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The “Calarts head” debacle

(Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed here are purely opinion and my own thoughts)

So for a while now people have been complaining about a certain thing in art that applies to many different shows of this era. This is the tendency to have
-No line pressure
-Very stiff and boring posing
and by far one of the most controversial
-the “calarts head”

Now while I do disagree with most of these, they are a rather huge bummer in art (especially posing as you may know) I do honestly believe with the right style and time they can be salvaged 

One thing that I’m totally okay with (for the most part) is the “calarts head”

Let me give you an example of what I mean

If you’re very into cartoons or just art in general you’ve most likely seen this gif or just noticed this all together in cartoons

Now of course I do have some problems with it (Nothing’s perfect right?) It is somewhat repetitive and I think it sorta halts most experimentation with style and shape (I’m also not quite a fan of the “bean mouth” they all have)

However I’d just like to point out something

That is art from long ago

Now riddle me this, why don’t we have many problems with these styles?

I can hear some people saying “well they clearly have differences” but so do the “calarts styles”
Clarence has a more squared head
Dipper’s is more elongated
Star’s is more smooth and such

I’d like to just say, what’s the bother?

We’re clearly in a new age of art, and yes while it is good to experiment and such, what’s the problem with this?

Just here to give a new perspective on this style 

Don’t let the shape of a cartoon character’s head turn you off of the quality an entire show could be either

Art imitates life, and life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you’re gonna get

Hi, if you are a teen or an adult who watches/uses things that were “made for kids” or where kids were the target market,

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I am Still a cartoon lover

I was born with a pineapple under the sea, 

I learned things in Cyber Space,

I was raised with kids in the cul de sac.

I found the escaped experiments in hawaii,

I saw ghosts in the town of Amity Park,

I watched Weird World with the Saturdays,

I had misadventures to find Candy Island,

I trained with teens in a T shaped tower,

I defeated the Fire Nation,

I fought in the Gem War,

I survived Weirdmageddon,

I broke out of St. Olga’s,

I made it over the Garden Wall,

I had silly adventures in the land of Ooo,

BUT I’m not done yet!


(I made this as a redo on my original “I am a Cartoon Lover” showing where my love of cartoons began and how I grew up with cartoons because why not?? As I am still a cartoon lover no matter how old i grow) 

A big ol’ crossover piece I’ve been planning for nearly over a month! Four series in one! Approximately 24 characters! This was a joy to work on! :D


Animation is for all ages.

Hey guys! So my friend keeps claiming that only kids actually watch cartoons and animation and that all the cartoon fandoms on here consist of kids pretending to be grown-ups. I don’t agree and kinda want to see if I can show her that animation is for everyone.

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Suuuuuuper old fanarts I never got to post (these are from 2016, guuuys), but, better late than never? If you want to post one on IG, please, PLEASE, ask me first or at least tag my Instagram account: wandering_ghostgirl. Respect the artist


I really need to be more consistent in uploading here! 
okay so I did a style challenge because, well, I LOVE doing them they’re so much fun and its a great exercise for me because it gets me excited about drawing!