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4 types of star wars fans
  • Type 1: memes the shit out of prequels, probably thinks rey is overrated, worships darth vader or han solo
  • Type 2: worships kylo ren/ ben solo, overuses the word “redemption” , uses rey as a self-insert, watched tfa all wrong
  • Type 3: finn/poe/rose/jessika pava stan, gay and/or woke as fuck, hates hux with a passion, finnpoe or finnrey endgame
  • Type 4: weird mixture of 1 and 3 who actually analyzes the movie after, probably watches clone wars or rebels and probably stans obi-wan, leia, darth maul, or ahsoka tano

🚨This post contains (possible) spoilers 🚨

Hey, guys! Here’s some more information about the Last Jedi footage shown to the shareholders yesterday.

Also, in regards to Finn and KMT’s character, rumors state that they will be disguised as First Order officers so they can sneak into their command ship/new base, a lot like Jyn and Cassian did in Rogue One