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The Essential Disney College Program Bucket List

So after making my own personal DCP bucket list (for the second time), I thought it would be a good idea to make what I think everyone should do (or at least give it the good ol’ college-program try) during their program! So without further ado, here is my Essential DCP Bucket List (no bias at all)!


  • 4 Parks/1 Day
  • Drink Around the World (if 21+); if not, try  Dessert Around the World 
  • Conquer the 3 mountains
  • Kitchen Sink
  • 24 Hour Challenge or a Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Night Show Trifecta (Fantasmic, IllumiNations, and Wishes in 1 night)

Everything Else:

  • Become a wizard (visit Universal Studios)
  • Do at least 1 character dining experience
  • Get a picture on every ride that offers one
  • Ride every ride/see every show in all 4 parks throughout program
  • Visit Property Control, Cast Connections, Company D
  • Visit every resort on property and take a picture at each one
  • Get a 4 Keys Card
  • Give another cast member a 4 Keys Card
  • Buy a pair of ears and have them embroidered
  • Become a Galactic Hero
  • Get pictures at each of the park icons
  • Sample all the drinks at Club Cool
  • Have your joke read at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • Get a passport at Epcot (or use the KidCot Duffy’s), and get it stamped at each pavilion in World Showcase
  • Meet every Disney princess (bonus points if you do it in one day)
  • Celebrate something with a button
  • Become a Wilderness Explorer
  • Take pictures in your costume! Have people visit you at work and take action shots (and do the same for them)
  • Do a backstage tour/ride something with the lights on
  • Get pixie dusted
  • Watch Wishes from a ride (Thunder and Mine Train are bomb)
  • Meet Mickey and Minnie in as many different costumes as possible
  • Go to Rope Drop at least once
  • Dapper Day
  • Work in as many different locations as you can 

So, there ya have it! Did I miss anything? Feel free to add more fun ideas!


Please excuse my rant:

Why does Prince Adam and Hercules bear a striking resemblance?

If - a big IF - they’re related their blue-eyed kinda ginger-looking blood line could connect the Disney lineage theory from Hercules/Ariel with Prince Adam. Here’s a SUPER brief summary. YouTube it (it’s worth it). This theory would be really nice assuming that Adam’s tale is far in the past where he and Belle had the descendants of Jane from Tarzan. Separately the young Ariel COULD have been investigating the partial wreckage of the ship that Elsa and Anna’s parents “died” on (on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding because Elsa/Anna’s mother is sisters with Rapunzel’s mother thus the ladies are all cousins; the theory is complex) only to discover they survived of the coast of Africa and produced Tarzan wherein Tarzan and Jane meet (reunite????) As their past lives had once had???

Granted the existing conspiracy theory has some huge holes in it but I won’t discuss them. I’m personally inclined to believing that Disney would play with the idea of past lives reuniting because it’s just enough romantic and cliché that Dinsey may consider it. I’d still ship it though.

After watching enough Disney growing up and knowing Disney and (admittedly) some basic mythology: actions of the past invtitably tie into the fates of the present/future actions of the descendants. Plus the Disney royal conspiracy theory essentially wishes to tie all princess into one, single originating royal line. This particular fandom/conspiracy is already in a pretty deep hole.

Don’t even get me started on how the Fairy Godmother = Blue Fairy, Eilonwy = Maleficent (and possibly not a kin to Aurora’s family), Alice lead to Wendy, or on how Snow White = Mother Gothel


This begs the question of:

“On which basis can Adam and Hercules be related?”

Aside from the obvious that a Pre-Revolutionary French Prince could be as prestigious as a Greek Demi God; I have no basis on which to connect the two.

Dear Tumblr:
Please help me theorize this connection


Theorize the other princes/princesses’ possible connections to one another or through association/interaction such as Jasmine (although I’ve heard a compelling partial answer with Aladdin possibly being a Prince already) Tiana, Moana, Merida, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora, Pocahontas, and other heroines such as Alice, Esmerelda, and Anastasia (but she’s not considered a traditional princess???) to name a few without distorting their cultures, origins, and significance more so than what Disney and this conspiracy has already done.

If we can expand this idea to all stories; neat. Otherwise I’d like to know if there’s some merit to my theory or if I’m just believing this nonsense simply because I think the two look alike.

bc i get really bored listening to the same playlist again and again and again, so ive made a list of many of my favourite study playlist

studyblr playlists:

my study playlist - @uglystudies​
terraform // @intellectus 
blue // @nag-aaral 
classic rain // @mssyblr 
study // @studycell 
back to school with disney // @hermionegoals 
revision essentials // @studyrelief 

movie soundtracks:

entire harry potter soundtrack // best of star wars // theory of everything // kill your darlings // studio ghibli // hans zimmer 

other playlists:

reading soundtrack // concentration // get smart // relax & focus // study time starts now // video game music //  just a study playlist // sunlit library // the devil’s orchestra // calm before the storm 

A word on Elena of Avalor

Before Tumblr has an absolute meltdown about the inevitable racism and trolling following the release of Elena of Avalor, I want to tell you how people outside of the Internet have reacted.

Before the show actually aired, I ALREADY had little girls coming into the parks as Elena. Of ALL colors. Since I’ve been so pumped about both our new princesses, I’ve asked the little ones what they like most about her and every single one has replied along the lines that it’s because she’s strong, she’s a leader, and/or she’s beautiful. Parents (of ALL colors) are extremely pleased with the show. I’ve also had boys, mainly brothers of these little princesses, tell me they also love the show and Elena.

People on the Internet are going to say shit because they can. They probably always will. But I hope you can take comfort that kids already see her as a role mode and have started to buy her merch. Support Elena by encouraging education and let the ignorance go ignored.

Only Yesterday // dir: Isao Takahata

The one Studio Ghibli film that Disney acquired and never released in America, finally given a theatrical and home video release just in time for its 25th anniversary thanks to the fine folks at GKIDS. Only Yesterday is the second film that Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata directed for the studio, and much like his first (Grave of the Fireflies) it is much more grounded in reality than the films Miyazaki was directing at the time. Despite Fireflies being much more brutal and Takahata’s later films being much more fantastical, Only Yesterday stands as his greatest work.

The story follows Taeko, a woman who is on vacation from her busy life in Tokyo to visit some acquaintances in the country to work on their farm. As she travels away from her bustling city life memories from her youth begin to overtake her thoughts. From here her memories of her fifth grade self begin to invade her reality as she contemplates how far shes come and if she has been true to what she desired as a child.

Only Yesterday’s story structure is pure brilliance, with the coming-of-age story of Taeko’s fifth grade self being framed by the “present day” version of herself looking on it as she reaches a crossroads in her life. This allows for the story elements of longing, confusion and nostalgia to be easily relatable and affecting.

There are a few elements of the story that still don’t translate well from Japanese, despite the best efforts of the team behind the dub. While it’s nothing that hurts the experience they do still stick out, most notably a quick musical bit where the English voice actor for young Taeko sings in Japanese. Dialogue-heavy movies like this are definitely the most challenging to dub, and the American voice actors do a fine job. None of the meaning or emotion is ever lost in translation, and that’s what matters.

The character animation is similar to the work done in Grave of the Fireflies but with a notable focus on more realistic facial expressions, a wise choice as the film is a pure drama with no action. It also features Takahata’s first use of watercolor backgrounds, though they are used here to compliment the mellow tone of the story instead of being part of the film’s style like in My Neighbors the Yamadas and Princess Kaguya.

While it may not be the type of story that takes advantage of the medium of animation, especially compared to the rest of the Ghibli catalog, it’s a moving story told in a fascinating way… So who’s to say that stories like this aren’t fit for being the center of an animated feature?

Only Yesterday is an important film not just for Studio Ghibli, but for early 90’s anime in general. Exploring a type of realistic dramatic story that would be rare among today’s animated releases, let alone back when it first came out. What makes it even more remarkable is that it also stands as one of the best films released by Studio Ghibli, an animation studio known for being the most consistent source of quality animated films the world has ever seen. Shame on Disney for keeping this essential piece of animation from us for all these years.

Decent to Strong 10, out of 10.

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Any new social media fics that arent in the tag??

eyyyyy i actually found a few

#nudes by neversaydie

Steve and Bucky can’t seem to get it together to Skype their friends with the time difference between DC and Tokyo. They’ve ended up sending video messages for perusal at leisure rather than Facetiming Sam at three in the morning again.

They decided to get away after the whole Civil War debacle, when the producers at Disney decided it was essential to include the Winter Soldier having trigger words even after Bucky explicitly explained why that was a terrible idea. It very quickly became a meme for the general public to yell random combinations of words at him whenever he got recognised… which went about as well as you’d expect.

So they went on an extended vacation, which doesn’t stop Bucky inflicting his dick upon unsuspecting superheroes, of course.

[Fake Avengers/Real MCU verse. Bucky can’t seem to stop getting his nudes on the internet.]

The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty

“This young soldier was writing about war, but not only that. No, the most remarkable extracts from his diaries are the ones about emotions; those passages in which he writes about loss and pain and loyalty and love.”

When Bucky Barnes’ diaries are leaked in the 70s, reactions vary from one thing to another, even decades later.

black out days by queenofthestarrrs (WIP)

Stay with us here at CNN because after the commerical break we’ll taking you live inside the courtroom during trial of former Howling Commando, James Buchanan Barnes.

cats and bags (let them out of there) by genesis_frog

Top 10 Celebrity Enemies by WatchMojo, uploaded October 12th 2015

“Number 4, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes…”

“I am a huge fan of the animated musicals Disney has done, essentially most of their animated films, lol. But after having recently watched “My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks”, I find my self wishing that Disney could make a movie with a similar musical themed final battle. Being able to see all the characters music manifest in magical attacks was just awesome, and I’m sure Disney could do just as great a job at it, if not better”

Males, in the Disney universe [of the 1950s], do not have to mature on their own: it is the responsibility of females to capture them and force them into maturity. Given that the necessity of maturation and acceptance of responsibility is the key message of all of Disney’s films of the long 1950s, it is not surprising that Disney protagonists of the period are almost always female. After all, it is females, despite their seemingly weak and passive conditions, who must first mature, providing an anchor for wayward men. …The vague subtext of feminine threat that underlies the main plot of Peter Pan is also informed by a self-contradictory doubleness: the film suggests that sexual maturity for men is, however necessary, a form of entrapment (note how thouroughly tamed the Darling father appears to be), with feminine sexual allure serving as a snare that ends up spoiling boyhood fun.
—  M. Keith Booker, from ‘American Film in the Long 1950s’, The Post-Utopian Imagination: American Culture in the Long 1950s (London: Greenwood Press, 2002), p.184

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Imagine anytime Charles wants to sit down (Ha) and talk about their relationship Erik just slowly starts loading away and Charles is just like "eRIK THIS SERIOUS WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS SONNER OT LATER." And Erik's just like "I choose later then!"

Ah yes, Erik “floats away from my feelings” Lehnsherr

This reminds me of that amazing headcanon that Charles just puts Erik on a child leash to prevent him from going and doing dumb things and I just want to say that this is very important and probably canon.


Lately I’ve been planning our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, and I started gathering our ‘Disney essentials’. Our Magical Ribbons bow have obviously been a part of each of our trip ever since the first one in November 2012 - although our collection was much, much smaller then!

I used to be able to bring every single bow with us to Florida so we could decide which we wanted to wear based on our moods, but at this point, we’ll actually have to plan it all in advance because obviously this would make everything a bit of a tight fit!

So here is our current complete collection!

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