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What do you think of Sabrina singing ass but not sex in her cover of that's what I like? I feel like it's the same...I don't understand her publicity team

Well I think it’s referenced in the song in a non-sexual way (“girl you and yo ass invited” or something like that).

But “sex by the fire at night” is explicitly about sex obviously and we live in a society that shames teenagers, particularly females, for doing or saying anything sexual or sexually related, so I’m not surprised she had to censor that. And she still has more of a Disney based fan base than a mainstream older fanbase, so the last thing her management would want her to do is upset parents who have the $$$. I literally had grown adults/parents reblogging my post a few months ago about her evolution tour (where I said her dancing was not a big deal at all, let her live), and tried to slut shame her in the reblogs. It was so yikes but also a reminder of the reality we still live in.

I think it’s all kinda dumb, she’s almost 18. But I’m not surprised from a management perspective.


It’s been way too long since I finished an Infinity Base. I got hung up on the design of Jasmine’s, but when Mulan came out I knew exactly what to do. So with that, I present the latest in my series of Disney Infinity character bases: Mulan!

As always, designed in Rhino, 3D printed, and hand painted.