disney magica!


more Ducktales drawings!! :D

the first one has Dracula Duck from the capcom Ducktales game (the remastered music is awesome btw)

then is a Magica De Spell, i don’t know how is she going to look in the reboot but anyways XD, then is Donald from Kingdom Hearts

and then is Della and Donald doodles also Duck family with the “? Duck” redeisgn i did  and finaly Sailor Fuku Donald XD

hope you like it!


Here’s something I did before my monitor’s died! :D The finished pic is below~

Behold!! I finally drew more MAGICSTONE!! Ah. To all these anons: I did it. Late, but I did it. I’ve been trying to do this since an eternity ago. I really suck with romantic things. I created like ten different ways for ducks to smooch but I choosed this instead for reasons. I need more practice.

With special thanks to @modmad for creating all these amazing comics and all the support when I was feeling like trash! uwu


@modmad ‘s awesome comics inspired me to make this. Yeah it’s short and dumb, but I quite like how it turned out in the end ^3^) I’m so happy this ship is relevant again  T wT)

Guaglione bello = Pretty boy ( more or less )

Cornetto = is like a brioche 

A World Without Scrooge

Story code: D 2010-064
Origin: Denmark
Title: A World Without Scrooge
Writing: Olaf Moriarty Solstrand
Pencils: Carlos Mota

Synopsis: Scrooge is stung by a tsetse-like fly and falls into a coma. There is no known cure, so his nephews travel to the future to get it, but the future is a very different place.

Note: Read this story from right to left, like a manga.


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