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sprinklesfreak  asked:

Your Oswald collection is soooooooooooo cool! There are a few I don't recognize... may I ask about the one with the polka dots and the big black-and-white one in the box?

wahh thank you so much! 
and sure thing!

Polka-dot Oswald was a Japanese Disney Store exclusive (which is what the majority of Oswald plushes that come out nowadays are, unfortunately wahh) that came out in 2013! It was called the “Bright Fun” line and they had plushes and other merch (like folders and pencil cases) of him and the Fab Five in the same polka dot style, too. They also actually had an Ortensia one as well which I haddddd to get because that was like the first ever official merchandise of her I believe haha

I bought mine straight through the Japanese Disney Store (with an online forwarding service since they don’t ship overseas unfortunately) when they came out in 2013. I’ve seen them pop up on eBay in the past… though honestly it’s been quite a while since I’ve spotted them again wahh. These two plushes seem really hard to come by nowadays so if you ever run into one or both on eBay or somewhere I definitely recommend snatching them up if you get the chance!

Black-n-white Oswald was apart of the first bit of Disney merchandise that was released of him in 2007 after his rights were returned in 2006! It consisted of this plush, a figure, a poster, a tumbler cup, and an ornament.

I got both of mine on eBay about 3 or 4 years ago I think. Again, since they came out quite a while ago they tend to be harder to come by nowadays but they do still pop up every so often. Definitely keep an eye out on eBay or even Amazon because I’ve seen them show up on there too! 


I’M BACK~!! Did you miss me? :3

Day 7 - Shibuya & Harajuku!!


In this video Kelsey and I head to Tokyo’s shopping district, Shibuya! We go to the Shibuya 109 building which is designed with girls in mind! SO. MANY… SHOPS!! We Buy make-up clothes and more! We also head to the cutest Disney Store ever..Then after Shibuya, We quickly pop back over to Harajuku! where we explore Laforet which is just like Shibuya 109 but different brands, We pop to the Tamagotchi shop and get crepe’s too~!!♪

I hope you enjoy it~!!
Abi pop


Hello Everyone~!!

I have a treat for all you guys!!


A brand new video~~!! It’s a HUGEEE Japan haul!! But this time all of the things I bought from Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney sea and the Japanese Disney Store~!!♪
I really hope you enjoy this video!! ^-^ ( & sorry it’s a little late… my router died and had to go to my sisters xD)
What was your favourite Disney things I bought~? I’d love to know!!
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Day 2 of Abi in Japan~!!

In this video we head to our new hotel *sobs* and adventure out to Ikebukuro - Sunshine city!! Which is like the Akihabara for girls!! ^-^

We go to the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO and the Disney Store, do Purikura with friends and go to a Space themed dessert Café for some interesting sundae’s!!

^-~ Enjoy~~♪