too
“why are you still sitting on my back?”
“because my legs are tired.”
“ugh, fine only for you.” dan says leaving you in a smile.

-ride quotes by dan
•"y/n! look at this ride!“
•"i wanna go on that one.”
•"can we go on that one after?“
•"ohhh lets go on this!”

-watching the parade together, which has his full attention

-him seeing perfectly fine because he’s so tall and you can’t see so he lifts up you up

-watching the fireworks together as his hand is rested on your waist

-sitting on a bench, ready to go as he yawns then mumbles in your ear, “i love you.”

-dan saying, “i had the most magical day,” in the cheesiest way possible. you scoff and then kiss him as the two of you walk out of the park

-when you are on your way out:
“i kinda want a light up mickey mouse balloon.”
“dan, no.”

-we walked out with a freaking mickey mouse light up balloon