disney life lesson

What Recent Pixar Movies have taught me about life
  • Wall-e: Adventure. Live Life. But make sure to come home eventually.
  • Up: Everybody has lost something, giving of yourself is better then sequestering yourself.
  • Toy Story 3: It is totally OK to let go of your child hood its part of life.
  • Cars 2: People make mistakes. Be forgiving.
  • Brave: People love in many forms. It may not seem like it but they do truly love you.
  • Monsters University: Growing up means making mistakes
  • Inside Out: It's healthy and normal to be sad sometimes.
Disney Life Lessons

Beauty and the Beast: As long as it’s for cash and a ton of library books, beastiality is okay.

Toy Story: We’re all big-headed show-offs, and once we get knocked down to size we realize that life is meaningless, so we should all embrace our doom and have a tea party.

Snow White: Suspicious foods from strangers are okay to eat as long as the seller says it’s “magic.”

Lion King: Run away from your problems until you can’t anymore, and then push your uncle off a cliff.

Pinocchio: Skip school. Become an “ass.”

Dumbo: Placebos work wonders.

Bambi: Have fun through your childhood. Once puberty and girls hit, you and your bros are fucked.

Cinderella: Look pretty–get rich.

Alice in Wonderland: Life is so much more fun when you’re high.

Peter Pan: Fuck adulthood.

Sleeping Beauty: When trouble hits, sleep til someone else fixes it.

Jungle Book: Screw “bros before hoes!”

Robin Hood: Stealing is good, and being a criminal is fun and gets all the girls.

The Little Mermaid: Is he hot? If he is, who cares what mom and dad think?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Ugly people never get the girl.

Mulan: Bored? Cross dress and make your army captain gay.

Monster’s Inc.: Put that thing back where it came from or so help me…

Lilo and Stitch: Never give aliens coffee.

Finding Nemo: Whales make great public transport.

Ratatouille: Great influences lie and cheat their way to the top.

WALL-E: When we destroy Earth to pollution, let’s go out to space and get even lazier.

Up: “An explorer scout is a friend to all, be it bird or mouse or tiny mole,” rhymes.

Tangled: Teenage rebellion and running away with a hot gangster is healthy.

Frozen: Everything Disney has ever told you is WRONG!!!!

In case you don't know what's happening right now
  • Disney: Wow GMW has a huge fandom. Wow it was nominated for a LOT of awards. Wow that's a lot of people who want a season for. Wow the actors are really loved by the fans. Wow people get up really early to come to tapings. Wow fans really want to see some great stuff in a season 4. Wow it's our highest rated show. Wow it got hundreds of millions of more votes than the second highest liked show on a poll we made. Wow this is our only show with real life lessons.
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Let's cancel it. Give me a show about a boy who's hand talks. Bizaardvark MUST have another season. OMG GIVE US A STUCK IN THE MIDDLE MOVIE!
  • Fans: What?
  • Actors: *are heartbroken*
  • Fans: hey guys so this really sucks but let's ban together and get Netflix to take on the series! :-)
  • Disney: oh please like that'll happen...
  • Fans: Hey Netflix wanna take on GMW?
  • Netflix: Sure guys! You have really dedicated and caring fans. We'd love to help that kind of a fanbase!! Let's just get the rights from Disney first, okay?
  • Disney: No honey. We're trying to cause misery here don't try and stop us.
Helplessness and Hope

So, I recently started reading Bungou Stray Dogs because I liked the anime so much. I barely passed the part when the anime left off when I was hit like a truck with ‘the feels’.


In chapter 46, Dazai broke my heart with something he said (not romantically, but emotionally)

While the scene wasn’t very dramatic, this phrase hit me like a large emotional brick. “Certainly people are sinfully stupid. But what’s so wrong about that?” Dazai is looking at ‘faults’ and saying “So? Why are those important? How can you judge people so harshly based on those?”. Yeah, people do things that are stupid and/or cruel. He’s seen it more than anyone can imagine. He’s seen it and he doesn’t think people should be defined by it’. It’s okay to be flawed, people can be forgiven for those things. This is something he learned first-hand. He’s taken a good look at humanity, he’s seen the horror of some actions and the beauty of others. He isn’t saying “you’re good” or “everyone is good inside” or some other Disney life lesson - he’s saying that he thinks it’s okay to be a little ‘bad’.

But he isn’t sure that this is true. It isn’t a statement, it’s a question. A question asked with a timid smile - hoping for approval while trying to seem lighthearted. It gives off the feel of “Yeah, I know. Isn’t it silly?” “Please tell me it’s all right”.

On a more speculative and personal level:

I do this in my life as well, ask something personal while trying to seem like I don’t care. I nearly burst out crying every time I see his face in this panel. I still feel emotional reading this. His emotion and situation came across all too clear to me. Dazai has always been waiting for someone to tell him what to feel, what to do, what to believe in, why to live. For the first time he is feeling something he decided to feel, to believe in and he’s hoping that someone will approve of his choice.

That someone is probably Fyodor because he is a third party. The ADA will always say that leaving the mafia was ‘good’. The mafia will always say that joining the ADA was ‘bad’. Fyodor is a brilliant man who is on the wrong side of the law, much like Dazai was. He is probably still unsure about leaving the mafia and about his choices beyond that.

I might do another post on Dazai later, but it’s emotionally exhausting.

(credit to dazaiscans for the translation of the panel)

(credit to me - @kreativedragonling - for the edit)

Lessons Learned from Disney

Snow White: Many people thing that beauty is everything, you must not be blinded by the romanticism.

Cinderella: Don’t compromise your morals for anyone, no matter how wicked, but beware of those who wish to take advantage of you.

Sleeping Beauty: Be courteous to all, the one you exclude may just so happen to be your greatest enemy

 The Little Mermaid: Don’t allow your dreams to be crushed by nay-sayers, but also be careful of what you wish for and don’t take what you have for granted.

 Beauty and the Beast: The quality of a person is not skin deep, you can’t just judge things for how they appear.

Aladdin: Anyone can improve their life if they try.

Pocahontas: You have to walk in the footsteps of a stranger to have an understanding of how they life their lives. Just because someone doesn’t look or think as you do doesn’t mean that they are any less important.

 Mulan: The worth of a person can’t be judged by their sex.

The Lion King: You may not see it now, but you serve a large part in the world and you just have to have the courage to fight for what you believe in despite what may be the easier.

Princess and the Frog: You have to work for your dreams to come true, your happily ever after won’t be handed to you on a silver platter after wishing on a shining star and above all else, you can’t allow your work to run your life.

Lilo and Stitch: A family is something special which you must cherish. In a family no one is left behind or forgotten no matter what happens.

Wreck it Ralph: Don’t be ashamed to be who you are.

Atlantis: Don’t let greed and selfishness ruin a wonderful thing.

Tarzan: Humans are the actual dangerous animals in the world, not primates, or reptiles etc.

Meet the Robinsons: Don’t give up on, in order to succeed you must first fail.

Brother Bear: There is always a price to pay for each of your actions