disney figurine

I recently reblogged a post about a Moana figurine coming out by the Hamilton Collection, pointing out that they use digital paintings/3D renders to sell their products without showing the end result. And when you see pictures from those that bought the item, they tend to be…less than stellar for their steep price tag of around 100 USD.

SO, I thought I should point out Enesco! Their figures are actually sold on the official Disney store website, so that alone should be a comfort- BUT also, not only do they tend to run a bit lower on the price scale, their products turn out much better AND they have really nice sales of around 30% off.


I got a little carried away but this isnt even all of them. The prices range from 35-70 USD, which, compared to the usual 100 USD of Hamilton Collection, is amazing. We just got the Elsa one ourselves since it went on sale for 35ish and it looks around 8 to 8.5 inches (20.3 to 21.59 cm) in height, so they’re a good size too.

They DO have some that could use better face work, but honestly those are so few and far between when compared to the plethora of awesome/pretty af figurines.

They also have more than just Disney stuff, and it seems a lot of it you can get through Amazon. I dont THINK they have any Moana merch yet, but I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. I mean, Lenox is nice too but their faces also seem to have…problems, as a majority.


“But Jessie, you don’t even like honey cereal!”
“…. Your point being?”

Mabel & Waddles WIP

Here is a little update on Mabel & Waddles! I decided to make her headband pink like her sneakers.
And on a side note; I really should get myself a nicer placemat. The ugly thing with the mooses on it shows up in almost every picture I take and it is beginning to bother me hahah.

First LOOK at Disney Princesses Q Posket figurines!

Omg these are adorable!!!!!
I have a few Sailor moon Q posket and they are so cute and I’m so happy they are now doing Disney characters! I believe they will be out around November. The ones with lighter colors are limited edition and the bright ones are regular.


Disney Character figurines made by Mega Wcf.

This figurines are made by Mega WCF and they will start being released around August in Japan! They look adorable and I need all of them, specially Ariel with legs lol Thank you so much to @aimmynmermaid for the news and where to find the pictures!!! Pic credit goes to (Toy is money) facebook page.


Disney’s Couture de Force collection