disney is a hilarious collection of people


I’m sure a huge majority of people know Nana by now (aka samwinchester, theongreyjoy, nickigrants, ect) but within the last week her blog was hacked and deleted as well as her url was stolen from her. You can imagine what a heartbreaking experience that was to lose all of her artwork, posts, notes and any new friends she has made just by knowing their url. She is looking to get back some of what she has lost in followers and I am here to help her.

Nana is an incredibly talented graphic designer, never fails to be hilariously funny, she’s passionate about anything and everything she can get her hands on, always honest and kind to anyone who comes her way, she is also an amazing writer even though she doesn’t think she is, she inspires people constantly by just being herself and she will change the way you see characters/watch television with her meta. Nana is like a real life disney princess gone evil with satanic qualities who collects friends and makes you watch or want to watch more tv. She is the coolest person that as ever been born and deserves the nicest most wonderful loving things to happen to her.

What I am saying is everyone should go follow her again on her new blog to experience more life changing posts on brothers, chicken, incest, america, minor characters, olive garden, theon greyjoy, dennis reynolds, horror and so much more.