disney femslash comics


The last time I watched Enchanted I had that usual moment of “but what if gay.” So I present to you one of the early scenes and one of the ending scenes in a version where everyone is queer. Most of these are essentially screenshot redraws with characters swapped around. =)

So in honor of the whole 400+ followers, I decided to finally finish this which was hanging out on the back of one of my hard drives.  Megariel is one of my favourite ships.  There’s just so much potential for angst and fluff if you think about it.  Hades would totally take advantage of the situation and try to gain power in the ocean, Megara would never accept Ariel getting legs to be with her, Ariel would do ridiculous things and Meg would laugh at her but she wouldn’t mind because she’s so excited to have met this woman who is super different from her sisters or any merperson, who’s all experienced and sexy and whatnot.  IDEK, IT’S A GREAT SHIP AND I HAVE NO REGRETS.

btw. It looks better in the bigger view. I love you people.

Hey all! Sorry for the hiatus.  Here is the Cinderella/Tiana comic I promised. They’re so cute together, I sortof went overboard with this.  Thank you for asking me to do this.  I would love more requests from you guys.

(Initially this was gonna have four panels 1. Cinderella getting Tiana’s attention because she’s working 2. Cinderella asking Tiana if she would like something sweet and Tia saying traditionally that’s the servers job 3. a kiss 4. Tia being all blushy.) (But I really enjoyed this panel a ton and so it looks pretty and it looks like Tiana is the one doing the initiating.)

(Besides I like this version better.)