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The Print Has Arrived!

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a Limited Edition serigraph print of ‘Summer in Zootopia’ by Byron Howard.
It cost me 321$ CAN, but I don’t care.

Because it’s beautiful!
[n.n]: EEEeee! I can’t wait to see it framed!

Signed by Byron Howard, one of the director’s of ‘Zootopia’ and artist for this print.
[d.d]: Kind of makes you want to have a nice-flowing personal signature…
Are you saying that mine doesn’t look nice?
[u.u]: Oh no, Boss.
[u.o]: It’s just that your signature is very inconsistent from one instance to the next.

The print number, 156/200
[0.0]: Hey! It’s written with the same tool as Mr. Howard’s signature!
[n.n]: Meaning he must’ve numbered it himself!

A bonus card featuring the art of the ‘101 Dalmatians’ poster from Disney’s ‘Never Grow Up’ Art Show that they held from April 28th to May 13th.
[n.n]: I like how the whole thing is in gradients of black, white, and gray.
[n.o]: And it features four of the main characters:
[7.7]: You’ve got Roger in the foreground and Pongo looking out at Anita and Perdita through the window.
It’s like watching the first scene of the movie all over again.
[n.n]: I know!

Another bonus card featuring the art of the ‘Alladin’ poster from Disney’s ‘Never Grow Up’ Art Show.
[O.O]: That would make a beautiful tapestry, Boss…
If anyone ever makes that, I would insta-buy it.

The last bonus card featuring the art of the ‘Big Hero 6’ poster from Disney’s ‘Never Grow Up’ Art Show.
[n.o]: It looks like it was pulled from a comic book.
How fitting…


Moana + forehead touches

The Hongi (or Honi) is a Polynesian greeting in which two people greet each other by pressing noses/foreheads and inhaling at the same time. This represents the exchange of ha, the breath of life, and mana, spiritual power, between two people. The ancient custom of Hongi when meeting another included touching foreheads together, inhaling, kissing the other on the cheek, hugging and then exhaling.


The best of being a pre-teen in the late 90s/early 00s

“I really really want more disney limited edition dolls, but of characters like Mulan, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Elena, Jane, Meg, Kida, and the list goes on and on. They are all such beautiful characters from beautiful stories and they would look amazing as dolls! But with the release of the Moana LE doll (which I love), I can tell people don’t want these characters because they aren’t your typical “glam” princess.”