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It’s been way too long since I finished an Infinity Base. I got hung up on the design of Jasmine’s, but when Mulan came out I knew exactly what to do. So with that, I present the latest in my series of Disney Infinity character bases: Mulan!

As always, designed in Rhino, 3D printed, and hand painted.

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i can't see him being a disney fan at all but based on your head canon van do you think he would watch beauty and the beast with you if you told him ewan mcgregor was in it

As in, the Van in my stories - would you watch it? I agree I don’t think real (or my version) Van would like Disney, but I think he’d watch it for Ewan maybe. He’d be like, “It’s like seeing ya mate’s band, even if they are rubbish.” You know? Supportive. Haha. Idk. =^.^=

So I was on Buzzfeed when I came up to this article,

being a Disney fan (And someone who falls for Buzzfeed articles all the damn time) I read it. It was great for the first seven things (how about reasons) and then I got up to eight and nine.



So I guess I’m not a Disney fan based off of Buzzfeed, and I guess all anti frozen people and people who are just done with Frozen aren’t either, sorry guys.

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Would you want GMW to be moved to Freeform in later seasons because FreeForm is owned by The Walt Disney company and it would give the show more mature topics to deal with

Honestly I think it’d make more sense to create a Friday night “Teen Disney” block that allows more mature topics to be discussed more freely. GMW would come in with an established fan base and then Disney could have other teen targeted shows come after it. It would help Disney regain the teen fan base they used to have back in the 90s/early 00s while still retaining the 8-11 year olds for the other programs.