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Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).


Tranquil by Joe Penniston
Via Flickr:
I’m not going to lie, this is one of those pictures that every time I look at it, I wish to be back there. Of all the French Quarter pictures I took this is my favorite. I intentionally chose f/2.8 at 200mm to create a shallow depth of field. I hoped that it would make for a sort of dreamy like photo. Also, this is one of the many that I lost the RAW file and I remember choosing “shady” as the white balance as this scene was in fact in the shade. The colors seem a little on the warm side but I think, if nothing else, it gives the image an inviting feel. I had to wait a few minutes to make sure no one was in the image. At 200mm there is quite a bit of depth compression so this path is a lot longer than it looks! I instantly fell in love with this resort… it is truly beautiful. I’m not good at writing reviews so hopefully my pictures (I have a few more good ones) do the talking. *PLEASE CHECK IT OUT LARGE ON BLACK* ___________________________________________________________________ Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, Walt Disney World Resort Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day!

Mulan: ENTP [Disney’s Mulan]

ENTP Follower Favorite Winner 2016.

Dominant Function, Extraverted iNtuition, Ne: Everyone uses Extraverted Intuition as a tool to get the gist of a whole situation from a few details, but ENPs, like Mulan, are most comfortable with this tool and it helps form who they are. Extraverted Intuition grasps the whole picture from very little information and fills in the blanks. It takes leaps that other types, non-Ne types, are unwilling to make. We can see this behaviorally in Mulan in a couple of different ways in the film. 

From the start we see the negative aspects of this form of thinking in her preparation or lack of preparation for her meeting with the matchmaker. She assumes she grasps the idea of what she has to do, but the details of the Se and Si variety allude her. The meeting was set up for her to regurgitate information that she was supposed to memorize. She is uncomfortable with this form of learning and thinking. She is uncomfortable with dealing with Se physical details. Her Ne is so bored by such thought processes that she doesn’t prioritize studying for the matchmaking meeting. She finds such details and minutia of matchmaking dull and has quickly moved on to other thoughts and ideas. 

Her inability to be knowledgeable in this specific form doesn’t make her unintelligent and this is shown and contrasted by the positive sides of her Ne in the very beginning when she is getting up the morning and ready for the day of her matchmaking. She may not be able to apply herself to that form of study, but we see her Ne innovation in the way she decides to more efficiently feed the chickens with the least amount of actual work on her end. Her Ne helps her see possibilities and potentials that others don’t see. She finds new inventive ways to go about day-to-day activities. We see her mind is wasted on the matchmaking stuff when she is able to innovate and invent. Her mind isn’t suited for the female societal role being pushed on her, especially since Fe is not dominant or auxiliary for her use, which would prioritize one’s role in a society. (Not a mindless drone, but more able to adapt in some way. At the very least want a place in the society/cultural. Be attracted to culture more than Mulan is.) 

Her Ne talents that see potential cannot reach their full potential where she is in her life. Her mind doesn’t work in cultural frameworks that are imposed on her. She sees things differently from others and wants to see what else the world has to offer her. She looks externally with her intuition not internally which would be Ni (some mistype her as INFJ). She thirsts for new experiences, she doesn’t live in her own mental world like an Ni dominant. She thirsts to explore new ideas and potentials outside of herself, which leaving the home finally gives her.

In her new life as a warrior, pretending to be male, she gets to have new experiences implementing her Ne abilities. She is innovative in her fighting tactics. She doesn’t do what is expected and she doesn’t follow orders. Her Ne that sees the big picture from assessing the situation quickly and getting just a few details comes in handy and helps her become the warrior all the soldiers come to admire. When they were being attacked in the mountains she doesn’t fight in the usual way. She was able to assess the surroundings and the whole situation. She aimed the cannon not at Shan Yu but at the mountain. This helped take down most of the army…temporarily. Her outside of the box thinking is what helps her defeat Shan Yu at the very end and what makes her the hero we all love and know. 

Auxiliary Function, Introverted Thinking, Ti: Mulan is not typically seen as an ENTP because many stereotype ENTPs based on being unhealthy and not fully utilizing their secondary function of Introverted Thinking. The ENTPs with a lack of self reflection are what people typically have in mind when they think ENTP. This stereotype is based on a truth, but not the whole truth of what makes an ENTP. Unlike these stereotypes we all have in mind of the ENTP who is bored, moves from thing to thing, leaving a trail of unfinished business, with no sense of personal responsibility, Mulan has a good head on her shoulders and really uses Ti in a helpful and constructive way. 

Her Ne can lead her to situations that are unresolved, like that of Shan Yu still being alive. But her Ti makes her feel a personal responsibility to the situation that she has created, which is a way for Shan Yu and his army to sneak in and get close to the emperor. Although she has saved people, she still created the situation that unfolds at the end of the film. She isn’t okay with just telling others, but feels that personal responsibility to take care of it and to undo what she has unleashed on China. 

Ti has other facets including what gives Mulan her strategic abilities to take action in a certain situation. Ti works when Mulan is taking action, nor sitting and day dreaming. When she is in the battlefield she uses it to implement her outside thinking and adjust in a given situation. 

Ti also enables her to have inner control and give her that self-discipline. When she first arrives as Chang in the military she hasn’t really thought her whole plan through. She is sloppy, not just in play acting. She has the idea to take her father’s place, but what to do in the follow through/implementation of it was to be dealt with later. When she is actually in the situation of being Chang she uses Ti to adapt to it and to self reflect more. 

Shang challenges her and makes her take her new role as Chang more seriously. She enacts the Ti form of self-discipline and becomes faster, stronger, and smarter than the other soldiers. Her Ne-Ti gives her a sense of competition, of challenge. We see a Mulan who is more comfortable in her own skin as she has the opportunity to implement her actual skills and abilities we saw in her feeding of the chickens at the beginning. She is no longer confined by her role as a woman, but can be who she really is without dealing with that female social/cultural expectation. 

When she is allowed to be a woman and herself at the end of the film we see that she finally sees who she really is on the outside and inside. She no longer is being suffocated by a role being enforced on her. She isn’t a male warrior or wife. She has female clothes on by the end, but they aren’t as fanciful and she doesn’t have make-up on. We get the true, comfortable ENTP Mulan.

Tertiary Function, Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Tertiary Fe works in a very specific way for ENTPs. We see this most in the expectations others have on her. Her Ti makes her more independent and less reliant on a need for approval from others. Her Fe being lower in her stack makes her uncomfortable with such things as approval and expectations. She finds such things to be emotionally manipulative and trying to control her. 

She left her home to be Chang in order to save her father from a tragic fate, but part of it was also a defiance of her father’s expectations of her and of what society dictates her place in society should be. She didn’t let her father’s or anyone else’s wishes dictate her actions. She doesn’t try to find a way within the system to change it, but she directly defies it. She becomes a warrior, she doesn’t fight like everyone else, and she refuses to be whatever definition of her you have. 

Inferior Function, Introverted Sensing, Si: As an inferior function Mulan is uncomfortable with Si and hates it, but also doesn’t realize how much it dictates her actions, motivations, and goals in life. Si consults the past (not nostalgia or dealing with the past), it consults with past precedent to figure out what works. Mulan is uncomfortable with this as it challenges her dominant Ne that looks for the new, the untried, the unknown, the potentials in the world. She defies the proven, the way her father wanted to do things. She is defying tradition. That is how she fights it and is uncomfortable with it.

It also motivates and dictates her behaviors though, as mentioned. She looks for something to stabilize her, something unconditional in life. It is why she is so self-reflective in the song “Reflection.” She is striving, thirsting for something concrete in herself, something that defines who she is. She doesn’t want others (Fe) to tell her who she is, but she does want to find out who she is (Si) in a concrete way. She doesn’t enjoy the turmoil that her Ne causes in her; her conflict with how society functions and how she functions. She wants to find who she unconditionally is, outside of the world around her. 

Pocahontas: INFJ [Disney’s Pocahontas]

[Disclaimer: No longer the official typing of this character for Fictional Character MBTI. Kept up for those who are curious of my INFJ typing in the past and those that simply still approve of the original typing. For her new official typing click here.]

Dominant Function, Introverted Intuition, Ni: Pocahontas relies heavily on her intuition. She can’t quite articulate what she feels, but she knows that change is coming to her and her people. Her mind thinks quite visually and in symbols. The compass is an important symbol to her and she thinks metaphorically about her path and destiny in life (Ni-Fe). She questions her culture, her people, and her role in life. She is questioning her own reality and is excited when a new form of reality arrives in their shores.

We also see that Pocahontas takes a long time to judge and assess a situation. She is open minded to these new people and specifically, John Smith. She takes in his lifestyle and philosophies. She doesn’t join the fray of conflict until she has come to a conclusion about the situation after careful Ni analysis.

A big part of Ni is synthesizing conflict perspectives. Pocahontas is the synthesizer of the story. She sees the English perspective and the perspective of her people. Although her Fe and personal preference is a relationship between humans and the natural world, she doesn’t hate John Smith for seeing the natural world as an object to conquer and commodify. She welcomes learning a new way of looking at things. She doesn’t lump all of the English together and demonize and other them like her father and her people. 

Pocahontas also doesn’t let people into her inner world easily. Her father, her best friend Nakoma, and John Smith are all on the outside with only bits of Pocahontas inner journey to find her destiny. Pocahontas isolates her inner world until she comes to a conclusion of finding her place. Which her Fe helps execute in the end of the film being a diplomat, thereby ending the battle.

Auxiliary Function, Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Her relationships and her people are very important to her. This is most pointed at the end of the film when she chooses her people over being with John Smith. Preserving her culture and serving her people (Fe) is more of a priority for her over her personal happiness and journey (Fi). She knows her role in her community is important and she fills it and sacrifices her individual pleasures for the sake of the whole.

Fe also gives Pocahontas an understanding of others using social rationality. By evaluating a situation and seeing people’s reactions she is able to read people by expected behavior. INFJs often mix others’ feelings with their own. It is why Pocahontas feels the pain of others so deeply. She feels her father’s love and disappointment. She feels John Smith’s pain being captured. But most importantly she feels the anger between the two warring peoples.

Tertiary Function, Introverted Thinking, Ti: This function analyzes thoughts and ideas generated by Ni and can cause self-doubt in INFJs, including Pocahontas. Ti is a screening process for ideas that come inutitively for Pocahontas.

This function also serves her well in using experiential knowledge and not just her intution. She makes conclusions not just by what her Ni “feels,” but from her subjective observations of the world. That is how the Ti evaluates the Ni in a healtht way that doesn’t lead to self-doubt, but grounds an INFJ in reality. This function can have the opposite effect if an INFJ is looping, skipping Fe. However, Pocahontas is a very healthy INFJ.

Inferior Function, Extraverted Sensation, Se: Many people see this part of Pocahontas and mistype her as an ISFP. This is the part of her the enjoys immersing herself physically with the world. Being a healthy INFJ her inferior function doesn’t harm her, but lends her useful skills. Se picks up the concrete details around her, she uses her Ni to then experience them, weighs the ideas that come to her from Ni with her Ti, and then she expresses herself through Fe. 


Imagine your older brothers taking you to see the movie Moana

“Please, Dean? I’ve been waiting so long for it to come out!.” You beg the eldest Winchester. He rolls his eyes and responds, “Y/n, you made me watch all eight Harry Potter movies. I don’t even like Harry Potter. I think I’ve suffered enough.” “What? No, Harry Potter is the greatest book series- well second best.” You giggle. “What’s the first?” Dean confusedly asks. You give an evil grin. “Supernatural.” Dean sighs as Sam strolls into the room. “Hey, Sam? Can we go see a movie, please? Dean won’t let me go.” You frown. “What movie?” He asks. “I wanna go see the new Disney movie, Moana. Disney is so great at making movies and this is a huge milestone for the variety of ethnicity in filmmaking history, well for Disney.” You explain in depth. “Wait, the movies out today! I’ve been waiting for months.” Sam exclaims. You jump up and down excitedly. “C’mon Dean, you’ll enjoy this.” You predict. He raises an eyebrow at this statement. “Wanna bet?”


make me choose | snilythegoose asked: classic disney or revival disney

What really hurts about the new SDCC footage is that you can definitely tell that the Author gets along with Mabel more than Dipper.

*May contain minor s p o i l e r s having to do with the footage*

And with Dipper being in the back you just know that the Author will bond with Mabel more and Dipper will start to feel isolated from everyone. The Author knows Stan, he likes Mabel, he’ll probably get along with Soos, but Dipper? He’ll be left alone with time to think about so many things: Mabel “betraying” him, Stan lying to him for so long, the fact that he might not even know Stan anymore, the Author not really liking him as much as he wanted. Dipper is going to have a lot of time to think about how much people have let him down. There’s going to be a lot of jealousy and hurt. You know who he will have time for? Bill. Bill or anyone else that could do the worst possible things.

Mabel has gotten what she wanted for so long (not that she doesn’t deserve anything, but Dipper has sacrificed a lot for her, and she hasn’t exactly “returned the favor”….), and I think Bill is going to take advantage of that. Something is going to happen with Bill, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and the Author, and it won’t be pretty. It’s all probably going to stem from one thing: Dipper’s feelings towards what’s happening.


Step Into the Magic by Jackie Nell