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naomi scott may not be arab but she sure as hell isnt white so stop erasing her indian heritage

Disney Princesses aren't 'bad examples to women'

These ‘feminists’ that come around saying Disney princesses taught girls only how to wait for a man and be girly piss me off. And I’m not talking that just about the recent princesses are standing up for women, they have been doing that for years but in a more discreet way. You all make such a big deal out of falling in love and having a prince, but really what’s the big problem with having a boyfriend?

Some people say that Disney princesses make it seem like all girls should do is cook, clean and take care of a house. Just to clear the fact that only Cinderella and Snow White did these things, the former because she was forced to by her stepmother and the latter to repay the dwarves for letting her stay with them. Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan and Belle didn’t cook or clean. The stereotype of Disney princesses is far off from what really happens in their movies.

Seriously, Ariel defied her father and went after a world she thought was better than hers, made a deal with a witch and grew legs. Yeah, she wanted to fall in love, what’s the issue? We can’t want to have boyfriends anymore? 

Pocahontas taught the english men that their views were not the only ones, that maybe if they stopped to think they would see there’s more in the world than that. And you know how difficult it is to make a guy back then to notice you’re right and he’s wrong? It’s VERY difficult.

And there’s Esmeralda. You people forget that she freaking stood up for all those poor people, tried making justice with her own hands and got almost burned at a stake for standing up for herself and denying to have sex with a man. 

Belle thought for herself, she decided to not marry a man she thought was an ignorant and a chauvinist pig, she stood up to a beast that could probably break her neck in two with a bite, she taught him how to be human again and she didn’t mind that everyone thought of her as the weird girl of the town. She went to a crazy guys place and traded her freedom to save her father and you say that is not something worth doing?

Jasmine got a bloody tiger to make all the guys who tried courting her run away with half their pants. She said 'f*ck the laws, I’m not marrying a man if I don’t want to’. She didn’t care for status, she pushed Aladdin away until she noticed he actually cared for her and not her money. And she even ran away from home so she could live life her own way, only went back because she saw the injustice that was happening under the nose of the palace and went straight to try and make things right for her people.

Jane (from Tarzan), was ambitious and worked in something most men said she could not do, followed her true passion to study and work in Africa, she survived in the jungle, she took care of her crazy father, she put the crazy Clayton, survived an angry mob of baboons just so all the things she strived for would happen. 

Megara didn’t need a man at all, and she said that all during the movie. She was not a damsel in distress, she manipulated Hercules (until she fell in love and gave up). She gave the God of Death a straight on and didn’t bother actually respecting no one who didn’t win her respect.

And just to make my point clear, Mulan. Do I need to start on how she saved China from some huge guys with mostly her wits, saved her father from obvious death, was probably the first ever cross-dresser woman on a show for children and was the best soldier between like 50+ men? Oh and she made 3 guys dress like women and they actually were able to knock out most of the bad guys using feminine traits.

Also, on the matter of 'they make unrealistic expectations on how women should look like’, THEY’RE FREAKING CARTOONS! Do you want to have a head like the PowerPuff Girls? Legs like Dee Dee’s? Be yellow like Lisa Simpson? Some cartoons are more realistic than others, doesn’t make them actually look like reality. Just look at Disney’s princesses hairs! You think you can have those? Everyone knows you can’t look like a Disney princess, so stop fussing over their waists. Want to talk about unrealistic expectations on how to look? Go see some lingerie ads.

If you don’t like Disney movies and how they portray women, it’s you right as a human being and you’re entitled to your opinion. But really, stop to actually see what happens before dissing something you didn’t stop to analyze.

FYI, I did not talk about more recent female characters like Tiana, Merida, Elsa or Rapunzel just to make a point that even older movies still treat the matter of women independency. 

This Day in Disney History

September 16, 2006:  Cinderellabration gives it’s final performance on the Castle Forecourt Stage at the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderellabration took place several times a day and was a musical show featuring Cinderella and all her royal friends who were invited to her coronation.  At the end of the show, Cinderella is crowned a princess and gets to take her place with the other princesses.  

Part of “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” this show was replaced by Dream Along with Mickey, another stage show, later this year.

Check it out HERE!

The first idea for the story line in Aladdin and the King of Thieves involved a villain from the Aladdin TV series named Mozenrath. The plot was that the hero and villain would turn out to be brothers. However (according to one of the writers) everyone thought they should steer away from the TV show and that, and the fact that they couldn’t get in touch with ‘Johnathan Brandis’ (Mozenrath’s voice), prompted them to move on to another relative of Aladdin’s - his father.

Among the Genie’s many transformations in Aladdin and the King of Thieves is an old, grandmotherly woman, clearly meant to be “Mrs. Doubtfire” a character played by Robin Williams in the film of the same title, Mrs. Doubtfire. The character originated as “‘Andy Kaufman’’s Grandmother” at his famous Carnegie Hall Show and was adapted for the movie.