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when I was a kid I daydreamed constantly before my sister could talk bc I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I would come up w what were essentially Disney fan fictions and then as I started to read all the stuff I read got incorporated into these sort of semi maladapted daydreams and this started when I was like literally three or four and I still remember the like premise of each of the sort of chains of daydreams I had bc they were so vivid and intensely satisfying

-early early like age 4 I remember having daydreams/“telling stories to myself” about Ursula, first just Ursula and like imitating her to myself in bed as I fell asleep and then it was a story about how Ursula was misunderstood and people were trying to kill her and she escaped in her human form onto land to run away and hid in a cave drinking soup made of seaweed and then the townspeople come and tie her up and she like fights them but then gives up bc she is too noble?? Very warped characterization of Ursula but I trusted and loved her

-daydream abt Quasimodo and Esmeralda . At first I made Quasimodo a girl bc I was Quasimodo but I gave up on that and just like relived the scene where Esmeralda is gonna get killed and quasi saves her and then it was like endless chase/capture scenes in my tiny head and then like they went to the caves and Esmeralda defended quasi and told everyone he was good and not bad but they kept misunderstanding him and wanting to hurt him and he had to prove himself

-Atlantis happened and I was mechanic girl but also milo and I rlly wanted to reenact the story and make my friends be the Atlantis princess

- I saw a picture of a roman slave ship in a picture encyclopedia and my dad got me some cd roms about Ancient Rome and there was an animation of a guy getting his hands cut off and about the same time I read a fairy tale in a grimms fairy tale book about a poor peasant orphan girl who gets caught stealing apples and gets her hands cut off and then I think also loses her tongue and like can only bite apples off the tree and like…I had some fucked up stories going on that I knew I couldn’t tell anyone cuz I was like five but like, Quasimodo character had that happen a lot to him

-little mermaid 2 came out and I had a story where Ariels daughter gets turned into an octopus lady instead of a mermaid mermaid

-age seven I read coville’s into the land of the unicorns where the main character jumps off a roof with a magic necklace while being pursued by mysterious figures and lands in the unicorn land and I had a lot of that kind of stuff . There was a story I had about a girl who jumps off a cliff and falls safely ish to the bottom of the cliff and like is super hurt but alive but she fell from so high up that the villagers don’t even know there’s a cliff they think it’s the sky and they think she’s like a witch and they nurse her back to health but then put her on trial

- I read Jane yolens young Merlin series and got to the book where the wodewose put Merlin in a cage and give him like meadowsweet and opiates to induce dreaming and I loved That shit

-kidnapped by goblin :the fucking endless daydream . One was carried down to caves beneath the surface of the earth and made to eat vermin but then you got the trust of an ugly but good spirited teen goblin who taught u to use swords and escape

-alternately , kidnapped goblin has to prove humanity to captor who has placed her in a tower . Captor is either evil or hapless and handsome town miller who has been saddled with the task of keeping her locked up bc he has the biggest building

- sooner or later this becomes “misunderstood werewolf and or vampire” stories

-alien abduction . This starts earlier but just as tiny 6 yr old me going “if aliens captured me I bet they would put me in a very small box” and then getting into small boxes . more elaborate ideas about aliens abducting every human on earth and putting them through like an industrial screening process enter my head later . it gets weird

-Disney villains started all this

The Essential Disney College Program Bucket List

So after making my own personal DCP bucket list (for the second time), I thought it would be a good idea to make what I think everyone should do (or at least give it the good ol’ college-program try) during their program! So without further ado, here is my Essential DCP Bucket List (no bias at all)!


  • 4 Parks/1 Day
  • Drink Around the World (if 21+); if not, try  Dessert Around the World 
  • Conquer the 3 mountains
  • Kitchen Sink
  • 24 Hour Challenge or a Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Night Show Trifecta (Fantasmic, IllumiNations, and Wishes in 1 night)

Everything Else:

  • Become a wizard (visit Universal Studios)
  • Do at least 1 character dining experience
  • Get a picture on every ride that offers one
  • Ride every ride/see every show in all 4 parks throughout program
  • Visit Property Control, Cast Connections, Company D
  • Visit every resort on property and take a picture at each one
  • Get a 4 Keys Card
  • Give another cast member a 4 Keys Card
  • Buy a pair of ears and have them embroidered
  • Become a Galactic Hero
  • Get pictures at each of the park icons
  • Sample all the drinks at Club Cool
  • Have your joke read at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • Get a passport at Epcot (or use the KidCot Duffy’s), and get it stamped at each pavilion in World Showcase
  • Meet every Disney princess (bonus points if you do it in one day)
  • Celebrate something with a button
  • Become a Wilderness Explorer
  • Take pictures in your costume! Have people visit you at work and take action shots (and do the same for them)
  • Do a backstage tour/ride something with the lights on
  • Get pixie dusted
  • Watch Wishes from a ride (Thunder and Mine Train are bomb)
  • Meet Mickey and Minnie in as many different costumes as possible
  • Go to Rope Drop at least once
  • Dapper Day
  • Work in as many different locations as you can 

So, there ya have it! Did I miss anything? Feel free to add more fun ideas!

A word on Elena of Avalor

Before Tumblr has an absolute meltdown about the inevitable racism and trolling following the release of Elena of Avalor, I want to tell you how people outside of the Internet have reacted.

Before the show actually aired, I ALREADY had little girls coming into the parks as Elena. Of ALL colors. Since I’ve been so pumped about both our new princesses, I’ve asked the little ones what they like most about her and every single one has replied along the lines that it’s because she’s strong, she’s a leader, and/or she’s beautiful. Parents (of ALL colors) are extremely pleased with the show. I’ve also had boys, mainly brothers of these little princesses, tell me they also love the show and Elena.

People on the Internet are going to say shit because they can. They probably always will. But I hope you can take comfort that kids already see her as a role mode and have started to buy her merch. Support Elena by encouraging education and let the ignorance go ignored.


There is WAY too much stuff going on on Twitter, so I summed it all up in one post. Well not all of it but the most important part.

Essentially, Disney is  in SUPER emergency mode. The Scandal official account TWEETED the link to the ABC advisory panel telling fans to you know, “oh state your opinion!” That is a panel that I have been a member of for something like a decade in the past. I left it when I wasn’t watching any more shows on ABC right before Scandal started. So, since I am PERFECTLY aware how it works and I was on there for a very long time… I am LMAO. That panel does NOT accept members, EVER, except for once a year when they allow the existing members to invite other people. That’s not even every season AND they choose the people who can be members among those recommended by existing users. But TODAY it is open and people can just click and become members??


THen there’s also the matter of The Wrap. You can see the headline they tweeted this morning when the ratings were released, you know the SINCERE, NOT SUGGESTED BY DISNEY HEADLINE, and then the headline from about an hour ago, CLEARLY suggested by Disney (or I should say planted) that DESPERATELY tries to spin stuff that can’t be spun.


2) OH DISNEY WANTS TO WAIT FOR L+3 RATINGS? LMAO that’s CUTE. DISNEY ALWAYS counted the overnight ratings, as everyone else does because THEY are those that matter… but hey TODAY it all changes. LMAO!

Except L+3 ratings include DVR where people entirely skip ads, and NO ADVERTISER CARES ABOUT THAT.

For anybody who isn’t culturally knowledgeable about the greatest movies of cinema history, aware of the influence and tribute of Mr. Big: he’s essentially the Disney fursona of Don Vito Corleone: the most influential gangster in cinematic history. If you really want to enjoy everything Zootopia has to offer, I stress that you watch The Godfather, and if you’ve already watched it, watch it again! Zootopia is a gritty buddy-cop, noir film and a character like Mr. Big drives that point. He’s voiced by Maurice LaMarche!


Lately I’ve been planning our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, and I started gathering our ‘Disney essentials’. Our Magical Ribbons bow have obviously been a part of each of our trip ever since the first one in November 2012 - although our collection was much, much smaller then!

I used to be able to bring every single bow with us to Florida so we could decide which we wanted to wear based on our moods, but at this point, we’ll actually have to plan it all in advance because obviously this would make everything a bit of a tight fit!

So here is our current complete collection!

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to Disney for the week and I was wondering if you could recommend some cute and comfy outfits and shoes? Also, what kind of bag should I carry into the park and are there any things I must do/see/places to eat while I'm there?

Hey there! As far as shoes go, I love my Nike Free 5.0…they’re comfy enough to walk around in all day at the parks! For bags, I would recommend either a crossbody bag or small backpack to store the essentials.

And, here’s a list for you of my absolute favorite things across the parks and resorts for you! :)

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“I am a huge fan of the animated musicals Disney has done, essentially most of their animated films, lol. But after having recently watched “My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks”, I find my self wishing that Disney could make a movie with a similar musical themed final battle. Being able to see all the characters music manifest in magical attacks was just awesome, and I’m sure Disney could do just as great a job at it, if not better”