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The Signs As Disney Princesses

Aries: Mulan

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Taurus: Snow White

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Gemini: Tinker Bell

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Cancer: Sleeping Beauty

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Leo: Merida

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Virgo: Rapunzel

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Scorpio: Jasmine

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Libra: Tiana

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Sagittarius: Pocahontas

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Capricorn: Cinderella

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Aquarius: Belle

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Pisces: Ariel 

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the signs as disney villains

*based off of the sign’s worst qualities (not all are the sign’s qualities) & stereotypes (sterotypes aren’t always true)

Aries: Cruella DeVille 

Quick tempered, picky, & cruel

Taurus: Lady Tremaine

Calm, untruthful, & unreliabe

Gemini: Ursula 

Manipulative, cunning & only has her own interest in mind

Cancer: Maleficent

Hurt, resentful, & vengeful

Leo: Gaston

Slef-obsessed, clueless, & show-offish

Virgo:  Hades

Resentful, hot-headed & sarcastic

Libra: The Queen of Hearts

Childish, diva, & high expectations

Scorpio: Jafar

Tactical, power-hungry, & jealous

Sagittarius: Yzma

Bitter, quick to judge & unplanned actions

Capricorn: Shere Khan

Powerful, vicious, & conceited

Aquarius: Scar

Independent, unfaithful, & indecisive

Pisces: Mother Gothel

Protective, obsessive & secretive

-sophia librattarius 

The Signs as Disney Protagonists

Aries: Mulan (Headstrong and courageous)

Taurus: Sally Skelington (Very reliable, caring and persistent)

Gemini: Rapunzel (Creative, good with words, freedom loving)

Cancer: Aurora (Kind, hopeless romantic, drifting thought patterns)

Leo: Tiana (Entrepreneurial and ambitious)

Virgo: Snow White (Very much in touch with nature and the earth)

Libra: Pocahontas (Settles conflict with justice and love rather than more conflict.)

Scorpio: Elsa (Very self-reflective, self-sufficient and needs to control their abilities)

Sagittarius: Arial (Yearning to explore and experience new things)

Capricorn: Belle from Beauty and The Beast (Loves to find comfort in books and can find beauty in everything.)

Aquarius: Merida (Fights for change and free will)

Pisces: Alice (Head in the clouds, very imaginative and challenges normal thinking patterns)

the signs as disney parks things
  • Aries:eating the park treats (mickey mouse ice cream bars, pineapple dole whip, etc.)
  • Taurus:taking pictures in front of the castle
  • Gemini:seeing little kids dressed in disney princess dresses
  • Cancer:character meet & greets
  • Leo:live on stage performances
  • Virgo:disney fireworks/parades
  • Libra:minnie mouse ears headbands/mickey mouse ears hats
  • Scorpio:finding hidden mickeys all over the park
  • Sagittarius:laughing at your ride photos
  • Capricorn:disney characters coming to your table at restaurants
  • Aquarius:the actual rides
  • Pisces:disney characters' autographs
Signs as 'the old Disney Chanel' shows
  • Aries:Phil of the Future
  • Taurus:Lizzie McGuire
  • Gemini:Hannah Montana
  • Cancer:Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Leo:That's so Raven
  • Virgo:Sonny with a Chance
  • Libra:The Suit Life of Zach and Cody
  • Scorpio:Kim Possible
  • Sagittarius:Jonas
  • Capricorn:Recess
  • Aquarius:The Suit Life on Deck
  • Pisces:Cory in the House
The Signs as Disneyland Rides

Aries: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Taurus: Pirates of the Caribbean

Gemini: Autopia

Cancer: Star Tours

Leo: Haunted Mansion

Virgo: Space Mountain

Libra: It’s a Small World

Scorpio: Indiana Jones Adventure

Sagittarius: Matterhorn

Capricorn: Splash Mountain

Aquarius: Jungle Cruise

Pisces: Peter Pan’s Flight

The signs as random things in my room:

Aries: high school diploma
Taurus: Cheshire Cat phone case
Gemini: jeans from the 7th grade
Cancer: star wars pillow
Leo: pirates of the caribbean blanket
Virgo: tye dye backpack
Libra: aristocats stuffed animal
Scorpio: cold sore medicine
Sagittarius: spongebob blanket
Capricorn: assorted makeup
Aquarius: ponytail holders
Pisces: Disney lanyard

The Signs as Disney Characters

Aries: Ralph (Wreck It Ralph)

Taurus: Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Gemini: Tarzan (Tarzan)

Cancer: Snow White (Snow White)

Leo: Hercules (Hercules)

Virgo: Sully [Kitty] (Monsters Inc.)

Libra: Anna (Frozen)

Scorpio: Hiro (Big Hero 6)

Sagittarius: Alice (Alice In Wonderland)

Capricorn: Belle (Beauty and The Beast)

Aquarius: Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)

Pisces: Dori (Finding Nemo)

sign couples as disney couples

Aladdin & Jasmine: Aries (f) & Cancer (m)
Cinderella and Prince Charming: Capricorn (f) & Taurus (m)
Sleeping Beauty & Prince Phillip: Pisces (f) & Virgo (m)
Hercules & Megara: Sagittarius (m) & Scorpio (f)
Ariel & Prince Eric: Leo (f) & Gemini (m)
Tiana & Prince Naveen: Capricorn (f) & Leo (m)
Rupunzel & Flynn Ryder: Pisces (f) & Aquarius (m)
Belle & Prince Adam: Gemini (f) & Libra (m)
Pocohantas & John Smith: Virgo (f) & Sagittarius (m)
Mulan & General Shang: Cancer (f) & Aries (m)
Jane & Tarzan: Sagittarius (f) & Aquarius (m)

The Signs as Alice in Wonderland Characters

Aries: Dormouse

Taurus: Queen of Hearts

Gemini: Cheshire Cat

Cancer: Tweedledee

Leo: Tweedledum

Virgo: The Doorknob

Libra: The White Queen

Scorpio: Caterpillar

Sagittarius: March Hare

Capricorn: White Rabbit

Aquarius: Mad Hatter

Pisces: Alice

the signs as disney princess songs
  • Aries:A Whole New World
  • Taurus:Colors of the Wind
  • Gemini:Part of Your World
  • Cancer:Someday My Prince Will Come
  • Leo:Kiss the Girl
  • Virgo:Reflection
  • Libra:Beauty and the Beast
  • Scorpio:Once Upon a Dream
  • Sagittarius:A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Capricorn:Almost There
  • Aquarius:That Belle
  • Pisces:When Will My Life Begin